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  1. I'm surprised at how enthused most ride ops are. Never really encountered any grumps but I wouldn't fault any given the heat and stress for minimum wage. Only time I see any tude is when the "how was it" reply gets silence lol. Think it was DB and he told us to go ride the carousel. Food service... yeah usually goobers.
  2. Rode MT today and they stopped us on the lift hill because of a cell phone. After the speaker warning they started us back up. Can't even get through ERT without this stuff... Then again a few weeks ago some old guy thought he was gonna be able to take a bag and his cane on Drop Tower, so I guess people assume it's a warning to everyone else.........
  3. Was there today and it was running since I heard the ride op make one of those upside down jokes.
  4. Loch Ness at Busch Gardens. I think 6 or 7th grade so likely 98. First at KI was BLSC early this season.
  5. I did ride it once this season. Won't lose sleep if it's closed and replaced.
  6. Would give me an excuse to use the app at the park again. First 2 visits I used it for the map until I got a feel for the park and of course to mark my spot. Now I just memorize what row I'm in and only look at my phone for the time.
  7. A few times I've been on Delirium and thought wow there's not much to save yourself if that happened. Scary to see it can actually occur.
  8. Good news, I rode it today and did not in fact die. Can confirm the ride is somewhat safe!
  9. Took advantage of ERT for the first time and got a few DB rides in. It was kinda strange visit today as my normal route at the park has me going to DB/MT last, but this time I started there. May need to take advantage of that since outside of BLSC I never seem to get the chance to ride front seat on basically anything. Decided to try out Adventure Express again too. Got to ride it solo since it was early. Just lucky since the train before me was 80% full and when I got back they had a few people in the queues.
  10. Thanks for making me slightly worried on all future rides. So that was nice. As unlikely as these things are, I'm always somewhat worried about being part of an accident. Like if Delirium just randomly came apart as we're swinging ha.
  11. I'm just gonna assume pass perks is an elaborate troll job and it never actually existed.
  12. radishman

    No Trams

    Would love some sorta shuttle between Banshee and The Bat LOL. That walk back always seems to take forever.
  13. Beast has felt quite rough for me, especially those tunnels. But it's still enjoyable since I keep coming back for more. The magic seat was the best for sure, but with how the ride operators assign seats I can't always get it so I've skipped out on it the past few times. Really gotta change up my routine a bit and ride it at night to experience that.
  14. How would they enforce an outright ban, metal detectors like SV?
  15. Crowds not too bad today. Seemed like FoF was down at the start, but other than that everything is running smoothly.
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