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  1. They should expand river town into The Vortex plot of land they could add some old western style buildings and have it be a highly themed area like knotts ghost town or cp frontier town
  2. It looks like racer may be getting some track work done
  3. Does anyone know if Six Flags has announced an opening date for West Coaster Racers yet?
  4. Because it turns to the left there and it would be more of an outer bank if they flipped it
  5. Have they started taking down Vortex yet?
  6. When I talked to chad yesterday he said the park hasn’t made an official announcement yet and added that it would be nice to keep it
  7. Me @VortexBFForever and a couple of other members of the last Vortex crew got to have the last public train with the original Vortex crew!
  8. As someone who works in a department that sells Fast Lane in the park it is very rare for someone to buy a Fast Lane plus for someone under 48, 9 times out of 10 they buy them the regular Fast Lane
  9. They will probably move kmaa to FL
  10. If its the power being cut from the tower then why is the mystic cam down?
  11. Does anyone know how many g’s orion will pull?
  12. Yup me too, just edited the title of the thread
  13. I looked up Vortex on the Kings Island gear website and I found and bought a free shirt, is this a glitch? https://www.kingsislandgear.com/products/streetwear-ride-logo-tee?_pos=1&_sid=a8a9ab74c&_ss=r Edit:They fixed it
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