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  1. Just my 2 cents but we viewed the fireworks up around the newly designed fountain and we thought it was a great addition to the park. The sound was good, the fountain lights looked good and the dancing spot lights were synced with the music. It was a great way to cap off a day at the park. Those of you who may be expecting a Disney level show may want to check the prices of a one day ticket to MK verses our season pass
  2. Thanks for the big laugh this morning while catching up on this thread lmao
  3. This... cant someone figure this out with all of this info?
  4. Does anyone know what kind of car he drives? I have my crowbar ready.
  5. Have you ridden a winged coaster before? For me they look like they would be a lot more fun than they actually turn out to be (I feel the same way about the dive coasters as well), but some people may love them. For me I would love to see a Mack multi launch or a ground up rmc for the next coaster at Kings Island. Actually would love a launched top hat TTD style ride but I doubt that would ever happen.
  6. Well I am not sure if you are being sarcastic about them knowing but, in the case you are not... Obviously I do not think that Cedar Fair was aware that these attractions would be defunct shortly after they purchased them, they probably hid what they knew the best they could and on the contrary they were probably used both as selling points. And yes just because the overall purchase has been a great success still doesn’t mean that they wanted to see 50M of their purchased assets go down the drain. After all then they in turn probably invested in our coaster line up sooner to make up for the loss which again costs more money. Of course all of this is easy in hindsight and I never have a problem with trying new things and pushing the envelope, even if that means somethings end up in the scrap heap. That is how the industry has gotten to where it is at today.
  7. Ummm... so not to try and explain basic business principle here but... Cedar Fair bought KI including these huge investments. I am sure they were factored in lol. So, again I don’t know but... I am assuming that Cedar Fair would have liked some more bang for their buck.
  8. I wouldn’t be so sure, I believe SOB and TRTR were both the biggest investments at the times of their release. I am sure they were expecting wayyy more longevity out of them. I believe they were both around 21 million. To put that in prospective Millennium cost 25M, revolutionized roller coasters, brought CP millions and is still going strong today. I agree with the OP, even though all parks go through some ride failures, these were 2 huge setbacks for our park.
  9. Yep, the leaked blueprints were indeed a fake, the real blueprints were then leaked and they show a massive 375 new launched model B&M that is 7,000 ft long. you’re welcome
  10. I agree, actually I think it is time we started a support group..... Hi, my name is KI_FAN_4_LIFE and I am a Hypaholic. It all started back in 2nd grade when I rode my first real roller coaster, "The Beastie" (woodstock express). It started out innocent enough, once or twice a month trip to KI. I then as the years past gathered up enough courage to get on Adventure Express, The Beast, and then after a lot of pushing myself Vortex (yes it was a big deal back then and I was terrified). After that I was hooked, couldn't wait to be tall enough for King Cobra! Then some years later came the announcement for SOB (RIP). That is when the hype started to become a problem. Couldn't wait to ride this ride, hype through the roof, they even brought Montel Williams out to announce the thing (LOL). After SOB was announced and MF had opened at Cedar Point the focus had became about one thing "The GIGA!" Every new coaster that we got became "is this the one?" People would speculate, search for clues, write GIGA in the snow... Then The Beast unleashed video came out and Hypohalics all over drank it up. So now that were are here at the point of possibly getting a GIGA, we have to ask, have we been drinking the Hype juice to long?
  11. I literally laughed out loud!
  12. Well that confirms it... remember way back in this forum where someone uncovered a list of filings dollar amounts? We are getting the 73 million dollar coney BBQ sprinkler giga!
  13. Kings Island or Cedar Fair are not charities. They offer a product and in return we offer to pay or not to pay for that product. So yes in this case everyone is in FACT “entitled“ to voice their opinions. This is not the case of the spoiled kid on The talk show complaining that her mom didn’t buy them a new G wagon for their birthday (that is entitlement). I actually think it is a good thing to see so much passion. As a company you would want to se so much loyalty, discussion and publicity. Heck most companies have to pay people to call you or offer you a coupon to get any feedback at all. And they use it to figure out how to improve! So it has been said before. Most of us here know this is our ONE chance (queues Eminem song) and we, as Fans and paying guests want to see it done to the best it can be!
  14. I bet you are a ton of fun at parties
  15. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you have not ridden SV? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Just had to bump this lol
  17. Isn’t is odd that there is absolutely no teasers whatsoever? No posters on the fence, nothing. I do expect this to change tomorrow? And I guess even though things don’t look to be shaping up as I had first hoped, I still have high hopes as KI has rarely disappointed, Ok the shed (which I love but that hype was out of this world lol).
  18. A lot of the variables for the height are from not knowing how tall the loading station will be and I think I have figured it out... the line will start right next to the line for FOF. You will then go in the building, up a set of spiral staircases while the FOF trains fly by you as you wait, exit midway up through a newly cut out exit and load onto the ride up at about 50 ft. From there you will start on the 305ft lift hill and drop a jaw dropping 355ft!
  19. Nerd #1 "I have done all of my calculations on all of my super computers and have come up with a drop of around 355ft" ... other nerds nod in agreement Nerd#2 "I have done all of my calculations with all of of my technology and I come up with a drop a little over 300ft" .... other nerds nod in agreement Some of you nerds are wrong and it is torture for the rest of us. Someone please figure out witch nerd group is right so we can either buy our giga shirts, hats and glasses, or go straight to the hardware store to the pitchfork section!
  20. For all of the people out there who are holding on to the fantasy that somehow these leaked blueprints aren't legit and we are all part of a huge cover up conspiracy that rivals the moon landing...
  21. Diamondbackfanatic ,To save you the reading, this pretty much sums up the first 30 of the 40 pages lol
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