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  1. There is also a new building in front of VF that wasnt there before
  2. They didnt add the archway with the flags of the grassy bits
  3. I just noticed that, I wonder why Kings Island never went thru with this
  4. I was looking online and I found this
  5. How far in advance was I-streets renovation planned?
  6. Someone should make a timelapse
  7. I saw them too a couple of minutes ago
  8. The yellow lines is the boarder of the area and the orange blocks are the enterances
  9. This is my concept for a rivertown expansion. It would include the the enterance of backlot being move to coney mall, 9 new themed buildings, a more defined border between rivertown and Planet Snoopy, the log flume being re-added to the area, the crypt/trtr building being removed, the Diamondback splash down pond being expanded, a new dining area by The Beast in a new plaza, and finally lots of trees being added to the area
  10. Top is November 2019 and bottom is today, the fog on the cam is crazy now
  11. They should expand river town into The Vortex plot of land they could add some old western style buildings and have it be a highly themed area like knotts ghost town or cp frontier town
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