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  1. I would actually prefer the entrance to be across from the three point game. The only reason I have for that is becuase there is enough space to the right of The Beast entrance to add something. If it was some type of ride or maybe a coaster that would go towards Diamondback and intertwine with the coaster would be cool.
  2. O something like Helix would be awesome. Not really a fan of a roller coaster that also spins but I would take it if I had too. I think I saw RMC talk about even being able to make their raptor models launch it just takes a customer wanting them to do it. Now that would be something a Trex model with a couple launch’s that would be craziness.
  3. Since this is the multi launch thread how about a ground up RMC with two launch’s lol just do not use the same company as last time.
  4. As far as BLSC there are no loops, corckscrews nothing besides a launch and a helix hill. I actually enjoy the ride but it is nothing special at all. I could actually talk my son into riding becuase it doesn’t have a big hill. Copperhead with loops and stalls definitely not even close as the same thing. Like I said though a multi launch coaster is not at the park so it is definitely possible we could get one. However not one that would upstage maverick especially since it is still one of the most popular rides at Cedar Point.
  5. In my opinion BLSC is a stepping stone coaster and nothing more. That’s why I hope Mack can make a more aggressive ride becuase Maverick is one of my favorite rides. At the end of the day KI does not have any multi launch coaster so we could technically get either style. The faster the better in my opinion but with how Cedar Point is I am not going to expect anything close to a maverick type ride. Thinking about it maybe a Gerstlauer coaster would be nice. That way Cedar Point doesn’t have to worry about it upstaging their coasters. Also KI needs more flat rides I feel like we are lacking in that category compared to all the other properties.
  6. I feel like Mack rides could make a more aggressive launch if they were asked to make one. At least I want to hope that is the case. I think they built copperhead strike that way becuase carowinds requested the ride to be that way. To be honest with KI having two launch coasters already it is more likely we get a copperhead strike coaster than a maverick type coaster. Which I would be fine with.
  7. Great post. My family went up for the weekend too. It was a crazy mess up there. We went after the rain on Friday and was able to ride steel vengeance, maverick, and millennium force in an hour. It made the rest of the weekend nice since we were not worrying about getting on any ride. We were able to enjoy walking around and seeing all the Halloween decor and shows.
  8. If you want to try it then go for it. Gold star is a thicker chili. I voted gold star but I love both and eat both just depends what is around me at the time.
  9. I hope that does not happen. I know they had the new trains and were working out issues. Then again you are going to have some problems when you build something on top of an existing structure. An RMC is an experience that needs to be in every park that’s my opinion at least. As far as the raptor models they look great and the longer trains are a plus IF they can maintain the intensity and not slow down from being to long. I am sure that will not be the case but you never know.
  10. I agree with this 100% after visiting Cedar Point roughly 10 times this year it is clear what the GP want and what they love. (3 hour wait most days is no joke. Thank god for early ride time) I love the idea of KI actually advertising the wood track record but they need more than The Beast and Mystic Timbers to get people into the door. A topper track ground up (wooden world record breaker) would do that. A topper would make sure it is much different from Steel Vengeance and allow both to coexist while also having that Son of Beast feel to the GP without the pain. Or they can say screw it and build a recorded breaking hybrid to beat Iron Gwazi (how lame) because by that time Cedar Point will have built a Trex model that is so crazy that it now has a 3 hour wait and no one cares about Steel vengeance lol. Really what I think hurts KI is not having a hotel or even camping. Especially with Cedar Point only 4 hours away doing some type of 2 park bundle would be awesome especially with the camping.
  11. I doubt it they don’t have the budget for it. Just kidding... I had to do it. I hope so they make a documentary for so many rides I would assume they would for Orion.
  12. Lighting rod does not have the topper track like the others so they consider it wood just like outlaw run at silver dollar. It is stacked with I think it’s laminated wood and then a steel strip on top.
  13. Lol wow I take back my comment about the supports being darker. This picture clears that up they are all the light grey.
  14. Thank you all. We do not live far away so we want to take a few weekend trips up this year and next. I was hoping for maybe a hidden gem somewhere but I appreciate everything and will take a look at all the suggestions when i do plan something.
  15. Hello All the family recently upgraded to platinum passes and wanted to take a trip up to Cedar Point. I was wondering if anyone had any good places to stay that are on the cheaper side. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. Thank you.
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