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  1. This is not confirmed but I believe the park is using those markers for a bus/ tram drop off Chad S said CC would have a bus to and from KI also I think they are adding trams again in the parking lot.
  2. They are located under The Vortex section on the website
  3. Yes we do. Feels like we do it everyday We are strict because we want to make it safe and fun for everyone. We don’t want to come off as jerks. If you follow the rules, we don’t have to be mad. The phone policy is not a park law it’s a state law. say someones phone is out and you get hit with it. You would be mad. Don’t make others mad to. I have been hit and cussed at by guests before. I'm a ride op btw It is
  4. No not like that It’s paired with backlot for ride ops
  5. And put it where SOB and safari used to be and enter in Area 72. could be themed to area 72
  6. Be a ride op it’s a blast I’m on season two You have to be 16 and older
  7. Something like Forbidden frontier maybe
  8. I work at ki in river town it’s in river town my manager told me it was troika is also in RT Now
  9. Backlot is already in river town
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