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  1. I have a question as far as ice skating. If the website is all sold out of time slots is there anyway to get a time slot at the park or is it not worth going.
  2. From the webcam it actually looks like they are already heading back up on the turnaround hill. It is crazy to see once you are done with one element you are literally going into the next should make for some fun transitions.
  3. Wait what?? I know this is off topic but you could potentially touch the top of the tunnel on The Beast.
  4. Yes. Yes. I understand it is safe. It’s just me that hates that feeling. I put my hands down on The Beast for the tunnels. I know they would never hit anything but i am taller so that feeling that i am going to hit something does not sit well. I am sure that section is much bigger than the pictures make it out to be. @Waltny again thank you for the awesome pictures. That is definitely the best angle for the second hill.
  5. Nice timeline. The only thing i think is off is the testing. I will have to look back at old articles but I thought KI mentioned test running was going to happen in February. Also I agree with the head chopper. I don’t understand how that is going to fit in there. Every picture angle so far has made that section feel very tight. Definitely going to want to keep the hands down on that section.
  6. No one really knows. KI has not mentioned anything about the hills. Some think the second hill is a wave turn, others think it is a Stengel dive, others overbanked hill. I do not think the turn around is a treble clef but it’s hard to tell until it is built. I have noticed you can not go by the animation of the ride. Or maybe I am the only one that sees slight differences already between the animation and the actually ride.
  7. Thank you. I was hoping you would post some more photos of that angle. You really get to see how insane that hill is going to be. Absolutely love it.
  8. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening. The antique cars really bottlenecked that area if a new coaster was to use that ride house. Like others have said Cedar Fair likes to have big turnstile lines and that house would not work.
  9. Thank you. I couldn’t agree more. All this talk about i don’t know how much floater you are going to get. Who cares. I am not sure what type of feeling i am going to get but i know it’s going to be craziness. You are in those clamshell restraints on an overbanked/wave turn. I am not sure there is an element from B&M that you can even compare it to. I don’t understand all this floater airtime talk. If it doesn’t give you that does it make it not worthy. Like i said i am hoping for a new element that give me a crazy feeling. That to me makes it better and unique. But again hopefully this new element that B&M has not really done before gives some type of crazy feeling.
  10. I didn’t want to quote the entire post. I am not disagreeing with you. I was not saying myself would think Mystic Timbers would be better. I love Banshee and i love Diamondback. I think Orion is going to be the best coaster at KI for sure. I think it has potential to be top 10 and hope it is even higher than that. That being said Mystic Timbers has a lower height requirement and is a wood coaster which some prefer. Some GP don’t like tall scary rides even though i do believe that is why Orion is only 287 so it doesn’t look intimidating.
  11. I agree with how amazing this coaster is. I really do think it is going to blow away all the naysayers. The only ride i think it will have no affect on is Mystic Timbers.
  12. I have no idea. I am just relaying what midway mayhem was saying on youtube. They said it was going on white lightening. Everything reported so far has been very vague.
  13. Well it looks like Intamin has a new single rail coaster. Amusement insider posted something on twitter about it. Now we have competition with RMC’s single rail too now. Crazy world.
  14. No. The video states that they are retracking the coaster as is. No inversions or anything like that. So i would assume it is to make it smoother.
  15. Midway mayhem has a YouTube video out that has a little bit more information. The plan is to do inversions but right now it will be installed on white lightening at fun spot. So it will be interesting to see who takes the gamble on installing a ground up coaster with inversions from GCI.
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