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  1. I saw people in construction vests wondering around a few times during the day.. walking to and from the turnaround area. Maybe doing some logistical planing.
  2. You can also touch the railing along the entire layout. I'm surprised no one has lost a hand yet.
  3. I really wish B&M would put some form of suspension on the their trains / cars, or at least springs on the upstop wheels to stop the bouncing. I wonder if all three trains will have the same colors or if they will be different. The renderings have a coral color in place of the orange so maybe that highlight color will be the difference between the trains.
  4. I just drove past on Kings Island Dr. , for those of you saying this won't look much bigger than DB .. It already does. Add in three more massive hills and this thing will dominate the skyline.
  5. Keep in mind the proportions are different also which makes Orion look similar to DB. Orions backbone and supports are both much larger than DB, but at the same proportion. Similar to how MF looks way taller than 300' because of it's small track and huge towering supports. Orion is somewhat hiding it's height in well designed proportions.
  6. they've been working Saturdays and off Sundays. They may have switched this weekend because of the rain.
  7. I wish RMC would topper track The Beast. New track and new trains. keep the same layout... maybe take out the trims also. They need to do something soon. I always feel like that thing could loose a few wheels and you wouldn't even notice.
  8. The Liebherr 3100 has a max hoist height over 500'. If you think it's tall now, it's actually missing 3 (or 4) boom sections in it's current configuration.
  9. Good luck, I just attempted to go, the line of cars going in was two wide, bumper to bumper all the way down Kings Island Dr in both directions. I don't need to see it that badly lol. It's bring a friend day so I assume that's why.
  10. I saw this also, short straight section between the curved track and the transfer track. * Now that I look at it closer, it looks that that second piece of track is actually in the storage station, not next to it. They need a cam on top of the FOF building so we can see all the details
  11. I saw this also, short straight section between the curved track and the transfer track.
  12. This will make the experience on WindSeeker a bit different, seeing a coaster train fly past at 80+ mph at nearly the same height.
  13. The only thing I'm slightly disappointed about is that entrance sign just kind of tacked on to that concrete wall. But I do think the logo looks cool.
  14. I don't understand all this "giga" stuff. Technically there is no coaster classification called giga, it's just a random term that was created to describe something that didn't exist before. That means there is no correct answer to what a giga is or isn't.
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