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  1. Nope, I'm talking about most people in general. That's the first negative review I've seen anywhere.
  2. Huh, this is the first semi-negative review that I've seen. Most people love it.
  3. It was a pleasure being along for the ride with y'all. Enjoy the new coaster!
  4. So, Seaworld Orlando was/is supposed to get a custom B&M LAUNCH coaster. Looks like we have another option on the table.
  5. I saw a thread about that stupid American Dream mall in NYC earlier on Reddit, and it got me thinking. If the place does go out of business (which, let's be honest, it probably will) what if Cedar Fair snatched up the Takabisha clone and the Gestlauer spinning coaster and put them here? I know it's not the best option, but it's still two coasters (including the worlds steepest coaster) and they would be a hell of a lot cheaper than anything else they can build right now. EDIT: FAIR, NOT POINT.
  6. I really don't get this mindset. If the coaster is good and adds value to the park, who cares if it's a clone? Most visitors to the park won't know the difference. Eventually an original coaster will come along. Of course, that's assuming that they won't only add clones like Six Flags does. But it's a good temporary solution for a quick attendance boost post-pandemic.
  7. The Copperhead Strike on the last post got me thinking. What if Cedar Fair decides to start buying clones instead of original layouts for the time being? It would help cut down on R&D costs. For example, cloning over Hangtime from Knotts Berry Farm wouldn't be a bad idea. Neither would Copperhead Strike.
  8. My take on a mini B&M dive coaster for The Vortex plot (excuse the crude drawing). 160 feet tall, 180 foot drop at 90 degrees into a tunnel, five inversions which would be most on a dive coaster (immelmann, vertical loop, cutback, two zero-g rolls), and two theming structures. Named Hawkeye. Pink - Lift Hill Red - Drop and tunnel Blue - Inversions Green - Theming structures Purple - Brake run Orange - Track
  9. How would y'all feel about a mini B&M dive coaster similar to Emperor, Valkyria, Baron 1898, and Oblivion The Black Hole? I really don't see the next coaster going over 200 feet (especially with this coronavirus mess), but I do think that B&M will build it. I could see an extensive amount of theming for it, including a drop underneath a path or entryway, and taking the world record for most inversions on a dive coaster with five or six.
  10. First of all, THIS FORUM WAS AROUND IN 2004?! Second off, RIP.
  11. The helix looks much more intense than I was expecting. Didn't the animation have the top sort of leveling out a bit? It doesn't look like it does that here.
  12. The biggest plus about them finishing up the turnaround soon is that we'll finally be able to make out what's going on most of the time again. I swear to god, it's a pain trying to see what's going on back there on the webcams.
  13. I'd be curious to hear other peoples' thoughts on this. The redesign is definitely possible (not do it now-wise, but within-budget-wise) and it looks pretty great, but he makes a good point at the end about how intensity isn't always favored by the GP. Interesting video overall.
  14. Most of the supports are in for the overbank. Should be done by Monday.
  15. That turn is surprisingly..... sharp? Steep? Whatever the word is. It looks about the same as Iron Gwazi's overbank from those angles.
  16. Pretty much a summary on how this all came to be: "I want a new coaster at Kings Island! A giga coaster please!" monkey's paw curls
  17. I'm not seeing any floater potential here, but you're going to be flying through that turn. Should be some great forces there.
  18. I still don't think this is a wave turn. It's more like a giant overbank.
  19. They've gotten quite a lot of work done today already!
  20. Just remember to celebrate Orion's opening day with Orionion rings
  21. If we weren't getting Orion next year I'd be so ****ed at this closing. It's going to be a pretty nice view of the woods when this is demolished though, so that's a bright spot.
  22. Anyone riding in the back row going over that drop: YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH! A couple of questions though. Now that they're done with the drop, will the turnaround go up next? I know the wave turn comes first in the layout, but the turnaround is taller. And are they going to move the webcam so that we can watch the rest of the layout go up?
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