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  1. Yup me too, just edited the title of the thread
  2. I looked up Vortex on the Kings Island gear website and I found and bought a free shirt, is this a glitch? https://www.kingsislandgear.com/products/streetwear-ride-logo-tee?_pos=1&_sid=a8a9ab74c&_ss=r Edit:They fixed it
  3. Maybe the storage area will be moved to the building that we saw being built at the begining of the season and the buildings they are painting will be part of area 72
  4. I made another version with your guys feedback
  5. Ok I worked on it for a little longer and I came up with two versons
  6. On which platform?
  7. Will any local tv channels be broadcasting the event?
  8. Cant see anything what is it?
  9. Picture isnt loading for me what is it?
  10. Has any other ki layout been leaked before even the teasers started or is this a first?
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