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  1. What do you think that the best defunct coaster at Kings Island was?
  2. Im curious to see how many people think that SoB was better
  3. Welp you were only about 6 years off
  4. Its on all of the Cedar Fair apps including Michigan's Adventure so I dont think it means anything
  5. I would love for the park to get a Mack Rides Water Coaster in the place of the Crypt and have pay homage to Kentons Cove in some way.
  6. My least favorite coaster would probably be Santa Monica West Coaster at Pacific Park, the layout is super boring and the ride pulls no forces, imo the only redeeming quality of the ride is its location on the ocean.
  7. Does anyone know where the rock-o-planes ended up going?
  8. imo I think that Orion will be the tallest coaster at the park for at least another 20 years but I hope that I am wrong
  9. I don't have picture of it but I found this rendering of it on twitter
  10. Wasn't MIA supposed to get a Morgan hyper coaster at some point before Cedar Fair took over?
  11. I really hope that they do something about it soon, imagine the views you would get of Diamondback from the entrance to The Beast without that big ugly warehouse in the way
  12. I think that it would be cool if they used it for a new coaster station and make the layout of it go into The Vortex plot of land
  13. Action Zone and Oktoberfest both need a lot of attention in their own ways, for Action Zone they just need a cohesive theme they partially did this in 2014 with Banshee and renaming flight deck to The Bat, and with Oktoberfest they just need to add some more attractions and restore the biergarten to its former glory
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