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  1. See that’s the thing though. The coaster won’t feel short at all. No one complains (for the most part) about how short mystic is or how short lightning rod is, it’s jsut part of the ride. This giga will have no weak elements and will be packing in some phenomenal moments. I think the ride time won’t even be an issue with it.
  2. I’m projecting the length of the ride to be about 52-55 seconds drop to brake.
  3. Does anyone have links to the construction forum link?
  4. The drop will be between 80-82 degrees. I’m estimating 81 degrees for this coaster. This drop will feel and look very similar to Leviathan’s, which by the way is IMO a top 3 drop in the world, only behind Fury 325 and Millennium Force!
  5. Ohh what do you mean? Here’s some models of the brakerun if that helps!
  6. I am calling it a reverse dive turn, because it appears to be similar to a non inverting dive loop, just wider. It won’t be shaped like a reverse treble clef, as the high point would be before the “turn”. Because the high point is about 30 degrees into the turn it will not have the “wave turn” kind of feel. However I fully expect a nice pop or floater airtime entering the turn, along with some great forces during the pullout of the turn. It will be unlike anything we’ve seen on a Hyper or giga, that’s for sure. Even still, this element might be pretty close to being a reverse treble clef, just not quite.
  7. It’s basically this one. I’ve just updated colors and added a few more 3D models.
  8. Ok! Finally! I’ve updated my Kings Island Giga model to reflect the blueprints better, as well as updated the train design. On top of that, as an added bonus, I brought @BSBMX‘s model of the station to life with some textures! Anyway, enjoy! MINOR correction ... the metric length of the coaster should be 1662 meters. If you want to post that image publically somewhere, let me know and I’ll send you the image with the correction.
  9. Oh! I can’t believe nobody actually confirmed the track! I’ve also been so lazy after my trip to Batavia last week! It’s ashame too because I got some solid pictures! ... anyway, yes it is MCT! Check out these pics!
  10. Who’s ready for some more analysis? And a new model of the coaster with near exact colors? For the track and supports? Not to mention @BSBMX‘s station model!
  11. Absolutely. The Rattle has everything to do with the wheels. Tracking issues lead to head banging moments m due to unnecessary lateral g’s. (For example Vortex at KI) With a fresh set of wheels the coaster will be butter smooth) it also depends on temperature. The warmer the wheels are, then more they will expand and the tires will give less room to bounce as described. The best time to ride Fury (or any B&M) is just before sunset, after a sweltering day! Fast, furious, and smoother!
  12. The datum (zero) elevation of the coaster is 740 ft. The height of the structure is 1035.9 ft. So it’s simple math for that, but I assume you know / knew that lol. To further answer your question, I think the park will call it 300 ft. Based on measurements in cad with scaled blueprints, Eye level is about 4 ft.
  13. Based on my no limits recreation the speed should be between 91.5 mph and 92.5 mph.
  14. Yeah, you are probably right. Honestly Duffy probably started that model before the electrical blueprints leaked and was just going off the original leak where element heights and H/L points were not clear. I’ll credit them for a job well done with scenery and the graphic on the train looks sick! The only thing that was bothersome is they called it “THE MOST ACCURATE” at one point, which of course isn’t true lol. They later took that off and that’s cool. In other news, I got the chance to experience Leviathan today. It is ABSOLUTELY wonderful. Never did I think to compare it to fury on an element by element basis.. for example, when you are screaming down that drop, I’m not griping how it’s only 306 ft instead of 325 ft! I’m having a heck of a time! I am confident that this new coaster, not only will be better then Leviathan, but it will be one of the best rides in the world. I have no doubt in the next 5 years it will be in the top 5-10 on Amusement Today’s Golden Ticket awards Steel coaster list. Get ready KI fam! We are getting a wild ride!
  15. Bear with me because I wasn’t able to download my photos from CSF on to my computer yet, however this is the picture I got of the support color. The support is indeed a very light gray / white color. Any other silver or gray structure is indeed the Hershey bar wrapper colored Hershey hyper supports.
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