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  1. At least it's not limited to just the rides in Adventure Port like a certain "other park" would have done
  2. I remember Mystic Timbers's construction was shown on a live cam. Same went for GateKeeper, Valravn and Fury 325 at other parks.
  3. I do think an extreme spinner would probably be a more marketable attraction compared to a standard multi-launch. As of 2023, There is only one Mack extreme spinner in the country and it's a considerable distance from Kings Island. The only nearby spinning coaster is going to be Wild Mouse at Cedar Point, and that's a family attraction that doesn't compare to the size and cost of an extreme spinner. Although I do believe that an extreme spinner would be the best realistic candidate for a new coaster, it is important to note that a large portion of the general public aren't as comfortable with spinning rides. It's not as much of a problem for flat rides and Wild Mouse since those rides are much smaller in both scale and cost, but when you put spinning into a potential $25-30 million attraction with inversions and launches, it could be seen as too much for the general public. I do think having a magnet like Time Traveler may tone down the spinning a bit to make the ride a bit more comfortable. From a business perspective, however, it may be a safer option to just go with a standard mack multi launch to appeal to as big of a crowd as possible. Although it wouldn't be as unique of an experience as an extreme spinner, a standard multi-launch that focuses on hangtime, inversions and ejector airtime would still complement the park well and would be different enough from a ride like Maverick to justify its placement in the same state.
  4. I agree. I got the chance to ride Copperhead Strike last year and I thought it was really underrated. The ride experience would complement Kings Island very well.
  5. Ride to Happiness apparently has a capacity of 700-800 riders per hour, though that could be the result of it only running two trains. Though it isn't a spinner, Copperhead Strike at Carowinds runs at a theoretical capacity of about 1200 riders per hour, which is the same as Mystic Timbers and Beast, although I can't confirm how often Copperhead reaches that hourly capacity of 1200 rph. If they gave KI a spinner with three trains and an hourly capacity that compares with something like Copperhead Strike, it could be a good fit.
  6. With the news coming out of Dorney Park, it seems we are already looking at two new potential coasters coming from Cedar Fair in 2024 (if you count Dragster 2.0 as a new coaster). Not to mention that other notable parks like Carowinds and Knotts are also on the waiting list for a new coaster as well. It's still somewhat possible we could get a new coaster next year, but it's starting to look more likely that we'll have to wait an extra year or two. Not that I'm complaining, Dorney deserves a new coaster far more than Kings Island in my opinion and it is nice seeing Cedar Fair starting to invest in their smaller parks again.
  7. I know there was brown test paint on Diamondback's supports a few weeks back and was discussed in another thread.
  8. Not perfect, but it should give a good glimpse of what the lift hill and supports should look like after the repaint. (Original image is from CoasterBuzz on Pinterest)
  9. One of my main concerns with repainting Diamondback was if they went with the yellow lift hill again and seeing it fade out again within a few years. The brown should blend in a lot better in Rivertown and should look nice for a lot longer compared to the original color scheme.
  10. If they do move the cams, that might at least tell us that whatever is happening over there is significant enough to where they would have to move the cams.
  11. Yeah, looking at the webcam there still looks to be a bit of snow still left on the track. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.
  12. Had a dream last night where Diamondback used the international street royal fountain as its splashdown.
  13. I would imagine Kings Island would have chosen the colors already, unless they're doing what Kennywood did with Phantom's Revenge and are having a public poll.
  14. Maybe a better term would be renovation, not expansion.
  15. Given how fast KI managed to repair The Bat after the derailment earlier this year and the repainting of the trains, I think it's safe to say KI plans to keep The Bat around for a while, which is good because I really don't want to see that coaster get removed.
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