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  1. Rode the blue in the middle of the rear car and it gave a great ride. Rode the same spot on the red and it was atrocious.
  2. After reading this thread I had three rides in the middle car avoiding a wheel seat and it made such a difference. My opinion of The Beast is it should never change, just TLC it a bit every year. It's a coaster that takes several rides to get to know it, a cranky old man that changes it moods with the weather and berates new riders who expect a ride like a GCI. My eight year old loves it because it scares her and to tell you the truth it can scare me sometimes because of its unpredictability. But a good ride on The Beast has a unique thrill that a new coaster can't give you, it's not something that you can draw or design. It can't be duplicated and that is why is it special.
  3. Excited about visiting Kings Island for Memorial Day weekend. Any suggestions to the best food in the park? First trip with an eager eight year old who can't wait to ride Banshee. Are the crowds normally packed?
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