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  1. I want to believe Vekoma is a better company than it use to be. They have done some great things across the world and I would love to see something totally different installed at KI. If we had to get another B&M as our next coaster then a floorless would be my choice. I agree with others on that a wing coaster is not in the cards for KI right now with Cedar Point and holiday world so close. As far as a dive coaster I am not really a fan of the B&M dives. I want something more intense than that. Kings Island going forward needs to focus on variety from a roller coaster stand point we all know KI needs more intense flat rides.
  2. I disagree. I won’t say theming is everything but it is nice to see different sections of park with different types of theming. I hope Cedar Fair continues to do this on some level. It is definitely better than slapping a DC character on the ride.
  3. I think that is just a shadow.
  4. Yeah it says the KI engineers said they think the coaster could hit 92 or maybe 93 mph. That would be awesome if that is the case.
  5. That is not the case though. They already said the raptor models can go up to 200 feet so there is no reason for the Trex. All they did with The trains was add some cars and the coaster layout accommodates the longer trains. like I said I think they over hyped the Trex model. Unfortunately, I don’t see King’s Island going over 14 coasters just from a cost stand point with labor. So I do agree with taking one out while adding a new coaster. Just sucks that we had 2 coasters leave while only 1 is going in.
  6. Who says they are?? I heard a model in between the raptor and Trex was going to be built. Now whatever that means we do not know. Will it be two seats or one like the raptor we will see. I think they talked up the Trex too much and now realize it does not make sense to build a Trex shorter than 300 feet. So now they are trying to accommodate parks that want a single rail style ride that can handle high capacity crowds but not be a gigantic 500 foot coaster. So coming soon will be the raptor XL or the mini Trex take your pick.
  7. What was wrong with halloweekends??
  8. I am a little confused by the statement that the manufacturer believes they are wood coasters. I have seen a few YouTube videos that Allen says he believes they are steel coasters. However it’s not up to him and it’s up to the amusement park so obviously you don’t want to upset a client and you just go with whatever they say. I think most enthusiasts agree that it’s one thing to call the topper track a wood coaster but the Ibox is a steel coaster. I also think once the GP gets off any Ibox coaster they think it is a steel coaster or a hybrid.
  9. I would actually prefer the entrance to be across from the three point game. The only reason I have for that is becuase there is enough space to the right of The Beast entrance to add something. If it was some type of ride or maybe a coaster that would go towards Diamondback and intertwine with the coaster would be cool.
  10. O something like Helix would be awesome. Not really a fan of a roller coaster that also spins but I would take it if I had too. I think I saw RMC talk about even being able to make their raptor models launch it just takes a customer wanting them to do it. Now that would be something a Trex model with a couple launch’s that would be craziness.
  11. Since this is the multi launch thread how about a ground up RMC with two launch’s lol just do not use the same company as last time.
  12. As far as BLSC there are no loops, corckscrews nothing besides a launch and a helix hill. I actually enjoy the ride but it is nothing special at all. I could actually talk my son into riding becuase it doesn’t have a big hill. Copperhead with loops and stalls definitely not even close as the same thing. Like I said though a multi launch coaster is not at the park so it is definitely possible we could get one. However not one that would upstage maverick especially since it is still one of the most popular rides at Cedar Point.
  13. In my opinion BLSC is a stepping stone coaster and nothing more. That’s why I hope Mack can make a more aggressive ride becuase Maverick is one of my favorite rides. At the end of the day KI does not have any multi launch coaster so we could technically get either style. The faster the better in my opinion but with how Cedar Point is I am not going to expect anything close to a maverick type ride. Thinking about it maybe a Gerstlauer coaster would be nice. That way Cedar Point doesn’t have to worry about it upstaging their coasters. Also KI needs more flat rides I feel like we are lacking in that category compared to all the other properties.
  14. I feel like Mack rides could make a more aggressive launch if they were asked to make one. At least I want to hope that is the case. I think they built copperhead strike that way becuase carowinds requested the ride to be that way. To be honest with KI having two launch coasters already it is more likely we get a copperhead strike coaster than a maverick type coaster. Which I would be fine with.
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