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  1. Has anyone seen good photos of Orion’s light package? I’m especially looking for images of the elements towards the middle of the ride.
  2. Well, if you want to be very technical, Orion has a 300.9 ft drop, making it diffintively the 7th biggest drop. I guess RCDB didn’t see the blueprints. Lol
  3. Give this a watch and share! Pretty epic what having blueprints can do! #Orion2020
  4. [Image Removed] Updating my No Limits 2 Creation to better reflect Orion!
  5. This may be an appropriate time to RE-POST the hype video! I can’t contain myself!! OMG!
  6. Hey guys! Just for fun, take this poll to place your final predictions! Let’s see how good we were at decoding! https://forms.gle/rq3anKzygeaDXmss9
  7. Hype the hype! Give this a watch and share! Epicness awaits!
  8. Here is is! HYPE VIDEO! Kings Island Giga!! #TEOTWAWKI #NewFor2020
  9. Just another reminder about the hype video! The hype is truly unreal!
  10. HYPE VIDEO! Please Share! Help it get 1000+ views by Announcement! #TEOTWAWKI #KI2020
  11. The highest point of the brake run is 85 ft high.
  12. Lol. Of course. I’m not offended in any way. I was just explaining that the heights of each element are correct according to the blueprint. The Brake Run is 825.7 ft high MSL, and the Hive Dive is 835.7 ft MSL. (The station base is 740 ft MSL for comparison).
  13. should still be identical to the one we had before. Just going off the blueprints.
  14. Final POV! Enjoy it guys! This should basically be what the park releases tomorrow! The only unknown is the name, honestly. Again, give it a watch, like and subscribe for more great coaster content and analysis. @BlueFireCoaster
  15. Alright everyone! Here it is! After hours of work and revamping, and adding details, here is the final prediction for the KI Giga! Please give this video a watch and subscribe! ... There’s even a possiblity we will LIVE STREAM the event tomorrow! #TEOTWAWKI #KI2020
  16. Haha, I’m confident this will have epic lighting!
  17. Good Video! Thanks for using my rendering as well, it means a lot to see my work out there. ... If you happen to catch some of the other renderings I actually model the whole coaster based on the blueprints (one of the pages mapped out the heights of all the elements) we have a pretty good idea for all the stats. It will be about 300 ft tall with a 301 ft drop, and the length of track will be around 5450 ft.
  18. And here we are! Just 2 days before the big announcement! It’s been a long journey since we’ve seen the first leaks back in May. And it’s been an honor to be a part of this. To actually bring the blueprints into a software and layout the entire coaster is truely next leve stuff! Here’s some epic images from my final prediction of what this coaster will look like. Enjoy! #TEOTWAWKI
  19. Is there any hunches as to what this coaster will be called?
  20. Expecting track on site soon! The station track should go vertical first as soon as the footers cure. Can’t wait!
  21. Does anyone have a PDF of the newest prints? I’m itching to do some more decoding / confirming!
  22. I still believe their are ride stats within the numbers.
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