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  1. Hangtime has 16 person trains (4 rows), but Gerstlauer can put more rows on the trains if Kings Island wanted. On Gerstlauer's website, they say they can put between 2 to 7 rows on their Infinity Coaster trains.
  2. An intamin launch coaster similar to pantheon could fit well in that area, especially if they had the launch and spike section right next to the path by where Vortex's batwing was. A man can dream.
  3. I could see it being Invertigo or The Bat. Invertigo is an inverted boomerang model, which has been getting removed from other parks in recent years. (I believe Invertigo at Kings Island is the last inverted boomerang model still operating that isn't a giant model) Same situation with The Bat, however, that coaster sits on a very good spot in the park for expansion. It could go either way in my opinion. I think the other coasters in this poll are safe for now.
  4. This is the second construction thread I've kept track of, the first being Mystic Timbers. So with Clifford being at the park, does that mean we'll start seeing construction of the lift hill and other tall structures soon?
  5. "Welcome to Six Flags Kings Island: Where Banshee is now Batman: The Ride, Diamondback is now Superman: Escape from Krypton, Orion is now Goliath, The Racer got taken out in favor of a super loop, and The Beast is now Twisted Beast!"
  6. Personally, i'm not sure if The Bat/Vortex station is going to be reused again. The reason I say this is because I do think Cedar Fair would want to have a larger queue if we were to get a new coaster in that land. The current queue area for Vortex is very short compared to other major coasters in the park and I just don't see much land that can be used to expand the current queue without going into the valley or blocking the brake run/transfer track area. I think what will happen is that we will see a new station built farther away from the pathway and a new queue going where the current Vortex station is.
  7. My intention wasn't to put a copy of SV in that area. It was to show the amount of land we're currently working with and that you could fit a pretty large coaster there, it doesn't have to be an RMC.
  8. Here's Steel Vengeance in Vortex's plot of land for reference.
  9. I would love to see a ground up RMC wooden/hybrid coaster, but I could also see a T-Rex or a mack rides spinning/multi-launch coaster going there as well.
  10. I'm wondering if we're going to be seeing the other Cedar Fair arrow loopers get removed in the near future as well. Carolina Cyclone, Dragon Fyre, Demon and Corkscrew are all older than Vortex and are still operating.
  11. I think if you cleared some of the trees behind Vortex, you could fit a good-sized RMC there similar to Steel Vengeance or Zadra.
  12. I'm not surprised that Kings Island is demolishing Vortex given its rough reputation. The thing that surprises me is how early they're doing it. Normally Kings Island won't remove a coaster unless they're going to start construction on a new project the following season (King Cobra/Delirium, Son of Beast/Banshee, Firehawk/Orion). Since we're just getting Orion next year, I don't think we're going to be seeing a new coaster in the park for another 4-5 years,
  13. My guess is that that they could either put it in Coney Mall where Vortex is now or more preferably in Rivertown in the plot of land between Diamondback and Beast where the Crypt building is now.
  14. I'm predicting we're going to be getting a coaster from either Mack or RMC around 2024-2025, then another B&M after that which is what my "Aethon" concept is based on. The lift hill is right below where it says "B&M flying coaster" and the first drop goes down below the walkway of the front entrance. The brake run is on the top side of the station where the white walkway is, I also put the transfer shed there too.
  15. Here is a concept I made not too long ago for a B&M Flying Coaster for Action Zone that goes around the front gate.
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