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  1. Any wide shots would be great showing the extent of the new land clearing!
  2. Hey! I’m gonna be working on a video tonight breaking down the elements of the coaster using my no limits model. Anything specific you guys want talked about? Anything that would be interesting to you?
  3. Check out this vid to have a better perspective on that! (There’s 2 after the helix, one in the low turn out of the first turn arround and one after the first airtime hill. However these last 2 are more hand chopper then head chopper)
  4. I can confirm that there’s “plenty” of room around the clearance envelop, however there will be at least 4 headchoper moments on this coaster from my 3D layout model. This will be a fun ride! Stay tuned for a full element analysis video this week! Only on Blue Fire Coasters YouTube channel!
  5. MCT! Those track pieces are most likely part of the drop pullout, given the shape and spine thickness! Thank you all! (Edit- Added photo from AI Concept)
  6. Reminds me a lot of Hyperion at Energylandia!
  7. Yes, I’m really holding out that that white is actually primer and the coaster will be exactly these colors!
  8. And here it is! After almost a month of hard work and careful speculation and blueprint analysis along with all y’all, here is my updated and improved recreation of the Kings Island Giga in the supposed color scheme! Give it a watch!
  9. Yes, you did a phenomial job and I look forward to your work on the station plaza for our updated recreation!
  10. How about a pair of binoculars! If you see MCT, let us know! We trust you! (Pictures would be great too)
  11. Do you have a “nice camera”? If so can you zoom in on the blue track to verify if they are MCT or not?
  12. Absolutely, I define the “lift spine” as the entire system of large box beams that make up the arch from the base of the lift hill to the drop.
  13. heres some interesting (and blurry) images from Coaster Studios Video. The Lift Spine (L16-1 is seen unpainted, and with out primer) The blue track is what it is!
  14. With those colors, they minus well call the coaster — Wildcat!
  15. Oh that’s not Mako. I think SeaWorld is pretty set in their color!
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