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  1. Okay, you got me there. Obviously they didn’t stick to their traditions for their 2020 rides, so I think it’s time to get over it. Sorry to come off rude but everyone is so negative about this. It is what it is, and it’s not a record breaker. Also, thanks for theater info. I had no idea that other parks still used them. Hopefully KI can do something with theirs!
  2. Really?! @teenageninja I feel so out of the loop. I need to get to more parks. I only go to KI, Holiday world and Universal lol. What are they showing in the other theaters?
  3. I’m gonna go with no. I don’t see that opening ever again. I believe Dino’s alive was its last use. It’ll probably be used for haunt until it’s time to tear it down.
  4. I don't see the logic in expecting CF to build a coaster at KI thats bigger and better than ones at other parks. Not every coaster is going to be a record breaker, and not every coaster is going to be better than the last. I'm sure they could have invested 35 million into one giant giga for KI, but why? KI is already pulling in high attendance records, more so than Carowinds and KD. The only *seasonal* parks with more attendance are CP and CW. KI doesn't necessarily *need* a giant record breaking coaster. Only coaster enthusiasts with unrealistic expectations will be let down by this.
  5. I’m definitely hoping for a Maverick/Copperhead strike style coaster. Not sure if they’re the same style/manufacturer but they seem like it to me. Would love to see it in place of Congo falls and Timberwolf. Sorry for getting so off topic!!
  6. 300’ drop all the way. I’d rather have the extra few feet for just that little extra speed, if it even makes that big of a difference.
  7. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I e told my parents and a few friends that KI is getting a coaster that will drop you 300’. They find that absolutely insane. I myself am really excited, but that excitement has died down seeing everyone so upset about everything. I think too many of you expected way too much out of CF. They aren’t always going to try and build their next coaster as a giant record breaker to one up the previous one. You built this coaster up so much in your minds when you had nothing to expect.
  8. They sure are having a lot of troubles with these fountains. I wonder what’s up with that? I still think they look awesome at night, but I can’t help but compare them to that CW video someone shared earlier. Hopefully sometime this season or next year they can use music like that!
  9. You’re telling me Canada’s Wonderland has fountains like THAT and Kings Island got THIS? Okay, now I really dislike them haha. I thought maybe Cedar Fair was trying out new fountains at KI to renovate KD and CW international streets in the future. Man, did we get ripped off haha. Those at CW are definitely more Disney-like, since everyone keeps saying they were going for a Disney experience. They’re beautiful and the music is much more fitting for international street. I have to say, the music choice for KIs is horrendous. I guess it had to be upbeat pop for a fireworks show, but did they
  10. @sixohdieselrage please do! The one i posted is from late February.
  11. I feel like this was the entire reason they installed these! This is amazing and I am impressed! They might not be “majestic” during the day, but they’re definitely magical at night.
  12. Thanks for the photos @Sol44! That looks awesome!
  13. I said the exact same thing! I’m pretty sure either Mystic or Banshee had the name on the blueprints, maybe not though. I can’t remember, but it sounds right haha
  14. I am! It won’t be for awhile, but I’m looking forward to it. I think they will look amazing at night and that the firework/fountain show will be fantastic. These types of fountains always seem to look their best at night.
  15. I guess I’ll have to see them in person. So this is what we have to base our opinion on now. Comparing them to what was once there: they look like a total downgrade and I’m not sure why the park thought this would be an upgrade. I’ve been trying to stay positive but have been let down. Pretending that they’re brand new and nothing was there before: they’re actually really cool and nice! They remind me of the jumping fountains in RCT. They’re definitely interesting to look at. Now to see them at night and with the fireworks show! Now that it’s all said and done, I would give t
  16. That’s really odd?? I wonder if they’re shipping it to CP for something. Probably to use it there as a prop of some sort.
  17. And KI now! I love seeing how much things have changed.
  18. Totally forgot about Boomerang Bay and Fearfest. Those were good additions, even if BB was a retheme of the existing Waterworks. I don’t believe they were responsible for the trams or recar, and I wouldn’t give them the royal fountain since it was already there and they refurbished it. The park was disgusting in 2006.
  19. This talk about swimming in the fountains really makes me want to do it haha. I worked at Jungle Jims through college and they'd choose a day to let employees take a swim in the fountain out front. Maybe KI could do that for willing guests? Hahaha. Not being too serious but it’d be interesting.
  20. Very true @SonofBaconator. Paramount did keep KI alive and well despite some of their poor choices. I’ve read that they considered KI their flagship, until around 2005 or 2006 when they decided Carowinds was going to be. No idea how legit that is. Someone mentioned in the 2020 thread how they should have invested their money into nicer coaster additions, like B&M and Intamin. Since they were trying to be an “immersive” park, we got TRTR and Backlot. Really their only good movie related immersive rides. I grew up only knowing KI as PKI. I was 12 when the park was sold, but I spent mo
  21. They couldn’t have at least turned the fountains off for that guy??! Haha. I am excited to see what the fountains will be like! Please post lots of pictures and please, someone upload a video! I won’t be able to go to back to the park until late July, maybe even late August :/
  22. Really putting the “fair” in Cedar Fair
  23. I doubt it’s bathroom because there’s no piping for plumbing. If it is for haunt, WHY that location. Anything else, WHY THERE?? Haha. I feel that there are many other areas that a building could be placed that doesn’t seem out of place. One thing I always have to remind myself is that we always see things from way up high thanks to the Eiffel Tower. I tend to think that they’re putting things in plain site when it’s really not.
  24. Would love to reply Fryoj but there’s one million replies in your posts haha. I would definitely say it’s going to be 4 across seating like Fury, but those plans don’t tell us if they will be or not. Unless someone can point out something that tells us it will be 4 across?
  25. You’re right @JbGbat7, we’re only seeing the station from behind. Looking at Diamondbacks trains the same way would look exactly the same. Stadium style seating is possible.
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