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  1. Anyone at the park? Coaster Nation just posted a Facebook live video looking at Orion for 11 minutes and not a single train went. Going later today so it better be open.....
  2. Planning to head there after work today (arriving around 5) simply to ride Orion. Anyone know if I will still be able to ride if they run out of rider tickets? Just curious if they start letting anyone on towards the end of the day, or how that works.
  3. The news did a live-stream for the Banshee announcement in 2013. It was also a Thursday night at 10 pm, if I recall correctly. Probably fair to assume they'll do the same here.
  4. For those that have been checking the forum frequently, what is known about the coaster? I remember seeing leaked blueprints and a height of 286 with a 301 drop....is that still the case as far as we know? 5200 total feet give or take? Simply trying to get a high-level feel for what to expect, as I haven't checked the forums in a couple months. Thanks!
  5. When I worked there, that basketball game along with the rope ladder game were both top 10 games in terms of revenue. Axing both of them would be a tough sell.
  6. Lol. Am I allowed to police the fact we're now talking about the Crypt returning, or nah?
  7. Can you be a little more organized with your posting? Each sentence doesn't need its own post. Also - not sure what Invertigo has anything to do with the 2020 coaster.
  8. I mean, I don't have blueprints lol...but someone here was replicating Fury on their PC and mentioned trying to get the lift hill to 40 degrees, so I assumed he wasn't lying: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/threads/carowinds-fury-325-recreation.494362/ GateKeeper's lift hill angle is mentioned here under Ride Experience: https://coasterpedia.net/wiki/GateKeeper
  9. Long time lurker, first time poster. Wanted to chime in and say Fury does have a 40 degree lift hill. But so does GateKeeper...so unfortunately that factoid doesn't seem to help a whole lot.
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