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  1. That's down to how fast they are dispatching trains. The shed is just a great way to disguise trains stacking at the station.
  2. When did they drain the area there? Seems like I remember the water as a kid but that was long ago.
  3. This happen this weekend during one of my rides. I was on Woodstock Express on Saturday. Top of the lift hill we stop. Kids start crying. Employee walks up the hill, gets the phone from the guy in the front seat, then walks back down. Security was waiting at the exit. Hope they booted him. They even told him before we left the station to put it away. Great example for your kid.
  4. If you haven't heard of Ride Forces, it's an app for your Apple watch that will track the G forces during your rides.
  5. Oh my. I can't imagine sitting up there for a half hour. My wife would kill me if that happened to us. I like doing the Drop Tower but I hate heights and get nervous at the top.
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