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  1. Here is to hoping the other half of Orion is in the shed! all joking aside i am excited but not super impressed initially with the layout but it looks solid none the less.
  2. This thread is ridiculous. Im excited for the announcement tomorrow, i work right next door at GWL and i cant wait to get off work , ride some rides and enjoy the announcement. i know ive been very critical of the coaster but im still excited none the less. its going to be a long off season!
  3. as a former op for WindSeeker i can confirm you dont ever reach that 301ft height. guests are right about the 260ft mark with the gondolas moving
  4. honestly i hope this is the color scheme. its just looks really good. well done!
  5. Are we getting a POV soon?
  6. to me it seems like he is kinda locally famous for being a part of Kings Islands history but he seems like is just an enthusiast like us. i take everything he says when it comes to predictions with a grain of salt. but i loved seeing him in a KI documentary i saw on youtube. he seems like a really nice guy
  7. thank you for saying this. im so sick of people thinking we cant be critical of this coaster. im a paying customer ( and i pay way more than the average pass holder) and im disappointed so far by this layout. i dont owe KI anything and KI isnt building this out of the goodness of their hearts. that being said i am still excited for it but very cautiously optimistic
  8. well crap. i guess this is our giga. all i can hope for is that B&M really steps it up but i dont believe they are willing
  9. thats exactly why we are being critical of the layout. because we likely will not get anything like it ever again,
  10. Thunderbird is definitely the most intense of the wing coasters. It rides like a classic B&M sitdown during some of the elements. The zero g roll is the best I've ridden on a wing coaster. Nice and snappy .
  11. Maverick also as a good ride length and more than just an out and back layout. There isn't a lot going on with this supposed leaked layout. Sure be better than maybe Leviathan but the ride will be over before you know it.
  12. ive said this before and ill say it again. B&M is one of the most predictable manufactures these days. you can pretty much look at an top down view of a giga and decipher the layout. even if by some miracle B&M surprises us and makes something crazy its going to be over so fast and honestly i dont think B&M is going to pull something crazy here. thats my whole issue with this supposed layout.
  13. the past page i think has just been talk about an RMC. i guess its not decoding but i dont think its wildly off topic.
  14. my only complaint with mystic is how short it is. other than that i could literally ride it all day.
  15. my heart hurts because all of the leaks look like the real thing... but some stuff is just so fishy i cant help but not believe that CF would build such a meh giga. granted it could be an amazing ride but im not yet convinced
  16. im still in the camp of "the leaked layout is fake" that being said im still team giga
  17. as awesome as i think an RMC beast would be i think i would rather GCI come in re track the entire ride, remove the trims and adjust the track and support as needed to accommodate the extra speed. adding airtime hills during the long straight sections and putting millennium flyer trains on the ride. Thats the kind of facelift i could get behind
  18. The Bat must stay forever!! its such a gem!
  19. for the same reason we are okay with intamins having downtime. they push the envelope and you know you are getting a kick ass, world class experience when you ride them. to each his own of course but ill take the Intamins and RMCs anyday.
  20. i will concede this point. fury is a step in right direction which is why i was so hyped for this giga.. after all the influence RMC has had in the industry i was hoping that B&M would take some pointers and make something crazy with KIs giga. it doesnt have to be a copy of RMC but maybe add some real nice snappy transitions, some moments of sharp ejector airtime mixed in with the floater airtime B&M is known for. Its a pipe dream for a guy like me who loves roller coasters that are quick and snappy with intensity.
  21. okay but we arent getting a giga from RMC or Intamin. Its a B&M which doesnt really push the envelope like the others do. if we were getting an RMC giga even at this short of track length we would know RMC would squeeze every little element they could into it. it would be an amazing ride.
  22. we pay money every year to KI and we are allowed to criticize the product that they are supposedly building.
  23. dont get wrong ill likely be one of the first people in line when this giga opens. but as a consumer i am a bit underwelmed. once the official layout is shown maybe we will change our minds
  24. i agree with alot of this. if i had the choice between this leaked giga or a copperhead strike like coaster id take the latter. in my opinion the current layout is such a waste for a giga coaster.
  25. if i saw that the plans had a full size giga on it i would be more inclined to believe its true. the current leaked layout to me seems awfully short. i dont even care if it breaks every record in the book (even though id love that) but darn if you are going to build this big of a coaster why would you make it so short. Like i said in a previous post of mine if it was RMC making us a coaster we would know even with a short layout that they would put in the effort and creativity to make the most of that space. but we are talking about B&M here.
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