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  1. Those nets will save someones life one day... Manta here at SeaWorld Orlando has added even more nets above the pathway from objects flying and hitting the guest.
  2. Even though the ride is rough at some points, I have always really enjoyed this ride... Back seat is the best going down the first drop!
  3. Hopefully the show will be really good and not corny... Magic shows seem to be hit or miss....
  4. I would recommend riding it the first thing in the morning, if not then make it the last ride, right before park close...
  5. Well Downtown Disney is a huge tourist draw... so I don't think they will have a problem with not doing good...
  6. Downtown Disney is building the worlds largest bowlong alley that is scheduled to open later this year So that is good news!
  7. OHHH how I miss the good old KI Days... the days where you could ride the Flying Eagles, ride KCKC and the King Cobra!
  8. That will be complete crap if it would reach over $4 a gallon... this is starting to get ridiculous! Hopefully the parks won't get affected by this...
  9. Lets bring back the king cobra, The Bat and SDGC
  10. Great pictures.... I highly doubt the ride will be open on time.... I believe the main reason will be because of all this crazy weather that has been going on there!
  11. Wow I really hope there isn't much damage.... These storms have been crazy!
  12. I don't care... As long as she is one of the attractions there I am game... I will have to buy an express pass for that! ha
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