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  1. *meanwhile all roller coaster fans just start Naruto running to Area 51*
  2. A guy on r/rollercoasters is saying that there will be an announcement event on the 14th.
  3. Dang, I never realized that Tomb Raider was an indoor Top-Spin. Always wanted to ride one of those.
  4. I just posted your latest layout (with the blue color scheme) on Reddit, and it's actually making people change their minds about the coaster. Everyone seems to love it! Even if it's short, it'll still have the same impact on attendance as a dive coaster would, and it'll definitely have the better reception among enthusiasts.
  5. I'm going to die on the inside if the lift hill height turns out to be 299 feet. Might start calling this world's first giper (half giga, half hyper).
  6. You gotta be kidding me. Four feet from a 300 foot lift hill. They didn't have enough money for four feet of steel?
  7. There sure as hell won't be a vertical loop, but I could see that "Treble-Clef" going upside-down like a dive loop. I still don't think it's happening though.
  8. I find it funny that everyone is complaining that this coaster is so short when it's longer, taller, and probably faster than all the coasters at Busch Gardens Tampa (my home park). Not to mention that it actually has airtime (none of the coasters I've ridden in Florida have airtime, and I've ridden quite a few). I'd kill to have this down here.
  9. As someone who lives in the Orlando area and goes to those theme parks often, I actually prefer KI over them in most departments. Last time I went to KI (and the only time I went there) was right after Banshee opened, so maybe things have changed since, I don't know. But last time I went to KI I found the services, rides, and food to be excellent. The only thing that was disappointing is that the lines for the rides were somehow longer than the lines I encountered at BGT and Universal.
  10. It came to an end when Banshee opened, imo. Haven't tried Diamondback or Mystic Timbers yet.
  11. Sorry to reply to an old thread, but Kings Island definitely needs another modern looping coaster after the giga. The park currently has four looping coasters: Banshee (fantastic), Vortex (okay), FoF (clone), and Invertigo (clone). Most of the parks major coasters in 2020 will not have an inversion (Giga, Diamondback, Mystic Timbers, Beast, Racer). I'm a fan of airtime moments, but the park will starting to have too much of them. Here's to hoping that a Gestlauer Infinity coaster or a Mack multi-launch is next.
  12. I think this is nearly accurate, but the ampersand should be a little higher. That first overbank should be an extremely intense moment, considering that you'll be whipped to the left at a very high speed. I don't get the "Diamondback 2.0" comments. This looks like a speed-demon type of coaster, rather than the airtime machine that Diamondback is.
  13. If this blueprint is accurate to the final layout, I'll agree with the sentiment of the forums that there's something unique about this. I'm thinking a wave-turn/wall-stall/whatever B&M chooses to name it, a double-up or double-down, lots of tunnels and nature, and a (slightly) beyond vertical drop.
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