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  1. The tiny wave pool looks like fun for little ones! It's interesting that they are adding a second play structure. I wonder if the older one will return for 2020. I'm surprised they aren't putting in a mat racer slide. I like how Cedar Fair is getting creative with new waterpark additions. The little wave pool here and the cliff jumping attraction at Canada's Wonderland are definitely unique but simple concepts at the same time.
  2. I agree with this whole heartedly! A coaster that’s 10 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower would just look... strange. I think if they go taller, it needs to be in the 400 foot range and go on the far north side of the park.
  3. It looks like Flight of Fear is finally getting an entrance sign! Will the queue be rethemed to fit the meteor shower motif?
  4. It took me a minute to figure that out too, but KI tucked it into the ride stats. See "height of hills." https://www.visitkingsisland.com/explore/orion
  5. It’s amazing how the media can get headlines so wrong sometimes. The Beast has Orion beat by over 2000 feet in track length... Kings Island announces newest roller coaster, Orion, park's largest and longest coaster
  6. befat

    Decoding 2020

    Highly rumored to have been considered for WindSeeker. Furthermore, there was speculation that this would have been the name if Cedar Fair went with Funtime as opposed to Mondial.
  7. I love how the funbrellas are still up. https://mobile.twitter.com/scottclemonsrva/status/1159895394400329731
  8. Carowinds also opens for spring break. They are getting pretty close to a year round operation.
  9. Not since Geauga Lake / Wildwater Kindom stand alone waterpark closed. Michigan's Adventure's waterpark is named Wildwater Adventure though. Speaking of Geauga Lake, I am kind of surprised that their giant slide complex was never relocated to another park. It was already relocated once from when Six Flags had the waterpark other side of the lake so maybe it couldn't handle another relocation. Good call. I missed that one since I was relying on aerial images and Muskoka Plunge didn't stand out since it's just the 4 slides. So that just leaves Michigan's Adventure without the drop box slides. CW appears to have gone with a different manufacturer - Splashtacular. I believe all of the other drop box / snake pit slide complexes were done by Whitewater. Valley Fair has a slight variation since they opted out of the tube slides and went with regular body slides instead.
  10. It will be interesting to see what happens with the waterparks at MIA and CW. CW escaped the Boomerang Bay and Soak City rethemes. I think their last slide install was a relocation from a defunct park. I don’t think the waterpark there is a major draw due to the lower summer temperatures in Toronto. MIA’s waterpark is a big draw for that park but new attractions come few and far between.
  11. Pro tip for guys- use the bathroom outside the front gate if you need to go #2. It’s crazy that there’s only one stall in the inside front gate bathroom. (Sorry, too much?) Also, if you have kids, you should definitely utilize the Family Care Center!
  12. This looks like the same new attraction lineup that came with Cedar Point Shores with less slides in the kiddie pool. Looks like a great addition to CGA’s little waterpark which really isn’t so little anymore. Michigan’s Adventure and Canada’s Wonderland are the only parks left without the Snake Pit slide complex. (Obviously excluding Schlitterbahn.)
  13. Obviously, RMC is going to pull off their first conversion of a wave pool here.
  14. befat

    Decoding 2020

    Thank you. I could have sworn I saw some bolts for Diamondback packaged in a steel drum in oil. Is that possible? I’m now thinking I’m crazy as my Google searches are coming up short on the subject.
  15. befat

    Decoding 2020

    Kings Island already admitting defeat by declaring that this coaster will be trash. Seriously though, it’s probably a steel drum that the bolts came in. There appears to be a black one next to the T shaped footer.
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