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  1. I'm curious what people think the best coaster trailers ever made are. By trailers I mean the announcement videos that actually have the name of the coaster, not anything that's more of a teaser. Post a link of the video with your response!
  2. If you say so. I think people are just seeing a bunch of things that aren't there. I'm not even convinced there are any puzzles to solve here. Just because people are confused and chasing their own tales doesn't mean the teasers are great.
  3. lol this forum is always sliding into his DMs
  4. Wait so is the petition no longer active? I'm too lazy to look it up and check, lol
  5. Absolutely agree. Feels like the whole teaser campaign is stuck on buffering right now...
  6. I really don't remember mine. It was probably either The Beastie, The Racer, or Adventure Express.
  7. Man I really hope they hurry this up a bit. I really want to go to the announcement but am running out of time to be able to plan for it
  8. I'm gonna try to go tomorrow as well. Sorry that no one believed you, you've done an awesome job!
  9. Right. It isn't really over until there's an announcement date. I think that'll be the next, and last thing we see.
  10. Hard to say since there were no details given in that answer...
  11. Wonder if there will be more posters today...
  12. Care to share with the class? LOL
  13. Seems like those numbers are years of operation.
  14. Micheal Stipe has entered the chat...
  15. Yeah I actually was just thinking that before I came back to check I bet you're right.
  16. @BzzLghtyr yeah it's definitely looking like that so far. I also wonder if after alll of the posters are put out there, do you think they may be rearranged at the very end with the last poster to spell something else? That would be cool.
  17. Noiiice looking good so far
  18. That's a good one I can totally see that
  19. I'm going with Drop Tower. No real reason
  20. Yeah I feel like we've been going in circles about this for months. I really don't think anyone should be getting their hopes up about the idea that the coaster is going to be anything other than what we've seen in terms of height and layout.
  21. Just curious, why the 31st?
  22. Yeah I really get the feeling the posters are going to get switched around.
  23. These teasers have me completely lost. I can't wait to find out what gets put up tomorrow.
  24. Didn't know about this but I'm guessing you hit the nail on the head. What else could it be?
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