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  1. Reservations aren't keeping them from hitting capacity. It's masks. They aren't going anywhere. You'll be fine.
  2. It's never been a requirement to enter the park. They ask you as you enter.
  3. It was running again Sunday. Chain decoration outside fell and sent 3 to the hospital.
  4. Cool. Was just trying to help since I've been there and had first hand experience. End of the day, I hope you get to ride it and have a good trip.
  5. Get whatever reservation is available. Show up around 10:15 am, park, and go inside the park. Make your way to Orion. Get in line or get a card. Done. You're making this too hard. Reservations times don't really mean anything. Plenty of people have gone in before their slot. Even on their busiest days (days with no reservations left) they had Orion cards til 1 or 1:30.
  6. Web cams are up and running at CP if you want to watch opening day. Crowd to get in is already long.
  7. Good: Ribs at Coney BBQ, Skyline chili dogs, bbq sliders at Brewhouse. Bad: Caesar salad at the Brewhouse was fairly bad and was all crunchy center pieces of lettuce.
  8. And they will never be near capacity. You can make one as you hit the parking if they even care.
  9. Good buddy was at Holiday World on Saturday while I was at KI. There appeared to be more people at HW. The water park was packed! Pretty sure they were close to the 15k number I've seen thrown around for their cap most of the day. Didn't start emptying out until the water closed.
  10. Sucks to hear this. Both days I was there all the employees were fantastic. Ride ops chatting while we waited. Store and food employees were nothing but nice.
  11. No. Diamondback is not even remotely rough.
  12. I've found no reason you need a phone. Also, there's really no reason to complete the health survey on the app.
  13. I doubt it. This weekend all reservations slots were taken. It was probably as busy as it will be for awhile. There are thousands of reservation slots remaining for every day that is on the reservation calendar. Probably a day to day decision.
  14. They shut Orion line down early. Cane over at 9:20 and got shut down due to fireworks.
  15. Probably hide in our homes because the news will fire up the death scoreboards and continue peddling the fear And wait til people realize the flu kills way more kids than covid ever did. It will make all school decisions look asinine when looking back at covid.
  16. Did they make a deal with Covid so they could have a week to get ready?
  17. Got 6 or 7 rides today. Good coaster. First drop was great. Speed hill and airtime hill are good. Probably not in my top 10 or 20. It looks awesome though. Seeing the turnaround and first hill from other coasters is nice. Row 2 on first ride of the day had that rattle sound a lot. Didn't notice it so much later in the day. Looking forward to a few night rides tomorrow. By no means is it a bad ride. I just don't think it's necessarily a destination coaster like SteVe, Fury, Voyage, El Toro and some others. Great for the park. People will like it and you can cycle a ton of people quickly. And it's B&M so should always be running.
  18. Park really thinned out around 330-4. They opened up Orion to everyone around 6 and it was a pretty short line for folks still there.
  19. You are correct about Fast Lane. From what I heard they do want to sell them (obviously) at some point this season if possible. Prob when they can increase capacity. Right now, Fast Lane makes Orion pretty much a walk on.
  20. Fast Lane pretty much a walk on. I just requested front row about 2 min ago and they had no problem letting me wait. Prob depends on the employee.
  21. Doing tickets for Orion today.
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