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  1. Agreed. I'm excited that the drop seems to have a longer "drop" than most hypers/ gigas with a tighter crest and the leveling off at the bottom not taking up the majority of the descent. Not bashing in any way, but MF's drop seems to be 50% leveling off
  2. Tried searching the forum to no avail, any official information regarding the drop angle?
  3. Haven't seen this posted yet, sorry if already discussed...
  4. I'm leaning towards a fighter jet/ aviation name. Cedar Fair has been known to trademark names the day after an announcement, so it wouldn'tbe unheard of. That, and the first couple of elements scream fighter jet manuevers coupled with the all of the "test" references and sequences on the posters point to some type of government testing needed to chase UFOs around. Blue track would tie in nicely too...
  5. Heading into the park now. Tbh i haven't been following the thread as much lately so anything I should keep an eye out for or does anyone want a pic update of something specific?
  6. Soak City was packed on Wednesday. Got there at 1 and alot of towels were already on the grassy areas. Left around 6 and there was a decent sized line at security. It was insane.
  7. Different, and some may think it "better"
  8. This shed by The Racer talk seems to be getting redundant. IF it was directly involved with project X, then it would be shown on the blueprints posted yesterday. Best to my knowledge, it's not. More logical to think the park doesn't want guests to be crossing over an active construction zone during Haunt, and that this building will replace the temporarily decommisioned maze. Come 2020 Haunt, both mazes will be up and running.
  9. Personally I'd rather see Vortex replaced with something similar to Copperhead Strike, but that's for another thread. Have I missed the NL release? Hard to keep up with everything while in the office.
  10. Station blueprints have 8 "gates" indicating a train with 8 rows, 4 across seating
  11. I can think of one reason why half of the park's attendees would want to bring a bag in during a certain period of the month... Oops wrong quote. While im here, any update to a NL recreation with today's info?
  12. Im decoding someone here is trying to play moderator.... I was simply responding to someone who stated everyone is being entitled and how we should be grateful for anything CF does for the park. I was giving my experience about CF and KI not providing a "value".... that ok there bud?
  13. Im very much aware of what site this is. I know I'm not the only one that had these issues, as literally everyone in front of us had some type of issue going on with their passes at guest services. *shrug* And I'd gladly pay a higher premium if that meant the park could staff appropriately and get their sh*t together with food service and not trap you into purchasing lockers. That is the exact reason I'm an AP at WDW. I dont expect Disney service, BUT the service that I have received so far isn't worth the $115. I might have a different tune come the Fall, who knows. Back on the subject, again I'll 100% ride this thing next year, just maybe sans a gold pass.
  14. It's smaller things that have just piled up. Every food service we've been to has always been a 20+ minute wait, with lines spilling out onto the midway. And usually only one side operating. Our first visit, passes got us into the park, meal and drink plan didnt work. Second visit, our passes wouldn't work at parking toll booth. Luckily an associate let us through after seeing that we had the pass on the app. Once through security, 2 supervisors told us to go to guest services. After waiting 15 minutes, the rep told us they don't do that there and to go to the ticket booths for our situation. Then there are the lockers, Disney doesnt have the issue due to the lacknof extreme rides, but even universal offers free lockers for those waiting in line. KI strictly enforces no bags on certain rides, and unless you have someone not riding you're forced into purchasing a locker. Never ran into any of these issues at WDW or USO.
  15. This is just a piece to a much larger puzzle. I grew up going to KI once a week, and when I got my first car multiple times a week with my friends. I moved away from Ohio for a decade or so, and now once again live close to the park. Maybe it's maturing or being used Orlando theme parks, but all I see at KI now are money grabs and the service severely lacking in quite a few areas. I have a laundry list of issues we have experienced in only 4 visits to the park, and quite frankly I do not see the value in what we purchased. The park had a golden ring opportunity with this thing, and IMO let it slip out of their hands. Spend the few extra bucks it would take to get this thing to have a 321 foot drop. DB, MT and Banshee were great additons, but KI fans that grew up with the park have become accustomed to world breaking rides or industry firsts. Don't deliver a subpar product (again, not even including this coaster) and expect me to still hand my cash over. Simple as that.
  16. Exactly. Where and how people choose to spend their money is entirely up to them. My family allocates a significant portion of our expendable income via annual passes at Walt Disney World and this year we decided to get Gold Passes with the dining plan. I'll stick by my earlier post that I'll visit the park to ride this coaster, but I'm honestly taking a longer look at renewing our Gold Passes and instead just buying one day discounted tickets with Fast Lane so we can ride the new coaster as much as we want. Our experience with the dining plan (food lines often being the longest lines we wait in all day) has been less than spectacular. A blue ice cream cone with sprinkles is close $9 now. I understand that 99% of the GP will not see it this way, but I just feel the park has gone the cheap route via overpricing and understaffing in too many areas to feel like I am actually receiving a value for what I purchased. This is so blatantly obvious of somewhere in the management chain taking the cheaper route (as we are literally talking of a height increase of 15 or 20 feet at max for it to a World Record breaking Giga) that I'll gladly visit KI once, maybe twice next year, and spend whatever money we save by not renewing, on a trip to Disney. Just my opinion.
  17. Apologies if i came across ungrateful in any fashion. I even mentioned to my gf while walking out of the park on Monday that CF has upped the game for KI in terms of the amount of rides being built and more specifically WHO is building/ designing them. My point was that a height and drop both of 300+ is easily obtainable, and this addition proves that the park thought it best to install a Giga. CF Giga (drop) installs (MF = 300, I305 = 300, Levi = 306, Fury = 320) had the logic that height was increasing with each new ride. And for a new Giga to be short of 300 and have a 301 ft drop via a valley just begs the question, why? Why open yourself up to that debate... that's all. I'm stoked for this ride, as just a few short years ago we thought B&M was unwilling to go 300+ feet. I'll be renewing my gold pass and might even buy FastLane on a few days to marathon the sucker!
  18. Expansion to where exactly? The land going back to the river is unusable in terms of amusement park expansions. Uneven, steep terrain that would require a massive amount of $$ for any type of walkway the GP can traverse.
  19. In the pi**ing contest, a foot is a foot
  20. This just may be the inner brat coming out, but a height of 285-295 and a drop of 301 seems like a cop out. Increase the lift angle by 1 or 2 degrees, that should be enough to get it over 300 feet. no? If they are spending 25+ mil, I'd assume an extra 20 feet in height wouldn't break the bank. While I disregarded previous fan theories about CF not wanting to go higher than MF or Fury, I am starting to think that just may be the case.
  21. Lool at the blueprints again. The station, transfer track, queue all of it fit inside that area created by the path.
  22. I'm thinking it's not legit as well, but dont discount things just because they seem simple...
  23. Reminds me of the DB layout that got leaked way back when...
  24. I saw the post but the pictures wouldnt load on my phone. Name was pirateanon, had 2 files and simply said "Lol" At least we have a ussr name to search for on reddit and social media
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