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  1. Does Candymonium have a mid-course brake run? If not, that would be a welcome evolution!
  2. Unpopular opinion? SOB had a boring layout. The drop and the loop were great, everything else was filler. The rose bowl was one of the main attractions of the ride and cause for the most issues. It was supposed to be a bigger and better version of Beast's helix but failed miserably. I don't think there's much RMC could have done with the rose bowl to make it better other than completely tearing it down and have the ride go a different direction at the top of the second hill. Or leave the rose bowl alone and just shore it up, keeping the same layout. I'll take Banshee with the hope of a ground up RMC someday any day. With that being said, if we had gotten Iron SOB, some sort of barrel roll at the top of the second hill would have been epic and could have changed my mind on the whole subject.
  3. It's hard to believe that iphones were a relatively new thing back in 2008/2009 which is why you probably don't see any in the box. I believe there was also a concern of guest's trying to break into the box so expensive phones weren't used. It is my understanding that all of these phones went through the lost and found procedure and went unclaimed, so none were actually from 2009. The box is there more for safety, and less for concern about your phone. Part of Diamondback's initial testing by management before the park opened was riders intentionally dropping things from the ride to see where they would land. The placement of the nets that you see around the ride today are a result of these tests. Since Firehawk didn't travel over the midway, a box of this type was never placed there even though it threw a lot more items from pockets on a daily basis.
  4. I meant to say oldest in reference to Invertigo, but you obviously knew what I meant. I edited it in my original post. That is an interesting tid-bit on Tim Fisher. I believe Tim Fisher was GM when SOB was added so maybe he's helping making up for that mistake.
  5. The loss of Vortex definitely modernized the Kings Island skyline. The oldest steel coaster over 100 feet is Invertigo. In the back of my mind, Invertigo doesn't really count as a major part of the skyline, so after that it's Diamondback. Which is just... wild. On another note, since Vortex was pulled down in narrow sections, I'm hoping they were able to drop it within the ride path and preserve the sections of trees.
  6. Alright, it has obviously been a very long time since this topic has been discussed! Does anyone have any more information, stories, or pictures of the Boat Tag attraction while it was at Kings Island? This page shows it opening in 1994. Anyone know what year it cosed? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_former_Kings_Island_attractions
  7. I drove by late this afternoon. No new supports or track have been erected from what I could see. Pictures of the most recent work have already been posted here by others.
  8. Anyone else read the title of this thread as Webcam "Outrage" Discussion?
  9. That's pretty cool. When driving up I-71 North, the cranes peak out over the trees before you can even see the Warren County Water Tower or any rides in the skyline. Those cranes really are massive! Furthermore, while Orion won't "look" that much taller than Diamondback, it balances out the park nicely. I always liked how Son of Beast framed out the Eiffel Tower when driving north and Orion has a similar effect.
  10. On one hand, I think building out this park with rides along with the Sesame Street brand could be a really successful endeavor. On the other hand, I think it's really strange that they are dropping rides into the existing park instead of adding an additional area. Not sure how that's going to work. https://sesameplace.com/san-diego/about-the-park/
  11. The emerald ash borer has a lot to do with the tree removals you see around the park.
  12. That is a good point! I'll add one more - Ghoster Coaster - Surf Dog (definitely an upgrade)
  13. I should clarify, I have ridden a B&M's with floor-less trains and regular sitting trains (a la Hulk). Just curious if people think the floor-less experience is that much greater. Would it be worth the extra cost to add the machinery in the station to accommodate the floor-less trains? The ride layouts on these coasters seem to be similar regardless of the train style . Either would be a worthy replacement for Vortex in terms of lift hill height and inversions. I took the "sitting coaster" terminology from RCDB.
  14. What about a B&M sitting coaster (a la Hulk or Time Machine)? Are floor-less trains vastly greater than sitting?
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