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  1. You're Too Old to Trick or Treat is really good. I don't recall seeing much talk about this. The cast is great.
  2. On Saturdays and Sunday I'm assuming bags are fine if they are in the park by 6pm? (or whatever hour they select) What time do they cut off bag entry?
  3. Thanks for the responses. I'm hoping I can make two of these events. Land of Illusion and Dent appear to be good choices but the cave interests me. Distance there is a problem. I'm also interested in the Mt Healthy location. I like the fact it's very home grown and they do canned food drives, etc. Not sure I can really go wrong here it seems. Thanks to anyone else that may share opinions here. What about Brimstone? Website looks good but I don't think anyone mentioned it.
  4. In town 2 nights. Doing KI Haunt one night. Any other recommendations in the area? Dent? Land of Illusion? Thanks.
  5. FWIW, KD offered both fast and fight lanes in their initial 2023 sales.
  6. It's a piece of paper. Hand it to anyone.
  7. "Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis with all sales day of at the door."
  8. I believe it's going to change week to week. It's not burgers and chicken tenders.
  9. Unless VIP area access is important, you're better off only getting one of the bundle package if you have a full car load going. Not everyone needs to pay for funpix and parking. May 23rd for example: It's ~$170 for a addmission, fl+, and prem dining. So basically $30 for VIP access. I'd imagine this varies by day some, but worth pricing it out if you have a group going and looking to save a few bucks.
  10. $100 for adults if you don't want to click through to see the price.
  11. Parade now confirmed. 8 floats and 150+ performers.
  12. GG's pre-fab track used on The Racer won innovation of the year. That's something good.
  13. That was their choice. Six Flags and SEAS have done everything possible to generate money and it's been working. Ol' slow and steady CF has done little to expand their same old, same old. Oh well. All will probably survive, which is good. But, CF has just been disappointing by what appears to be a clear lack of effort since last summer. No disrespect to the workers at these parks. They are busting their bottoms. But the company seems to making strange choices now days.
  14. Six Flags sells dirty cheap passes as well along with dining plans. They are making money. CF has struggled since covid hit and it doesn't seem it'll change any time soon. SEAS is making money. CF seems like the odd ball out here.
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