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  1. Unless VIP area access is important, you're better off only getting one of the bundle package if you have a full car load going. Not everyone needs to pay for funpix and parking. May 23rd for example: It's ~$170 for a addmission, fl+, and prem dining. So basically $30 for VIP access. I'd imagine this varies by day some, but worth pricing it out if you have a group going and looking to save a few bucks.
  2. $100 for adults if you don't want to click through to see the price.
  3. Parade now confirmed. 8 floats and 150+ performers.
  4. GG's pre-fab track used on The Racer won innovation of the year. That's something good.
  5. That was their choice. Six Flags and SEAS have done everything possible to generate money and it's been working. Ol' slow and steady CF has done little to expand their same old, same old. Oh well. All will probably survive, which is good. But, CF has just been disappointing by what appears to be a clear lack of effort since last summer. No disrespect to the workers at these parks. They are busting their bottoms. But the company seems to making strange choices now days.
  6. Six Flags sells dirty cheap passes as well along with dining plans. They are making money. CF has struggled since covid hit and it doesn't seem it'll change any time soon. SEAS is making money. CF seems like the odd ball out here.
  7. Rumors suggest there is no big SIX announcement this year. Fiesta and MM are getting coasters, Over Texas is getting the Mack splash that was planned for 2021.
  8. I say post rumors and speculation. Makes things fun.
  9. I wonder what the OP is trying to hide. A vape?
  10. Wish they had added something about cameras on rides, too.
  11. CF has handled the last year fairly poorly. Late closing, seemingly no motivate to try anything new, late openings, etc. All while parks around them are doing anything to stay open. And, it's paying off because those other parks are open. Many Six Flags went daily this week while CP cut days. Oh well. Sure things swing the other way down the road.
  12. They did early fireworks and shut down early. Fights everywhere in the park and out. Some fairly bloody from what I've seen. Some really great people there yesterday obviously. Hate to see it.
  13. At the rate inflation will be going the next few years, $15 will be like min. wage of today sooner rather than later. It's going to skyrocket.
  14. Six Flags has started their announcements. Guests and workers can skip masks. Some parks require masks indoors. Most are dropping reservations.
  15. I'm hearing rumors Six Flags will join the rest by end of the week.
  16. Rode Poltergeist for the first time earlier this year. We couldn't believe how much smoother it seemed over the others. And I have to say, I prefered no building. It's a beautiful mess of steel to look at and I think it makes the ride less nauseating for some of us.
  17. Word is chef plate will be Wednesdays. Starts on first Wednesday they are open.
  18. CDC has decided today vaccinated people can indeed take off their masks inside and out. And don't worry about distancing. Live your life.
  19. Physically where do these extra people go? I get they might spend more money (except food, they are already at cap with hour waits), but then you run into a space issue. Can't just drop another 5 registers in most of their gift shops and have twice as many people shopping. Space isn't there. So, they are just mindless walking the midway doing nothing. Just not seeing how virtual queues really help except in one off/rare situations. Orion opening weekend or two, great idea. All rides in the park? No way.
  20. I don't think any sort of virtual queue is coming any time soon to most places. That creates another problem of where do these people go. If thousands aren't standing in lines, where are they?
  21. I agree that they should price it higher and sell less. Not suggesting that to make more money. Keep profit the same but then you have less people in FL. Less people filling up seats each train. Everyone not paying waits a bit less. Thus, the customer satisfaction of a majority of guests is improved.
  22. As of 4/26, a few numbers from the CDC…. Over 95 million fully vaccinated 9245 documented “breakthrough” cases 2525 asymptomatic 835 hospitalized 132 deaths. So once vaccinated… 0.01% chance of getting it. 0.002% chance of having it and not knowing it 0.0009% chance of being hospitalized 0.0001% chance of dying from it.
  23. Won't be hard because it typically won't be enforced.
  24. You really think the park is going to forbid you from wearing a mask?
  25. Ad keeps popping up in the KI app with dates July 17 - Aug 1.
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