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  1. Sorry to reply to an old thread, but Kings Island definitely needs another modern looping coaster after the giga. The park currently has four looping coasters: Banshee (fantastic), Vortex (okay), FoF (clone), and Invertigo (clone). Most of the parks major coasters in 2020 will not have an inversion (Giga, Diamondback, Mystic Timbers, Beast, Racer). I'm a fan of airtime moments, but the park will starting to have too much of them. Here's to hoping that a Gestlauer Infinity coaster or a Mack multi-launch is next.
  2. I think this is nearly accurate, but the ampersand should be a little higher. That first overbank should be an extremely intense moment, considering that you'll be whipped to the left at a very high speed. I don't get the "Diamondback 2.0" comments. This looks like a speed-demon type of coaster, rather than the airtime machine that Diamondback is.
  3. If this blueprint is accurate to the final layout, I'll agree with the sentiment of the forums that there's something unique about this. I'm thinking a wave-turn/wall-stall/whatever B&M chooses to name it, a double-up or double-down, lots of tunnels and nature, and a (slightly) beyond vertical drop.
  4. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed itttttttttt!
  5. I honestly can't even deal with this thread anymore lmao. It's forcing my mind to play tug of war.
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