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  1. Yeah, I haven't seen how B&M tests their first trains but I know other companies use a slow crane-assisted test with a clearance aid that takes a few days. Not just sending a train willy-nilly.
  2. What's the big crane next to the airtime hill doing? Trim brake installation maybe?
  3. Purely nostalgic atmosphere at Kings Island today. Despite Orion's imposing progress, the talk of the park was getting that last ride on Vortex and the lines proved it. Every train came back cheering louder than I've ever heard. I savored my final ride around 6:30. Vortex will be missed.
  4. It's so beautiful. Can't to see it in person on Sunday.
  5. I can see a coaster like Copperhead Strike coming if it replaces Backlot Stunt Coaster. Not that it needs to be replaced (even though its theming is totally out of place in the Cedar Fair era). But if we had both it would feel like the same thing with some inversions. I've said it before but I would love to see a thrilling flat ride come to to X-ba--ahem--Area 72 to round out the area. I would be kinda disappointed if we got a B&M dive or wing coaster but wouldn't be surprised. Would much rather have an RMC ground-up even though there's no precedent for that. Maybe if we beg for it enough we'll get our "budget RMC." T-rex though... That's a real possibility if we're talking next coaster 2025+.
  6. People react to negativity more than positivity. If there is one negative response out of 20, that is the one that seems the loudest and all of a sudden the response is perceived as negative. Orion is going to be enjoyed (probably loved) by the vast majority of riders who will proceed to live their lives in peace. The haters are going to be the ones who make sure they are heard.
  7. About to head to the park! This is my first time attending an announcement and I can't wait. We made it y'all.
  8. Gotcha, good to know!
  9. Anyone else notice they neglected to refer to the area as X-Base and instead say Coney Mall? Referring to Flight of Fear as part of Coney Mall is strange and seems fishy to me (although that sentence was removed). Maybe X-base is no more and the area will be named/themed something else, or this will be marketed as some sort of Coney Mall expansion. If the latter is the case I think Shooting Star as the name is still a possibility.
  10. I really like them for their length. Seems to make the differences between front/middle/back even more drastic than on the 4-across trains. We'll be getting the 4-across trains though.
  11. Just got back from the park. Seeing those giant footer holes got me real excited. Has anyone mentioned the Firehawk trains are finally gone?
  12. The tape is the logo, underneath it says POLARIS
  13. Some kiddie coaster at the Maple Festival in Chardon, OH. First "real" coaster was Big Dipper at Geauga Lake and first looping coaster was Double Loop at Geauga Lake. I miss that park so much.
  14. Just hit me: N E W 2 0 2 0 K I
  15. The plot thickens... Could this mean they are interchangeable? V and VII are both O? That would give us: _ _ W _ O _ O K I
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