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  1. I'm sitting here waiting too. Unfortunately, won't be down till tomorrow night for Island nights. Why does X-Base have to be so far from Soak City...lol 4 mins now. Hahaha
  2. 2019 passes went on sale on National Coaster Day (Aug 16th). They did a big promotion for the weekend that ended up lasting like 2 weeks... lol
  3. At first, my thought was along with everyone else and they made a mistake. After 3, I'm tending to lean toward there being a reason for the changes. If the 4th gets changed tomorrow, I can't believe they were just merely mistakes and the changes are relevant to this campaign. If they are just mistakes, someone needs to lose thier job because you'd think by then, they would have figured it out. Lol
  4. I have a hard time believing that the first 2 posters were misprinteed. Especially now that the FoF poster has changed. If the Bayren Kurve poster changes tomorrow, I all but guarantee that the changes are significant. Is anyone able to post every version of each poster in one post to look for clues as to what has changed? I have pics the way they were yesterday around 1700 when we were there.
  5. Don't...just don't GCI did any awesome job and they were definitely the right manufacturer for that job
  6. As wierd as this "teaser campaign" has been so far...what if the blueprints were just a huge teaser. Hear me out now. What if they knew someone would get the plans early so they submitted plans close enough to start work on footers and what not. Then we find out that the real plans were there all along but not being released as part of a huge government conspiracy. This all will be revealed on Sept 20th. That's right, you thought that was the day they were gonna storm Area 51. Nope, Don planned the whole thing and that's gonna be the announcement date. Why else would NV be on the FoF poster. There ya go 100% decided. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to ride The Beast. Lol Still leaves the question as to where the new bathrooms will be.
  7. Yeah, I'm leaning more towards it being a glitch with the app than anything. Lol
  8. I'll be down there tomorrow. Definately going to be visiting X Base. Lol. Not sure if this has been covered before but with the teasers now posted it may me think. Anyone else find it strange that Firehawk is still listed on the wait times on the KI app. I honestly am now thinking this could have been a season long teaser. Of course now that I go back to look at that part of the app (hadn't looked at it in about 2 weeks). Firehawk is not there. Maybe it was an issue with my app not updating properly. Who knows.
  9. Nothing yesterday. I know it's been discussed already but I'm honestly curious why Kings Island social media has been so infatuated with gravity over the past week. I suppose it could be related to the moon landing anniversary. just not so sure. Time will tell I guess
  10. Teasers to start July 25 th (Christmas in July) and announcement on Aug 16th. Lol
  11. In regards to the Wolverines theme. I mean they kinda are building a coaster that's going to let down a bunch of people that guaranteed this was the year we were getting the number 1 coaster. So I guess they could make that theme work. Just dont put a goal line before the brake run. It will never complete a circut.
  12. As fast as they are progressing with this, one of two things is going on... They are trying to get ahead of schedule as much as possible because of Ohio weather. Or, and this is most likely and plausible.they are trying to beat the opening of a West Coast Racer.
  13. I believe one of the users in this forum posted a link to a Google docs page. I can't remember when. I wanna say it's been in the last 50 or 60 pages. (Sorry cant narrow it down more) maybe someone can remember who is was.
  14. I mean they could. Nothing saying that they can't submit "revisions" to the original plans or scrape the original plans all together. Though I find that scenario highly unlikely.
  15. So I finally got a chance to get back to the park tonight and have to say. There is a lot more room than what I thought based on pictures. This coaster will be a monster. Can't wait to ride. Seeing the construction progress in person has me quite pumped lol
  16. I'm all for chain grease. They need a 40 years of terror chain grease scented air freshener. My truck needs this.
  17. Doesn't mean plan changes cannot be submitted. I honestly think all that we would even remotely possibly see added ride wise would be maybe an above ground tunnel like Levi. Maybe some theming additions. I'm 99.99999999992% sure the layout is the layout. Unless KI/CF is pulling some super secret squirrel stuff with, like NSA and CIA assistance.
  18. True, but when you watch a movie, the stars make it what it is. I have a feeling this star will most definately bring the blueprints to life. Sorry for the double post
  19. I bet if you asked the park if they were surprised the prints are out, they would more than likely not be. With Steel Vengance, Tony Clark denied they were building a coaster standing right under the darn thing. That was actually quite comical. I really liked his "we could be moving the carousel for all you know" comment. Point being, I'm sure that the park had probably figured on this happening. Not going as far as saying they may have hoped it would. After MT and the disappointment of the shed, maybe they don't want everyone to overhype this new ride. If that's the case, its working. Certainly no lack of hatred for an unbuilt ride that, untill yesterday, hadn't even broke ground. At any rate, people are talking and the park hasn't said a word. They can still promote 2019 while letting enthusiasts and GP alike promote 2020 for them untill they are ready to do so.
  20. Great read. Love trying to understand the paranormal. Would love to get the chance to investigate the park. Lol Also read your post on the Lion mauling and Tower Johnny. both very interesting. Thanks for posting.
  21. Thanks for the reply. Didn't think of that when that thought popped in my head. Lol. Makes 100% sense. When people were checking out the clearing it was still early. I don't believe all the leaves had come on all the trees yet. I think that could make a difference. Haven't had a chance to make it back down since opening day so this is just a guess. I've honestly never noticed DB, except from the second lift, while riding. Think I was just to wrapped up in the ride itself. Lol
  22. Going ot on a limb here but what if, and a huge what if, the heights we're seeing on these prints aren't actually track heights but conduit or junction boxes. Honestly haven't had a chance to really look at the prints closely. I truly doubt this it's the case but just throwing darts here.
  23. Totally agree. I saw someone said that the clamshell restraints wouldn't handle inversions. But could either A. The amount of speed this thing will more than likely carry into the turnaround allow them to work. (More than likely not the case.) B. B&M is using a new restraint type. I dont recall seeing the restraints in the plans. Again, probably not the case, just speculation. But a psuedo inversion/brand new elements could be what sets our giga apart from everything else out there.
  24. You are absoluetly correct. I honestly missed the hydrant near the site. I could definately see a dry system in place. I have the entire fire code regarding haunts at the house. My dept use to do an indoor haunt. Figured a fire dept should definitely be in compliance. Lol. Once all the changes were added and the state started cracking down on enforcement, we went to a haunted trail. Lol.
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