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  1. It looks like they are about to lay more track for the helix. I am assuming they are putting the two track pieces together from the semi now. Edit: I take that back. Looks like they are double checking the sections of track on the helix.
  2. I hate how he makes it seem like it’s his photo. He kinda mentions Tony’s Welding but doesn’t actually credit them unless I am missing it. Great picture though they are moving along quickly.
  3. I know you do. Unfortunately it will never stop but not all coasters have to be big like fury either. This coaster can pack a punch and have grey out moments with the current layout. We have already noticed that the transitions on the coaster are different than the video rendering so it will be interesting how intense the ride will be.
  4. I second this. I think the Giga looks fantastic and is going to be a great ride. That turnaround looks crazy, the second hill looks crazy, the 85° drop will feel amazing. I think it is far from a lackluster out and back layout. Yeah sure it is short but I doubt that is going to matter. I think it will make you wanting more and get you to ride over and over again.
  5. Also the Dayton Daily News back on October 8th mentioned the same thing. They also mentioned that the 85° drop was going to be only 7 feet long which was mentioned in the other Orion thread. They interview Jeff Gramke.
  6. Nothing wrong with having your own opinion. I could care less about the roar or not. I thought they were going to put sand in Orion to be honest. The problem I have is with the person making the complaint since his father is the one who sold the land. The first article is not really clear on how many homeowners are involved in the complaint. If more homeowners were involved I would think more news outlets would be reporting the complaint. The second problem is the comment city council made about the ordinance being outdated. I am sure it was created at the same time everyone thought 300 ft coaster were only dreams and staying at the park passed 10 was a fairy tale. In my opinion the city council has made up its mind and wants to adjust the ordinance to accommodate KI. Which is why they are not going to punish them for breaking an outdated ordinance. If the homeowners do not approve they need to vote in new leadership. Whats your opinion on the situation?? I agree with the whole they can just move. That is not really an option. I also agree with the ones that if they move near KI after it was built say 80’s on can’t really complain. They knew what they were getting themselves into. It’s a tough situation to be in and really depends on how many homeowners are actually complaining. I also disagree with Cedar Fair doesn’t listen especially since they just donated 25 acres of land to the city of Sandusky. I understand they had there own motives but to me it proves they are willing to work with the city to benefit everyone.
  7. Do we know who is already taking the ride down?? You make it sound like KI maintenance is removing the ride right now.
  8. I disagree with this statement. Gemini was built in ‘78 at 125 feet high only 6 years after KI was built. I used Gemini as the example because residents in the Cincy area I think would have heard of Cedar Point. I am sure there were other coasters taller but I am using the “O the GP wouldn’t know that”. We could even use Disneyland since i am sure that was boardcasted by the news. The 80 foot Matterhorn ride back in ‘59. Then flash forward only 17 years and you have Magnum XL that is 200 feet in ‘89. I am sorry but i just don’t believe the i never would have thought they would build a 200 foot coaster in my backyard (or the 300 foot coaster). I am sure the majority of the Cincy area that went to KI back then would hope and dream just like everyone else today that they would get a coaster like Disney or Cedar Point. In addition, I agree with some others about the noise. I live next to the airport and with Amazon building what they are building the planes will be flying all day and night. You get use to the noise, sure does a plane go over my house and shake my whole house YES. Other than that you really don’t notice the noise they make. Also yes I bought my house knowing the airport was there.
  9. I actually don’t think you are bursting @Hawaiian Coasters 325 Bubble. In another post they mentioned how it would be a great addition. I agree I think it would be a great addition. I would rather have a coaster in The Vortex spot but from a location stand point it would be perfect for a forbidden frontier attraction with a playground, restaurant and maybe even a flat ride. That would also help keep The Beast secluded.
  10. I have a question as far as ice skating. If the website is all sold out of time slots is there anyway to get a time slot at the park or is it not worth going.
  11. From the webcam it actually looks like they are already heading back up on the turnaround hill. It is crazy to see once you are done with one element you are literally going into the next should make for some fun transitions.
  12. Wait what?? I know this is off topic but you could potentially touch the top of the tunnel on The Beast.
  13. Yes. Yes. I understand it is safe. It’s just me that hates that feeling. I put my hands down on The Beast for the tunnels. I know they would never hit anything but i am taller so that feeling that i am going to hit something does not sit well. I am sure that section is much bigger than the pictures make it out to be. @Waltny again thank you for the awesome pictures. That is definitely the best angle for the second hill.
  14. Nice timeline. The only thing i think is off is the testing. I will have to look back at old articles but I thought KI mentioned test running was going to happen in February. Also I agree with the head chopper. I don’t understand how that is going to fit in there. Every picture angle so far has made that section feel very tight. Definitely going to want to keep the hands down on that section.
  15. No one really knows. KI has not mentioned anything about the hills. Some think the second hill is a wave turn, others think it is a Stengel dive, others overbanked hill. I do not think the turn around is a treble clef but it’s hard to tell until it is built. I have noticed you can not go by the animation of the ride. Or maybe I am the only one that sees slight differences already between the animation and the actually ride.
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