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  1. Idk but imma say we gonna see some restrooms. #WeMadeIt #IfYouBuildItWeWillPee
  2. You monster. Thats a terroristic threat, lol Im so excited to ride Banshee and look forward on the lift to see the new view. And to look to the left while riding Diamondback pfff gonna be awesome
  3. Mind as well just choose the death penalty. Its easier
  4. So what ever happened to that track that left CSF. Next B&M Colin im getting you magnetic trackers to throw and stick to the track so we know where its at. So when our Dive or Wing comes, Colin start working out now cause you goin front line lolol
  5. Somebody show him this and record his reaction
  6. It’s been like this since I checked in May. Nothings changed
  7. That would be dope, really hoping to see the track there tonight
  8. I just dont know how they will move it out there. Kinda agree
  9. Don't the trains come mid winter usually and have a big reveal?
  10. Im on this boat too lol doesnt have to be tonight but if someone wants to by the end of the season it would be incredible
  11. They can add land. The main driveway I believe is man made and wasnt there 150 years ago. But I do know adding land on water. Is CRAZY expensive. Very curious to see if they did get 4 acres how much that costed.
  12. There is that website. And Does that say 3:38 in the AM?
  13. I guess i didnt think of that. If they close xbase they could move the track in there. But wouldnt they have to drive that down the midway and back into xbase or could they come from the back?
  14. Has anyone checked that website that showed the Hershey track ship out date?
  15. So does anyone have any thoughts/ideas to where that Transfer Track is?
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