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  1. Wait. Apparently there has been 3 teasers up since day one??? Who is the source for this?? Just curious... I would think the painting of the building is some kind of teaser if that is the case. Not sure what it would mean though.
  2. That is hilarious if the word on the street meant that tiny little thing. Actually it looks like a water cooler
  3. I thought the media was sent a few items like the ax and the blue truck.
  4. I do love the coaster design and elements. Great work @DustinTheNow!! I do have a question about the reverse dive turn. Is that 100% or could that element be a reverse treble clef. I know the other elements are pretty much what they are but I am curious about the turn around on the plans. Do they show enough to know for sure what the element is going to be. I am not an engineer so when I look at these plans they look the same. However, when I look at the fury plans (google image) and the KI plans they seem to be the same at the turn around. I would love to hear what your thoughts are. What made you think it was a reverse dive instead of a reverse treble clef.
  5. Sorry for the double post but I can see why maverick44 likes intamin so much. My wife and I loved Maverick. It was probably our favorite ride. It is non stop action. They are very creative and push the limits. It’s nice to see they are willing to do that. B&M I notice does not want to take the risks. They built Thunderbird that was a welcome change but it looks like no other park wants something like that.
  6. Technically speaking yes decoding on 2020. However this thread as been almost every type of topic possible from page 100 until now. I do not know which page exactly since we are now at page 232 but just saying. A Never meant to say carowinds was ever mentioned to be better. Just having a giga and now that multilaunch is awesome. I was just making a point about the long wait until our next coaster. That has been brought up multiple times and I have a hard time believing that would be the case. Personally I would love to see a multi launch coaster like copperhead or maverick. Loved riding maverick even though steel vengeance is awesome too so smooth so either one would be great. Side note though I am not sure how many people have ridden steel vengeance on this thread but My personal feeling I am not sure how long it will be at Cedar Point with out some type of revamping. The ride is amazing and smooth but it’s so intense that it causes some supports to shake so bad I don’t know how the wood could stay in good condition. One section knocks against each other.
  7. That is technically what a decoding thread on a forum is suppose to be about. You know the future and why I mentioned 2025 that would be 5 years and with an investment like this it will most likely be like Diamondback and Banshee. Also I disagree with the “long time” until we get something after the giga if the giga does not boost numbers. You have to also think about how do we keep the 3.5 million people coming back year after year and if they do not build coasters I am sorry but I am sure you would see a decrease in attendance and more people saying let’s go out of town and send our money on another amusement park or just you know vacations. There are plenty of people that get passes and do not take vacations. So like I said if they waited much longer than 5 years that would be very shocking. We are not talking about Kings dominion here. Kings Island is no where near what kings dominion is and honestly after the giga I think it will be better than carowinds.
  8. I agree it will obviously be a much different experience than Millennium Force. My wife was very scared but with how quickly you go up the lift hill is a crazy fun experience that (please correct me if I am wrong) is a huge difference from a B&M giga. As far as decoding goes this one is pretty much done. Let’s move onto 2025 (wishfull thinking) but my wife thought replacing Firehawk with a wing coaster would have been awesome. I know they are different type of rides but a wing coaster would be great. It almost felt like being in a fighter jet taking barrel rolls.
  9. Yes, I agree with the other. Maverick is running and we rode it already today.
  10. My wife and I have been at Cedar Point for the past 2 days. We have not seen anything or heard anything like that. However, today Valravn has been closed so far all day. I thought the app said it was open for a second but went back to closed. Also it is crazy that KI giga is going to be ALMOST the same color as Millie Force. You would think they would go with a different color especially since they are in the same state.
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