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  1. Just letting everyone know antiques is open for haunt this year and will have a long line.
  2. Tomorrow is the last buyout this season.
  3. It is opens at 10 for a private event It opens at 7 for the general public
  4. International street is awesome for haunt. Very scary.
  5. Just saw the haunt dry run and it is a lot more scary than last year. Shipwrecked is cool. I love zombie mall. I work as a ride operator in zombie mall so I'm happy that I get to see it a lot. I love haunt and I got really scared last night. Happy that zombies are not fast. Lol. Hope everyone can come out this weekend. Happy Halloween.
  6. How long will antiques autos line be for haunt I'm planning on going and want to ride it
  7. The great pumpkin fest was moved due to Hallo tween in the park
  8. About the bins. It's not happening. It takes to long for guests to put their things away and for the ride ops it is easier to just not allow them.
  9. Also who is prepared to get a locker No bins in Orions station
  10. where is the announcement supposed to be
  11. Is the station being built yet
  12. is the action theater filled with the city to reopen
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