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  1. I believe the black is wear not staining.
  2. I feel The Beast is better because of the trims. I feel The Beast is like a good horror movie, it plays with you leaving you more and more comfortable until the end when half the cast dies aka the helix. Such a great ride!!
  3. What about during haunt and it’s no re entry policy?
  4. I will ride mini giga face mask or no face mask
  5. Besides the restraints I feel Griffon is only better because the lack of top rides around it. Valravn is the 3rd tallest in the park, with 4 other 200+ ft coasters around it.
  6. This response is getting old. No one is saying they don’t want to ride, everyone is just saying what we’ve seen isn’t ideal and are having a conversation about it. If you can’t tell the difference leave the conversation!
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