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  1. Hopefully it's open soon, that area back there feels so dead without WindSeeker now that Vortex is gone
  2. Do you get any airtime on the first drop now?
  3. The sign on kings mills rd was repainted this summer but thats pretty much it
  4. I just hope that if they are getting rid of the park maps for good they do what Cedar Point does and have a poster sized souvenir map that you can buy
  5. this looks so good I cant wait to ride it sometime within the next couple years
  6. no amusement park would ever spend 30 million dollars for a "filler coaster"
  7. I would love if they did little models of the antique autos
  8. Last time I rode The Beast in a wheel seat it felt like my spine was about to snap like a toothpick, don't get me wrong I can handle my fair share of roughness (I once rode Vortex 56 times in a row) but The Beast is getting to a point where its unbearable.
  9. I would rather have it go to Clementon Park to give them a new thrill coaster as they haven't gotten one since 2004
  10. Batwing (aka yellow Firehawk) at Six Flags America on Monday, riding it really made me miss Firehawk
  11. I would like them to create their own unique IMAscore sound tracks for the rides and areas
  12. Hopefully they treat it like Dollywood and Silver Dollar City not like Wild Adventures
  13. I would love if Diamondback got ANY theming because all it has now is the sign and the train front
  14. I dont know if this has any truth behind it but screamscape is now reporting that Ed Hart was making a deal with Herschend but he backed out at the last moment which is why the social media posts got deleted
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