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  1. I know you can bring a friend for $20 on Wednesday’s , but I’m curious as to whether or not I HAVE to be present for them to get in with the tickets (which you buy in advance online)
  2. Do I have to be present with my friends if I buy the bring a friend tickets for them to be able to get in? Can I just buy them the tickets? I won’t be able to go with them it looks like, but i don’t mind to help them get cheaper tickets
  3. Today was a great day to go the park. Got there at 10:30 and rode everything twice by 5. Basically walk up on everything. Waited maybe 10 minutes for beast, Diamondback, FOF, and Mystic Timbers the second time around. Brought some friends for the $20 bring a friend day with a gold pass. We didn’t mind leaving early because we had already done everything, even the flat rides.
  4. Did anyone see this ? Has it already been posted? It’s hard to read through everything. But The forum got mentioned
  5. I’ll be in the park tomorrow on sunday, does anyone know if Delirium is gonna be running? From the look of the live feed it’s been down the past couple days. It’s my favorite flat ride. Is there anything else that won’t be running? Anyone have any insight ?
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