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  1. This sounds incredible. I hope it's as great as the description! I was expecting a Disney electrical parade type of event and this could be just as unique.
  2. That spreadsheet above is incredible. I've only been to KI once this season, for the first time since the 90s, so this has given me an idea to start. My type A side is excited to learn so many people track their visits. Do you all take notes through the day on each visit? I would probably forget what we did, especially the number of rides.
  3. Is the KI salad at Brewhouse included in the meal plan? I love a good salad.
  4. I still have my passes from the mid 80s when I was a kid. I couldn't believe when we got passes this year that they don't do pictures on them now! I was really looking forward to my son getting his little face on a pass like I had.
  5. Gosh these comments bring back so many memories. I remember the animal safari and those giant glass windows separating the tigers from us. Those fruit drinks that came in the shapes of the fruit, like a bunch of purple grapes, and they'd be nestled in crushed ice in a wagon on I Street. Smurf ice cream and LaRosa's cheese pizza. Or pepperoni but they used to bake the pepperoni under the cheese so it was impossible to know what kind it was. I remember being terrified of Haystack. There used to be a German show in the Festhaus. Then Game On. During one Winterfest there was a show with the Caroling Co-Eds. In Heritage Theater there was a show called Escapade sponsored by Chevrolet and we'd clap to the beat before the show started and some cool teenagers always clapped off beat to be rebellious. Before that was a show about Hollywood and opening night and there was a Charlie Chaplin routine with the Keystone Cops. There was also some show in there where they sang Pink Cadillac and Do You Love Me and they had a real pink convertible they'd roll out on stage. There was also a magic show there one year. My mother still has pictures and videos of those old shows.
  6. I remember the Smurf ride in the 80s and one Winterfest when an Olympic ice skater did a routine to the song Over the Rainbow. My earliest memory is probably the hill that the Smurf boat would go over. Oh, and I clearly remember a character show (Smurfs again?) where Gargamel was on the right side of the stage and I was on stage with other kids and I was scared and yanked on the dancer's hand who was escorting me past the right and I fled off the left side. My mother was upset at me and told me I was very rude. I was so freaked out by Gargamel and now I wouldn't blame my child for acting on instincts of self preservation!
  7. Can gold passes get in early? I have one. Sorry for a stupid question, this is my first year back to KI since 1998. ETA: the website says we get ride certain rides 30 minutes early. Does that mean we can get into the park earlier with our gold passes? I didn't know this was a perk!
  8. Awesome! That's nice to hear water is available there now.
  9. That's a good point. We are going to the park on Sunday because I love Mother's Day and we're driving two hours in so I can spend it at my favorite place. I remember seeing the brunch announcement and thinking I want to do it but if we didn't get tickets that's a big change of plans so we're not going to try for it. Hopefully you all have a good experience at the buffet!
  10. Are there any t-shirts or souvenirs related to Smurf ice cream? I only saw one, which was a shirt in the Emporium that says "Blue ice cream makes me happy" but it was just words on a heather gray t shirt. It wasn't even blue and didn't have a cone on it! I would get something cute in a heartbeat.
  11. Do any of the LaRosa's in the park offer salads? My mother loves them at the regular restaurant but I didn't see any at the one near the front entrance.
  12. Newbie here, I haven't been to the park since the 90s and took my little kid for the first time today. We loved it! I added the meal plan to my pass as we were standing in line for Chick-Fil-A when I saw how expensive the prices are. It will be worth it for how often we plan to go. Maybe a dumb question - I saw on the website that meals are every four hours, but I also read somewhere it's just a lunch and dinner. Does that mean max two meals per day, or we can get something at 11, 4, and 8pm, for example, on the meal pass? We also got LaRosa's and it was great!
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