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  1. We pretty much ate Backbeat every day at CP this year for our meals. I like that we can switch it up and have several decent places at KI.
  2. Seemed like park got busy late afternoon. Lines were healthy the last couple hours on the big coasters.
  3. Wife got it tonight and liked it. No complaints.
  4. Appears Racer is down today. Crowds aren't too bad.
  5. Universal is dropping the empty rows on coasters now. One party per row, but they no longer leave an empty row. They are seeing huge crowds and needed to do something to get people moving.
  6. How much for a PDF copy? I want to read it.
  7. This isn't a pass benefit. It has nothing to do with a season pass.
  8. You get a meal every 90 minutes. They don't care what you do with it.
  9. Pinch to zoom out and the picture will appear in app without downloading first.
  10. Things like reducing hours and labor costs help.
  11. Can't imagine a B&M hyper ever going to KK because of the airport next door. They just can't build that high.
  12. Mayo (or other sauce) on there by default? Available? Looks dry.
  13. Sandwich looks good. Looks like they stole someone from Popeyes to make this for them. Just need the spicy sauce on it.
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