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  1. That is pretty darn cool. Great for family and group Tshirts. Prices don't seem bad for personalized gear.
  2. 100% showing CDN prices. If you click through to Paypal, it will show you a conversion. FYI: Not sure how Paypal compares to CCs, but the FL+ for all parks was showing $752.59 after taxes, conversions, etc.
  3. CP has said a few times a 2020 Plat gets you into all parks except Knott's. Only 1 free entry there in 2019. They have posted it on Twitter, Facebook, and people have called CP and been told the same. This helps me out and something I was trying to figure out yesterday. In fact, from everything I've read, you can claim your pass at any park. Purchase where you want the added perk. Or buy off Canada's Wonderland to save money.
  4. It takes the season pass barcode on the purchase screen. Taxed heavily but still ~$125 savings. I haven't hit the final button yet. Still not sure I want to spend the money on the season FL but it's tempting.
  5. I'm still tempted to buy the all season FL+ off Canada's Wonderland page for a discount. Looks like roughly $125 USD savings. Should work, right?
  6. From Facebook this afternoon: Canada's Wonderland 2020 Platinum Passholders will receive unlimited free visits to all Cedar Fair parks in 2019 with the exception of Knotts Berry Farm. There you will be entitled to one free visit in 2019. The Fast Lane Plus Pass is a one time use and can only be used at Canada's Wonderland (it may not be used during Haunt or WinterFest).
  7. The lifts on KD racer were impressive this year. I was originally bummed seeing one go out first but it just sort of hangs out on the lift hill waiting.
  8. Canada's Wonderland looks like a good deal for platinum with season FL+. Looks like folks didn't have to activate at the park they purchased from last year. $849 CDN saves you some over the rumored $849USD prices we saw a week or two ago.
  9. Any chance the 2020 platinum will open up all CF parks for 2019 (and not just the park you bought it at)? I can dream, right? Looks like KD, CW, Carowinds, and KI all have the promo ready to go.
  10. Guess I'll need to wait and see. Would be nice to get a 2020 Plat pass at KI during their Halloween event and then use it once at Knotts a couple weeks later. I suspect this wont be possible, though. The wayback machine shows last year's deal was KI visits for fall 2018 but not other parks. Knotts deal was 1 visit in 2018 if you bought your 2019 pass early.
  11. I think I saw the 2019 pass would allow you entry for the rest of 2018 if you bought in the fall. Any idea if the platinum would be accepted at other CF parks for the last few months of the year as well (or just KI)?
  12. That's down to how fast they are dispatching trains. The shed is just a great way to disguise trains stacking at the station.
  13. When did they drain the area there? Seems like I remember the water as a kid but that was long ago.
  14. This happen this weekend during one of my rides. I was on Woodstock Express on Saturday. Top of the lift hill we stop. Kids start crying. Employee walks up the hill, gets the phone from the guy in the front seat, then walks back down. Security was waiting at the exit. Hope they booted him. They even told him before we left the station to put it away. Great example for your kid.
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