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  1. Is that where the dolphin show was in the 80s? My mother pointed to it when I asked if the dolphin show was in the spot where Totally 80s is now.
  2. Does Soak City have its own entrance? I haven't been since it was still Waterworks!
  3. I want that keychain!!! Love it! Where was it last year? I haven't been to the Snoopy boutique yet so that's a great idea from above too.
  4. I received an emailed survey today and filled it out mentioning how ridiculously long the lines have been for food. It shouldn't take 30 minutes to wait for Chick-fil-A. It shouldn't take 20 minutes to wait for an Auntie Anne's pretzel. At least the survey was asking about our impressions of food, although it was more focused on variety and value.
  5. Anyone else love gift shops? I was hoping we can discuss or post good stuff from the park. I'd also love if anyone can point me to Smurf ice cream gifts. So far I've found two things at KI: a gray t-shirt in the Emporium that says "Blue ice cream makes me happy" in dark gray text but doesn't have blue or ice cream on it (!), and a pin in the Emporium that's pretty nice and has a blue Smurf cone. I think I'm going to go back for the pin. Who knows what I'll do with a pin but I want it! I also saw a brown bear in the Emporium with the classic KI logo that's adorable. If my kid was into stuffed animals I'd buy it in a second. Any other neat things you've found?
  6. There's that replicata of the Eiffel Tower for sale in that shop close to Auntie Anne's. It has merchandise on it now but it was naked and ready for purchase a couple weeks ago! It's really neat, probably about 6' tall.
  7. One thing that surprised me, as it's my first season back since the 90s when I was a teen and probably didn't notice then, was how rundown some things look. The bathrooms are very dated, the season pass building looks really worn, and little details need addressed. Like at the train station, there are busted "bricks" on the platform. At Peanuts 500 the paint is badly chipped on the fence and there are standing leaves on the building roof. I couldn't help but thinking how Disney would have had all this addressed overnight. As far as what I'd love to see in the future, I wish my kid could experience Smurf Village and the Smurfs in general.
  8. I went to Totally 80s the other day and being in the steep stands brought back memories of how whenever anyone dropped something - usually a little round drink container shaped like fruit - it would roll allllll the way to the front.
  9. Exactly. And at the Auntie Anne's line, a teacher came over and tore into the kids ahead of me, saying it's 4:20, they were supposed to be ON the bus at 4pm. I know for a fact that they were not in line at 4 because I was watching the top of the hour dance outside the Festhaus and went to get a pretzel right after. But even after the teacher yelled at them, the kids stayed and ordered smoothies and pretzels. I wish one of them had been decent enough to let me go first, as a single order and because the group basically cut in front of me. If I was the teacher I would have marched them all out to the waiting bus not let them continue to wait then order.
  10. Can we have a thread to discuss shows? A big part of growing up at KI was going to the shows, as far back as Woodchopper's Ball Revue, if anyone remembers that! Some of the very talented KI singers from the late 80s went on to do really impressive work on Broadway and at Disney. There was an excellent crop of talent in Mason back in the day. Hopepeople want to discuss the shows here. So far I've seen Totally 80s and Country Flashback. I really wanted to see Gravity but there was only one showing today. We'll catch it next week. I'll have to remember it's not performed on Wednesdays.
  11. The Brewhouse line was out the door and twenty people outside today so we didn't even try there. We foolishly did Chick Fil A and took ages and ages. One problem I had both yesterday and today in food lines was teens cutting in. It happened at Chic Fil A and was egregious at Auntie Anne's, where it took me 20 minutes standing in the sun to buy a pretzel. In both instances I'd gotten in line behind a couple teenagers and then a few minutes later a group would descend upon them, joining up and laughing and being jovial. Then they'd stand around and not leave, so I realized they were cutting but I didn't have the nerve to say anything. Of course I was ordering one pretzel and the group of kids each ordered and paid individually and wanted mango smoothies and stuff that took extra time to make. I have a sunburn on my scalp from the hell of that stupid line.
  12. This sounds incredible. I hope it's as great as the description! I was expecting a Disney electrical parade type of event and this could be just as unique.
  13. That spreadsheet above is incredible. I've only been to KI once this season, for the first time since the 90s, so this has given me an idea to start. My type A side is excited to learn so many people track their visits. Do you all take notes through the day on each visit? I would probably forget what we did, especially the number of rides.
  14. Is the KI salad at Brewhouse included in the meal plan? I love a good salad.
  15. I still have my passes from the mid 80s when I was a kid. I couldn't believe when we got passes this year that they don't do pictures on them now! I was really looking forward to my son getting his little face on a pass like I had.
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