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  1. Anyone going into the park today? Hoping to see some more activity by The Racer site
  2. Interesting!!! It might be new maintenance sheds though. I'm not expecting much out over here.
  3. I can confirm with you that it is a giga spine, just like Fury and Leviathan. If L2 clearly shows its for a spine like that, then L16D is a box spine footing. It also features on the Partial Foundation Plan that same rectangular bottom where the spine connects to the footing.
  4. @Bwb.32 I'll be looking around for anything else new in the pictures I took Friday!
  5. I will be heading out this afternoon with my camera (also have a crazy good zoom lens with me), hoping for some good shots of the site. Will be posting photos here whenever I get the chance!
  6. Can't wait. Hoping for the best! @sixohdieselrage
  7. I sincerely doubt B&M would do a lowered box spine like Hyperion @BSBMX... They're all about elegance and aesthetics in their coasters and quite frankly that lift is ugly IMO.
  8. I don't think thats the case. If it were 90, wouldnt the plans look more like this (Excuse the crude photoshop)?: Instead of:
  9. It can't be 90, L16D would be have to be almost right below the top of column L16, which as you can see it's not. I'm going to bet its an 85 degree drop though.
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