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  1. https://kdfans.com/2019/wing-coaster-leak/ This is by the same people as BGWFans, a site known for extremely accurate leaks.
  2. Hopefully KD getting their Volcano replacement so soon (for those of you out of the loop, plans for a 2021 B&M wing coaster just got leaked) is a sign for things to come at KI. They're pretty similar circumstances.
  3. I gotta say, that video was worth not having webcams for two weeks.
  4. RIP King, even though I never liked you very much.
  5. This thing is a lot larger than what I was expecting.
  7. What about a Mack Rides extreme spinner? Plopsaland is getting an insane-looking model in 2021 so they're starting to make more of them.
  8. Different manufacturer. And KI is already missing a lot of coasters that would fit better, like a Mack Launch or an RMC T-Rex or a Gerstlauer, which are things you can't find at Cedar Point.
  9. I really hope they do a Vortex memorial site like they did with Son of Beast.
  10. There's a big difference. All of those rides have different manufacturers or are pretty old so it wouldn't really matter too much. Valravn is also heavily featured in Cedar Point's marketing.
  11. X to doubt any dive coaster rumors. There's already one right up the road in Sandusky.
  12. Alright, NOW we're talking! That's perfect! One small critique though, I think you might have cut off some of Karnan's station.
  13. Huh. That might actually work if they expand the WindSeeker plaza a bit. Or they could reverse the Karnan layout and adjust.
  14. What if we got something like Der Schwur des Karnan? It wouldn't have a ton of inversions, but the special elements would more than make up for that. Plus, they could theme the tower really well and it'd stand out against the skyline. EDIT: Can someone overlay Karnan onto The Vortex plot?
  15. At least rides on The Beast at night will be better with Vortex gone. You'll be able to see a lot more of the park from the second lift hill instead of having Vortex block it all.
  16. I mean.... I would love to own the park. ....and my first move would be to RMC The Beast just to see this forums reaction
  17. There's no way this goes through. Maybe Six Flags acquires some of the smaller parks (looking at you Michigan's Adventure) but if Cedar Point, Knotts, Kings Island, Carowinds, and Canada's Wonderland get purchased by SF there's going to be some major problems.
  18. .....we're gonna get a floorless, aren't we? Let's hope it's good.
  19. Not exactly what I meant. I meant the actual layouts of Kumba and Copperhead Strike onto the land, not a measurement. Thanks though!
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