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  1. Good to know, thanks. We originally planned to go last weekend but my wife mistakenly asked for the Thursday before Orthodox Easter off work (this Thursday) instead of last Thursday so here we are Weather wise it appears we will be much better off.
  2. Making our annual pilgrimage from Nashville this Friday and Saturday. What should we expect for crowds on these two days since it's not opening day but also early in the season? I've been poking around online and some people say April-May is a good time to visit before school is out and people are traveling for the summer but I imagine Saturday will still be pretty busy. We plan to leave home early in the morning Friday to be able to spend the afternoon and evening at the park. Then all day Saturday, coming home Sunday. Since we (my family of 4) only visit once a year I don't mind paying for Fast Pass Plus if necessary but am hoping to be able to do without on Friday. Saturday I assume will be pretty busy but maybe we will luck out since it's not opening day.
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