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  1. the chopper is back right now.. This has to be a glitch in the Matrix they've also made hecka progress on the que area. Gravel going in right now
  2. the crane is left attached until every single bolt is torqued to to spec. There's still a lift up there with people working on it so I would guess they're still working on the bolts *or maybe they're bring it back down...
  3. cam is still running for me.. looks like they are wrapping it up for today
  4. the truck just showed up with another piece.. lol
  5. they're doing more grading right now
  6. They've made a ton of progress on the station in the last couple days also. I can't wait to find out the color scheme of the other two trains.
  7. looks like the last two pieces are being joined together for a single lift.
  8. In the fury 325 construction documentary, they mention that the bolts holding the sections of track together are torqued to 500+ foot lbs each.. so that's pretty rigid lol. But the track is designed to move and sway as whole on the supports.
  9. They put the piece that is directly below the drop in earlier and now they are putting in the next piece.
  10. This is much more clear and should be what on the Kings Island site
  11. They do an extremely poor job of explaining this.. It sound like you need to make your own Facebook page to get people to pledge.. maybe lol. They will take the top 32 people with the most donations for the first ride. Those are the only two somewhat clear things I understand from this. EDIT: It's not a Facebook page, it's a page on https://www.firstgiving.com/. You set it up when you click "Join Now" on this page https://www.firstgiving.com/event/410830/Orion-First-Riders-Auction/participants That's a tough sell.. asking people to donate money.. so that I could ride a coaster lol.
  12. yep.. i think they're up on some blocks ready to pick I wonder if Ccleo has a problem. Weird they drove out of the helix with the boom up.. and it's still up.
  13. new yellow crane coming in..
  14. Both cranes seem to have suddenly stopped. Maybe there is an issue with Cleo, and T bone decided to get ready to put up more supports..
  15. Seeing all those tiny people walk around sure puts things into perspective
  16. Anyone taking bets track will be done this next Saturday?
  17. This is going to be one heck of a ride!
  18. Heading east on Western Row Rd there's a spot were they match up almost perfectly.
  19. Yep, new taller crane. There's three back there now.
  20. I saw people in construction vests wondering around a few times during the day.. walking to and from the turnaround area. Maybe doing some logistical planing.
  21. You can also touch the railing along the entire layout. I'm surprised no one has lost a hand yet.
  22. I really wish B&M would put some form of suspension on the their trains / cars, or at least springs on the upstop wheels to stop the bouncing. I wonder if all three trains will have the same colors or if they will be different. The renderings have a coral color in place of the orange so maybe that highlight color will be the difference between the trains.
  23. I just drove past on Kings Island Dr. , for those of you saying this won't look much bigger than DB .. It already does. Add in three more massive hills and this thing will dominate the skyline.
  24. Keep in mind the proportions are different also which makes Orion look similar to DB. Orions backbone and supports are both much larger than DB, but at the same proportion. Similar to how MF looks way taller than 300' because of it's small track and huge towering supports. Orion is somewhat hiding it's height in well designed proportions.
  25. they've been working Saturdays and off Sundays. They may have switched this weekend because of the rain.
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