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  1. If it's busy like last Saturday you'd pretty much have to go looking for the actors in these areas. We rarely saw them at all.
  2. Good video there. Hope more and more people get a chance to see it. It came up on my feed earlier today.
  3. The Beast is down. Employees at gate said "Not sure if it'll open today but we hope so."
  4. Is this station really going up before West Coast Racer's station? lol
  5. Just some FYI: On a tour of Thunderhead at Dollywood they mentioned they installed a new chain this year. He suggested they averaged 6-8 years on that ride. And they check the links to ensure they are within tolerance, etc. as mentioned above.
  6. Do they keep that machine on-site? I'm guessing it's shared and moves around?
  7. Dragster is not open on Fridays due to staffing per CF.
  8. I'm really looking forward to the Halloween stuff. I've never done one of these events. Until earlier this year, I hadn't been in an amusement park in 20+ years. I'm addicted again. Looks like we'll end up doing SFOG, Holiday World, Kings Island, Knotts Scary Farm, and Magic Mountain. Might go to Universal but it's crazy expensive and we don't have a ton of time. Small chance I work in Carowinds end of Sept. Going to be a great couple months. I've been told KI is pretty good. How would you guys say it ranks with others?
  9. Thanks for the update. I figured that might be the case on the fast lanes. They do appear to be park specific. I imagine that was frustrating. I'm assuming you had no problems actually getting into CP, right?
  10. That is pretty darn cool. Great for family and group Tshirts. Prices don't seem bad for personalized gear.
  11. 100% showing CDN prices. If you click through to Paypal, it will show you a conversion. FYI: Not sure how Paypal compares to CCs, but the FL+ for all parks was showing $752.59 after taxes, conversions, etc.
  12. CP has said a few times a 2020 Plat gets you into all parks except Knott's. Only 1 free entry there in 2019. They have posted it on Twitter, Facebook, and people have called CP and been told the same. This helps me out and something I was trying to figure out yesterday. In fact, from everything I've read, you can claim your pass at any park. Purchase where you want the added perk. Or buy off Canada's Wonderland to save money.
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