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  1. I thought blue ice cream flavor is a blueberry cream. Kinda like orangesicle but blueberry. Blue moo is a totally different flavor; more artificial, more cotton candy, little bit of a cake batter flavor. KI blue is more of a "natural" fruit flavor
  2. I just dont see the point of the disk. The rafts never leave the outside of the turn. Seems like extra material and a waste. Maybe its for strength? Maybe just for the experience of going around the disk makes you feel like you are going faster? Just a odd design to me.
  3. Does anyone know what the reason is for the big open disk areas on the turns of newer water coasters? Like the one in video above? And some turns have them and some do not. For example Cheetah Chase at HW?
  4. Has anyone tried calling that phone number?
  5. Nah this guy doesnt need to bring you down OP. I think you will be able to ride everything except for Flight of Fear. The Bat 100% you will fit. Banshee has the bigger seat row. Use the test seat infront of Orion or Diamondback and have someone help push it close to get green light like the ride op will do. For Orion and most other rides be the first to enter the ride row for 2 reasons. 1- so you are on the outside right seat to make it easier for ride op to push on restraint and 2 - if you dont fit you can just get up and leave real quick out the exit without having to make anyone else get up. Dont be discouraged if you dont fit on a few rides, there is plenty of rides you will for sure fit and you will have a great time regardless.
  6. I dont know if you know what a water coaster is. They use magnets or water jets to add propulsion to the raft to be able to go up hill and extend the length of the ride. Mondo does not do that. It is a giant funnel and Great Wolf Lodge only has 1 water coaster with 2.5 uphill sections. I say 2 and a half because the 3rd one is very small and only adds propulsion if needed due to a slow moving raft.
  7. Water coaster please. They are so much fun and can have good capacity. I have been on the few at Holiday World, all great, even the little one in Great Wolf Lodge is tons of fun. If they make one it needs to be a record breaking huge one though. Room is an issue in the waterpark. Either have to squeeze it in between lazy river and train tracks behind pineapple pipeline or make a parking lot water coaster if that is even possible. Be really cool if they could make it go down the ravine like the family raft. IDK. They could figure something out.
  8. There is also Subway on Coney Mall and Soak City
  9. They gotta stop teasing the return of backwards Racer and just do it already.
  10. Everyone is different, depends where you hold you weight and how squishy you are, and every ride op is different too in their method of getting people in. Only way to know if you fit is to try.
  11. You will for sure fit on The Bat and Adventure Express. The Racer and The Beast have the same seats and with the short lines on Racer try it first. Its going to be tight but if you get that second click you are good. If you can fit on Racer you will probably fit on everything else except Flight of Fear and Drop Tower.
  12. That has to be one of the best jobs at KI
  13. They were working last time I rode it a couple weeks ago. The operator controlled ones. The public pay ones were not working.
  14. Depends on how squishy you are haha but you should be good on all the adult rides except for Flight of Fear. Use the test seat outside of Orion or Dimondback. They use the same restraints. Banshee has larger seats on certain row just tell the seat assigner you need the bigger seats. Mystic Timbers can be tight if you have large thighs. Need two clicks on The Beast and Racer. The ride ops can help you push the lap bar down if needed.
  15. $35 Per person aint hateful of a price for a buffet. I will defiantly try this soon.
  16. I was at the park yesterday. Stayed til 10 to watch the fireworks show. It was a pretty good show but I found it very odd the drones were behind the eiffiel tower. We couldnt see them from the front of the fountains near the entrance plaza. Had to walk down and all the way around Eiffel Tower. Once we got down there though they were awesome. Tip - if you want to see the drones the best spot is between Eiffel Tower and the junkyard.
  17. FYI the Google Maps satellite image has finally updated. No more Vortex, just empty space.
  18. What wood was used for Son of Beast? Heck what were all the rides wood type? And how does the types compare to each other?
  19. Wanted to mention during Halloween Haunt re-entry is not allowed after a certain time. Id imagine to discourage people from going to their cars to get drinks and what not.
  20. If you are doing water park then 2 days would be plenty. If you are just doing the dry park 1 day with FL+ will get you on everything. Park safety has really only been a problem late nights on Friday and Saturday and that is very isolated. Pretty common sense is to avoid large loitering crowds,
  21. Interesting. Im guessing the wood flattens after a train runs over it. Does that mean a wooden coaster gets smoother a little after it is built and tested?
  22. Avett Brothers are great live. Very excited to go to that show. Unfortunate its a Tuesday night but thats what PTO is for!
  23. That is pretty normal operation. If something were to happen the train will stop on the lift hill. With Orion not having a mid course block section they want the next train going up the lift hill asap and ready to drop as soon as the train in front clears the final brake run.
  24. I'm pretty sure it will be exactly the same just a new chain. They wear out like any other moving part. Speed of the lift would have to do with the motor and gearing assembly not the chain. I wonder if a faster lift would slightly increase capacity though. Im guessing maybe a few seconds faster ride time for a Orion speed lift but would that increase capacity or just have you waiting in brake run for a little longer haha.
  25. Kennywood (went once 20 years ago when I was 10), Dollywood (never been), Holiday World (would be 2nd visit), and maybe Kentucky Kingdom (never been).
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