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  1. The webpage is archived on the wayback machine if you want to see it for yourself
  2. Shout out to the Orion crew today, they were consistently rolling trains and even beat the lift at least once!
  3. On a more positive note they are now playing thematically accurate music in adventure port
  4. According to the latest issue of amusement today it's going to be the 24 seat model
  5. Are the Mercado and Enrique's open yet?
  6. Yup, Adventure Express, Ship and Slingshot (Deli Shot got dissolved at the end of 21 with deli going to Go-Go) were paired until the end of last year and I can confirm that this year Adventure Express is going to be paired with Cargo Loco and Sol Spin
  7. Love this, glad to see parts of LeSourdsville still finding new life more than 20 years after the park closed
  8. Hopefully it's open soon, that area back there feels so dead without WindSeeker now that Vortex is gone
  9. Do you get any airtime on the first drop now?
  10. The sign on kings mills rd was repainted this summer but thats pretty much it
  11. I just hope that if they are getting rid of the park maps for good they do what Cedar Point does and have a poster sized souvenir map that you can buy
  12. this looks so good I cant wait to ride it sometime within the next couple years
  13. no amusement park would ever spend 30 million dollars for a "filler coaster"
  14. I would love if they did little models of the antique autos
  15. Last time I rode The Beast in a wheel seat it felt like my spine was about to snap like a toothpick, don't get me wrong I can handle my fair share of roughness (I once rode Vortex 56 times in a row) but The Beast is getting to a point where its unbearable.
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