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  1. search "Orion 3-26-2020" on youtube, it's a different person with a drone
  2. So now there's a solid fence around the entire queue, are they trying to make us feel claustrophobic? I'm not so sure I like that move, but maybe it will have something to do with theming.
  3. It seems more significant than that, I don't ever remember seeing so much fresh wood. It looks like they focused on the area exiting the helix, which is where the track was the roughest. If you pause that "Kings Island Orion test run, and other Coasters Mavic 2 Zoom" video 6:52 you can see most of it.
  4. It's in the drone vids everyone is talking about. Looks like a ton of track work, a few new supports, and a bunch of replaced wood all over, mostly on the second half lift hill and helix.
  5. I don't think Vortex area has been leveled, I still see all the footers. It's just hard to tell elevation change when looking down onto the site. And maybe I'm missing it in a different thread but, I but can't believe no one is talking about all the work done on The Beast.
  6. I agree, I love VR but not on coasters. They're always trying to sell Fast Lane passes though and people would go for it.
  7. It wouldn't slow anything down if they did it Fast Lane only. It slows down operations when they do it with everyone one the train in the station. If they did Fast Lane only and pre-rigged all the headsets while in line, I don't see that slowing anything down.. except the Fast Lane line maybe.
  8. I thought that but there's already an open railing on both side. My other thought, which I initially thought way back when we first saw that quonset hut is something like VR, and that building is the prep area. Would they do VR for Fast Lane only and the wall is to prevent people from giving the headset to people in the other line?
  9. I think there's gonna be some surprise with this ride that we don't know yet. Unknown quonset hut purpose and now solid wall between fast pass and regular lines. That wall even turns the corner at the top of the steps. Interesting to say the least.
  10. A bit off Orion topic but with that guy.. and his Beast flyover.. it looks like there has been significant work done on the second half of The Beast. Both track and new supports, I'm glad to see all the new wood on the area coming out of the helix as this area was the most rough part of the entire track.
  11. the chopper is back right now.. This has to be a glitch in the Matrix they've also made hecka progress on the que area. Gravel going in right now
  12. the crane is left attached until every single bolt is torqued to to spec. There's still a lift up there with people working on it so I would guess they're still working on the bolts *or maybe they're bring it back down...
  13. cam is still running for me.. looks like they are wrapping it up for today
  14. the truck just showed up with another piece.. lol
  15. they're doing more grading right now
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