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  1. 20 minutes ago, timfsu2k said:

    Yes, but did your paint costs tens of thousands of dollars?  The park is in the business to make money, nothing else, so they weigh the pros and cons of every thing that that do in a monetary sense.  If the benefit outweighs the cost then they will do it.  Painting coasters isn't high on the scale so they only do it when absolutely necessary.  

    I feel like maybe I'm not explaining what I was trying to discuss very well or something because it seems people are missing the point. I understand why they don't regularly repaint coasters, that would be very costly. 

    No, the paint I use is NOT super expensive and still doesn't fade as fast as what is used on coasters, which I assume is expensive paint, so what makes one fade so fast and a cheaper paint doesn't? That is what I am wondering. I have used cheap acrylic latex paint on cement statues and so far seems to not fade at all after many years. It needs repainted for peeling before fading so I assume they wouldn't use that kind of paint for similar reasons- peeling. 

    I have used a spray paint from Walmart that is about $6 a can and doesn't seem to fade after many years and being exposed to the elements, but I painted plastic with it, not metal. 

    I personally think that it could have to do with the metal heating up to high temperatures in the sun compared to a cement staute or plastic lawn chair that is causing the rapid fading on coasters. Hopefully someone else will understand what I'm trying to get at and be able to add something constructive to the conversation about what causes roller coasters to fade faster that other painted things exposed to the elements. 

  2. What I'm trying to say is that I have used paints that have not faded, or at least not nearly as much as the orange on Vortex or purple on Banshee, while still being used outside. I paint statues with indoor/outdoor paint from Walmart that is 89 cents and it holds up great for many years while sitting in the elements exposed all year. It starts to peel or flake off after 4-5 years but doesn't fade. I also spray painted some plastic lawn furniture 6 years ago bright blue and it had peeled in placed but not faded. 

    Im really not trying to be a smart ass about using some magical non fading paint, i just have personally used paint that have withstood the elements and not faded as fast as most roller coasters seem to and was wondering why they couldn't be used on coasters 

  3. I don't understand why parks don't paint roller coasters with paint that won't fade. I have painted many things with outdoor spray paint in lots of colors that never faded, and cars don't fade so why can't parks use paint on rides that won't start looking awful after a few years? Banshee was beautiful when first built and now at only 5 years old it is super faded. When you spend $22million on a coaster I would think they would use so high quality paint they won't look crappy after just a few years. What am I missing? 

  4. 9 minutes ago, KI FANATIC 37 said:


    I would really hate if they used any of Firehawks old queue/entrance. I just don't see why anyone would do that. 

    Not putting your feelings down at all FYI...Just as a company I don't see any pros for doing that. Most likely there isn't a specific reason it is still there.

    I think they are going to take it out and it just hasn't been necessary up to this point in order to start clearing and construction of the coaster but it will be removed soon 

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  5. 12 minutes ago, Kenban said:

    Having looked at topographical maps of the area before, this does not surprise me.  There is a ridge heading towards the river of mostly flat ground.  If I remember correctly it is where that maintenance road that follows the edge of The Racer and then goes off the picture is located.  Likely land clearing is going to follow that road.

    At the end of that road the are building a new building next to the clearing. I seen trucks and one small bulldozer next to the building this evening from racer. 

  6. Did anyone else see that building being built back in the trees next to the clearing? I wonder what that would be for? I can't imagine a loading station that far out so I was thinking it could be a keyhole building like the barn thunderbird has at holiday world 

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