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  1. New for 2022, expanded bike rack storage! In all seriousness, did Kings Island say at one point that they were going to be doing parking lot improvements in phases over the next few years? My guess is that they are working to clean that area up in general because of the concerts and that area getting more foot traffic after the toll booths were moved. The markings are probably for digging for new drainage systems and new pavement. 50 years of parking lot run off has definitely taken a toll on that area. The area closest to the park entrance is also kind of unsightly with old Columbia Road just disintegrating away down there. Probably time to do something with it after 50 years!
  2. I played a crazy game of connect the dots with plots that are under used/vacant. I’ve thought for a while that the area behind the Eiffel Tower is under used and unimpressive compared to the rest of the park. We have Backlot which detracts from the area around it with its shipping containers and faded billboards which face away from the midway. We have the old dolphin stadium plot and a tiny random drink shop that’s never open. We have an over sized dining area for Skyline, outdated Tower Gardens, and an old air brush shop. Expand that to Vortex and Crypt (I know that’s a stretch) and the possibilities are definitely endless. Room for multiple flat rides and coasters. I would want to give the Carousel plenty of room to breath though to keep the area quiet and peaceful. If Backlot stays, I’d really love for it to be rethemed/refreshed to interact better with the area around it.
  3. Six Flags unveils The Riddler Mindbender roller coaster It's pretty cool to see a park invest in an old steel coaster.
  4. I also hope the Son of Beast station finally comes down. It's interesting that one of the two purpose-built maze buildings isn't being used this year (Blackout, the other being Slaughterhouse). Also interesting that Action Zone has no haunted houses this year at all. If I remember correctly, there there was a time that there were three mazes in that area at the same time (Club Blood, Wolf Pack, original Slaughterhouse).
  5. This thread is "off the rails" so maybe try to get back "on track" by bringing back some rides that had just that. Delirium - King Cobra Mostly vacant land - Baba Looey's Buggies Snoopy vs. Red Baron - Boo Boo's Baggage Claim (Snoopy vs. Red Baron would be relocated somewhere else.)
  6. Backlot Stunt Coaster was placed in the perfect spot in the park. So glad it replaced the original Antique Cars.
  7. It’s wild that the model outlasted the ride itself, in its original form at least.
  8. Best of both worlds idea: Peanuts in Boo Blasters and Phantom Theater in the old Crypt building.
  9. Interestingly, Space Buggies is the only ride with a space themed name. And the cars could be rethemed with a simple paint job. The names of most of the rides actually fit the camp theme better than the space theme. Joe Cool's Dodgem School still has space ship themed cars as a hold over from Nickelodeon Universe. Those could be rethemed easily as well. Having spent a day in Planet Snoopy this year, the paint jobs and signage are looking pretty worn. My guess is that we'll see a refresh of the entire area in the next few years since we're not really seeing them repainting the rides one by one. It would make sense to add a ride or 2 at the same time but I don't see us getting another roller coaster in that area. My vote would be to retheme Boo Blasters instead of adding a ride though.
  10. recaR was used widely on this forum. The park never used that officially, as far as I know. For the Ride Ops, it was and still is Racer North and Racer South. When I was a kid, we simply called it backwards Racer. The only place I can think of where the backwards side would have been addressed would be the signage where the queue was split at the entrance. Anyone remember what those signs said? I think it was just "forwards" and "backwards."
  11. Now the question is, will Orion always be the tallest? Or, how long will Orion be the tallest?
  12. These were the first 3 parks I thought of to compare to KI: Six Flags Magic Mountain - 8 (tied with KI) Kings Dominion - 6 Carowinds - 3 (interesting since they opened a year after KI)
  13. Having operated all of the original KI rides that were still around when I worked at the park in the early 2000's, the Grand Carousel was on a different level. Even though it wasn't the biggest or most exciting ride, it was a joy to operate for hours at a time and take in the history and beauty. Do the ride operators still have a spiel that indicates the age of the carousel? I always enjoyed announcing that before the start of each ride cycle. The park has at least one extra horse and they would consistently have one in the shop, year round, refurbishing and repainting it. They had them all on a rotation. I don't know how many are original, but an educated guess tells me that it's the majority of them. (They don't build 'em like they used to). From my experience, the entire maintenance team really took pride in taking care of the carousel. For example, when the band organ would go out, they would lobby for the resources to get it back up and running. Which seems to still be a continuous battle. (That band organ is finicky and fixes can be costly and time consuming). The operations crew really took pride in it as well. I recall one of the supervisors would bring newspapers from home to clean the mirrors since they wouldn't leave streaks behind. Oh and the lights that were added during Winterfest are terrific!
  14. The waterpark addition is finished! https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/2020/coconut-shores-construction-update-october It's interesting to see how these attractions were built on top of the old wave pool, vs a total demo and new build. Also, goes without saying, it's crazy that back in August of 2019, we couldn't have imagined that Kings Dominion wouldn't open at all in 2020.
  15. My guess: Frozen Chicken Tenders. They probably did more fresh food in 1972 and didn't need as much food storage. At some point, they decided they needed a walk in freezer. Trends and needs change over time. I doubt the removal of the pathway was taken lightly. Someone has to make the hard decisions. What has been removed and repaved? Paramount and Cedar Fair have both removed a ton of asphalt from the park and replaced it with concrete (nice stained concrete with the Nickelodeon project), or pavers. Sure, more modern materials have been used but you're not going to find the same building materials that you did in 1972.
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