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  1. No one responds until I responded. Then you delete my response and respond 16 hours later......... nice
  2. If enthusiast are contemplating not getting one because of cost, I’d assume it’s will be a hard pass for GP. It feels a little dirty considering everyone just wants a piece of the ride they loved and have great memories riding with family. I wish they had more price options like a bag of bolts for $10 or a track section not in a plaque. Something for everyone.
  3. I see this little guy poking out of your pocket
  4. They are a piece of history, not a new iPhone.
  5. In the comments she says they are from Vortex. I’d assume the orange one is Vortex the red and green is FH
  6. She’s always at the park so I’m guessing through an employee.
  7. saw this on Twitter about a week ago.
  8. I feel The Beast is better because of the trims. I feel The Beast is like a good horror movie, it plays with you leaving you more and more comfortable until the end when half the cast dies aka the helix. Such a great ride!!
  9. What about during haunt and it’s no re entry policy?
  10. I will ride mini giga face mask or no face mask
  11. Besides the restraints I feel Griffon is only better because the lack of top rides around it. Valravn is the 3rd tallest in the park, with 4 other 200+ ft coasters around it.
  12. This response is getting old. No one is saying they don’t want to ride, everyone is just saying what we’ve seen isn’t ideal and are having a conversation about it. If you can’t tell the difference leave the conversation!
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