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  1. Maybe a section somewhere went up but I doubt it was lift hill. Idk maybe. Collin: Software update is what we have heard from the park.
  2. Coming from a die hard Intamin guy I wont take that to heart (I love intamin as well)
  3. *Webcams come back on* whole lift hill is finished.
  4. Great...now i can never have a glazed donut grilled cheese.... Thanks for that lol #SKYLINEGANG
  5. Give us the recipe that makes me wanna yell it tastes so good.
  6. Didnt even think about that. Goood point.
  7. LOLOL this kids is why you learn to elaborate in english class. Sometimes when there is the slightest chance of risk they will close the webcams down if anything could go wrong it will mentality. In this case putting the crane together, or maybe bringing something into the sight they dont want us to see.. or simply they might actually be updating
  8. I wish they would bring in a full skyline in Kings Island and get rid of having 2. Give more jobs for waiters. Kings Island will profit cause food cost is crazy. Really wish one day we would get a full just like out of the park skyline.
  9. Usually webcams come down for first test as well, wonder if it truly was software updates.
  10. Alright you asked for it. Vote React confused for White Castle. React Sad for Artemis.
  11. If we really calling that crane white castle we are ABSOLUTELY going to need those Area 72 restrooms
  12. Imagine the sound of dropping a 20,000lb piece of steel from 300... i mean 268 feet
  13. Thats a good perspective too though. I didnt think of dropping stuff below.
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