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  1. Does anyone know if B&M ever implements the type of propulsion with their lift hill like we see on MT? To me it seems like the hill on MT is more powerful than another of the same height because it kind of flings you over the top.
  2. I thought years ago roller coaster makers designed the track to be pressurized. If the track were crack, even a little, at any point, pressure would drop and they would be alerted to a known safety issue. Does it look like this new coaster has a track that does that? Safety First!
  3. They could even have a chiropractor/first aid kiosk right next to where you buy your on-ride photo
  4. If we still were naming rides with movie titles it could be “Gone in 60 Seconds”
  5. Exactly my thought. I am guessing they have a team of PhDs and more focus groups than you could imagine trying to maximize their return on this investment. I would assume they built the coaster to give returns and more longevity to the park. Sure, they could dump 100 million on a roller coaster but when they file for chap 11 and no one can ride any roller coaster at any of their parks we would be shouting “why on earth did they make it so big???” I too remember doing the KC, Vortex, Racer, Beast circuit. I am hoping for a green/yellow paint job on this one in homage to KC. I
  6. Wow thanks. I guess the numbers dont lie but I always remember the backwards being more popular, anecdotally anyhow...Thanks!
  7. Does anyone think they would ever make backwards racer for 2020? That would be nice
  8. I see a lot of folks on here have some serious first world problems with how high this roller coaster will be
  9. Does anyone else on here refresh these pages multiple times an hour and is on pins and needles??
  10. Anyone have a thought about the fact that KI had some investments that went south before their anticipated lifetime? SOB, Flight commander, Tomb Raider/Crypt come to mind. Maybe if those had not been soured so quickly they would have the funds to definitely make a record breaker??
  11. Was there last night. They go back to about Larosas
  12. Thank you for the quick response. That does make sense, they are rightfully concerned about safety
  13. Any idea why the first two rows of parking on the southwest side of the big road sign are blocked again? Is this just due to repaving needed in these aisles?
  14. We are headed there later today. Anything you want me to look for?
  15. Is there some sort of database with this info readily available that anyone knows of? Would be nice to run numbers on things like this, maybe give us a better guesstimate...
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