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  1. Drove by KI this afternoon. Orion's drop is legit. Compared to Diamondback it is especially impressive... Lining them up in view from Soak City's parking lot was a great way to see the difference (specifically the drop angle). It is one thing to look at the numbers on paper but in person it was wild. This thing is going to be special. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. On the train and the ride op says, in reference to Diamondback, "Current fastest coaster at Kings Island". [emoji57] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I may be way off here but wanted to throw some numbers for your consumption. Measuring various aspects of Fury 325's footprint along with the footprint for Kings Island's new ride yields some interesting info. This has nothing to do with the actual length of the ride but just the physical plot of land. These are very rough, conservative numbers (playing around on my computer so bear with me)... Fury 325 Area: 424003 sq/ft and around 9.73 acres In terms of straight line distance from beginning of the ride to the end of the ride (basically measured the very edge of the turnaround outside of Fury's station, straight out until I hit the last footer in that straight line (near Catawba Trace), turned right and went straight out to the turnaround on the ride and then back). That distance was around 5300ft. Kings Island Mystery Coaster Area: 556066 sq/ft and around 12.77 acres (this included taking out a couple of the buildings near the water tower that we believe are being relocated). In terms of straight line distance from the edge of the trees by FoF straight to the turnaround by Racer and the straight out to The Beast clearing and back is about 4000ft. Not sure this means anything but it was fun to play around with. These numbers definitely show that if there isn't any more clearing and this is a Giga, it will be one with a lot of creative use of the width of the land, as it were, opposed to a more down-and-back type of ride. The land we are playing with is bigger, size-wise, but is not as long. I was always curious about the direction of the lift hill. From the back edge of the station where the trains re-enter to the top of the lift hill on Fury is about 741 ft. If you measure from the southern side of Firehawk's station (the return track) straight north to the trees by FoF, it is about 411 ft.
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