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  1. Looks like Kings Island did make one mistake. They used the acronym TEOTWAWKI for the wrong event. Better put tape over the entire construction area with a picture of Firehawk on it and use new headline- TEOTWAWKI- Six Flags to offer bid to Cedar Fair.
  2. People keep saying that but that's not a 156mph drop. That looks to be a drop in the 90s... maybe 100s but after that, it hits a launch.. to 156 required to get up that hill... just like TTD. My curiosity is how tall the hill needs to be to reach 126mph because that's what that hill reaches after the 156mph launch.
  3. Sorry, I had to.. it was too easy. I like to see Sledgehammer make it's way into the US from Canada. Bring it to KI, I dont care. if Area 72 and Action Zone tend to eventually connect to each other in the future by wrapping way out in the woods, I could see a LOT of room for flat rides. I dont see purpose of a ferris wheel when the Eiffel Tower exists. KI does need a sky ride like CP especially if Area 72 expansion plans to get bigger. I think there should be an all around park sky ride. Multiple drop points to help move people. Riders would have to get off and get in line if they want to keep going so it would be cool to go from Orion to Mystic Timbers with no walking hardly.
  4. I'm more excited this is happening outside the USA than wanting to spend a fortune just to go ride it. Why? Rollercoaster Wars has just been ramped up! Shall we ask Cedar Fair to dethrone these shenanigans? Cedar Point.. 1st Hyper, Giga, Strata... Dont let another park ruin the running records. Get the first Tera coaster! The more Falcons Flight is put in the spotlight, I believe the more we, in the US, may be in for a treat in the no so distant future...
  5. Even if not true, I'll believe until it happens.. at the least, the minute someone finds a 3yr contract with rmc and ki on it, it will be TEOTWAWKI all over again.
  6. I'm 37. Currently, the difference I have now vs a teenager is- I have to stay hydrated more and I take 1 aleve the morning of or I chance getting very bad headache after 6+hrs. Water park- I dont like any body slides as they give me rash burn We see many people in this age group and older at CP and makes me wonder how? I'm not talking about enduring pain but at that age, the conditions people typically get, doctors would prohibit theme park rides a good idea. I did witness a man in his 60s ride Rougarou and when he returned, they had to shut the ride down as he had blood draining from his forehead and ear. He was yelling, cursing about how rough it was. There are many rough rides and not knowing the tricks on how to lean and brace yourself certain ways can be quite painful.
  7. https://www.wcnc.com/mobile/video/news/local/copperhead-strike-ride-currently-closed-at-carowinds/275-bbfc7dd9-aee6-47f1-9537-b20490200c28 Uh oh.. someone injured their thumb while on Copperhead strike. Tear em all down! Lol
  8. I feel the next world record coaster they get in few yrs will need to be a hyper wooden coaster. This will give Cedar Fair only the 2nd park to have 3 rides over 200ft. I cant get that an image out of my head that RMC was at Ki last year
  9. That cost dictates how much the prizes are worth. At CP, they have 3 different ones spread throughout the park. I played and won at all of them and each had different price. They are expected to lose so you get to purchase your prize with the game cost. I havent done KIs but CP takes cash.
  10. I know CPs policies are very strict but this one family we witnessed does make a good point- They purchased those portable fans that shoot water out from one of the shops so they dont melt waiting in line. They got all the way up to get on a ride and they kicked them out of line saying either throw them away or leave the queue line and put them in a locker... Now, the perception of the device is to use it while waiting but its illegal to use in their lines. So they were able to get a refund on them but that is ridiculous. CP is all about load times and not much on customer satisfaction. We know how they are though so we kick it up a notch when someone tries to cut in front of us because they know someone further down the line.. We typically call them out loud and dare them to lay a finger on one of us. Cedar Point staff completely agrees and sides with us when taking charge in lines. Break the rules, the wrath of the staff or some random person awaits. We dont do that anywhere else because all other parks are laid back but we have to be pretty much security at CP because it happens so often there. People getting arrested and others simply getting thrown out the park is fairly common. They are not playing when it comes to breaking the rules.
  11. Talking to employee last night, he said yesterday was only 2nd time this year they had to open the entire queue line up for Diamondback. He said right before school starts is the busiest time of the year for them
  12. Then that would mean any rollercoaster built on top of the stratosphere holds the record as tallest rollercoaster in the world since you'd have to measure the tower height too. Or, one can say the physical lift hill must go X feet up.. Well, then in THAT case, only Red Force is a huge because the lift hill vertical height will all be below 300ft from the loading station, So then one will say the drop cant count because if the loading station was on top of a mountain, then just went straight out then fell 500ft... that would be considered NO category of height? Lol....ok. Does anyone see how crazy that sounds? If a ride dropped 500ft but nobody is allowed to call it a Tera because the ride HEIGHT is 10ft, lol... then it's the worst design ever, etc... It should be very simple but it seems people want to narrow down what is what to make other rides "sound" better. A giga should be ANY rollercoaster where ANY ride element has a vertical pinnacle OR drop that exceeds 299.99999999ft! That means if we took Maverick at CP and put a mega launch on it and shot it up 315ft loop and came out after leaving the tunnel, then guess what... Maverick is now a giga. The PERCEPTION and feel of 300ft+ is what's required. Not where it happens at.
  13. KI is PACKED! Flight of Fear earlier hit 3hrs. Line went all the way out to where the ground changes to black. Invertigo we waited for 1hr 20min. The Bat was 1hr 40min Vortex line all the way out to juke box diner right after rain around 330. Flying aces kid ride hit just over 1hr.. We are about to wait for Diamondback but this is how it's going to be next year. We're getting the APFLPs for $849. This giga just going to make it worse.
  14. I think they need to completely rebuild the walkway back to The Bat. The Bat is in the way of further expansion already. I think what may happen in future is The Bat is removed, the entire area expanded further into the woods, plenty of things to add along the way like stands, restaurant, etc. Back in this area, they would have the room for some flat rides and a decent sized coaster as well, even some World Record coaster if the timing is right. On the other hand, they need a ride towering over the entrance of the park like Leviathan and GateKeeper, BUT Invertigo is in the way and I dont see them removing or relocating it since they just replaced the train on it this year. Perhaps a large enough ride can tower over the trees to make itself known? Fury 325 isn't directly in the front but close to it within walking distance.
  15. Just think how expensive that one piece of track is above that when crossed offers less than 1 second of excitement and you dont even realize it
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