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  1. That is what I meant lol. I used the wrong word
  2. In a matter of ten minutes two concrete truck have gone into ki. Possibly pooring footers/footings today?
  3. Everyone has their pair of #coastershorts
  4. Where is the guy with CAD where we can actually get the spot on stats of this coaster
  5. So 300’ drop. How tall is it? Can’t wait to ride this thing
  6. John Matarese where you at?
  7. Great find @sixohdieselrage. Just left mason city hall and here are some more pics of the plans.
  8. Today the footers are poored and there is an electric truck on site. The company is craftsman electric. My guess is haunt attraction or maintenance building
  9. Remember the Leaked Prints could be fake. And the ride may actually use the Firehawk area
  10. I was in daytona right by the boardwalk when that happened. My mom called and thought I was on it lol
  11. I went this morning at 8 am. I didnt ask for all KI blueprints from the last month but I did say “I heard I can get the blueprints for KI new coaster” then I was handed the same document you were given
  12. Great post @RuthlessAirtime ive been driving for 2 hours trying to think everything through and all the possibilities and i couldnt even figure out where to start. I do have a question though. If these leaked plans were real would we be able to find information on if Kings Island or b&m filed a lawsuit against the person for breaking NDA?
  13. This might sound crazy but what if Kings Island is just trolling us
  14. I have a feeling these blue prints are fake... It's highly unlikely that right as soon as someone posts the blue prints someone immediately posts a map with terrain and the exact layout etc.. Seems like someone made and had that ready and was just waiting for the right moment to post it to start a lot of things
  15. Yep, I was wrong. My Bad
  16. @DustinTheNow Is your layout of the track you drew based off the coordinates of the supports
  17. Someone from Kings Island probably just watched all this go down and is either dying laughing or frantically trying to figure out how plans got leaked
  18. I agree with you on the giga supports. It does not make sense. The picture I posted on pg. 57 of my math was based off of the scale. I was simply showing how to solve for the height and length of the lift. and showing how I got my answer. I agree that the Giga supports ,and the height I of the lift hill I got, do not match the support style or make sense.
  19. Personally I feel it should not get shared. This thread will die if it did. There would be no more decoding no more hype, nothing. I'm not saying it wouldn't be amazing if we got the full plans now because it would be awesome, but it would completely ruin the speculation and teasers and whatever else the park wants to do
  20. It is highly unlikely for an official document to be incorrect on the scale
  21. according to the scale it says roughly 150 ft long horizontally. If you have a right triangle with a 45 degree angle. sides A and B will be the same. So if the length horizontally is 150 the height vertically will also be 150. then the length of the lift hill will be 212 ft long. I am confident that my math is right, if the scale is right.
  22. If you find the length of the base of the lift hill (so the horizontal length running from start of lift hill to the end of lift hill). you can use trigonometry to figure out the lengths of the other side. because you already have the 45 degree angle measure
  23. agreed. we need a clear copy of the coordinates. No way this is a giga unless the scale is wrong
  24. There is a scale on the prints though that indicate the length. 1"=20ft in the drawings
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