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  1. I think Flight of Fear is being rethemed and keeping the same name.
  2. I bet it was, I just want to know how this ride is 3 minutes long
  3. "Duration: 3 minutes" wait, that's illegal
  4. I have something interesting to share. Has anyone looked at Flight of Fear's building in the original announcement video. Theres something up about it. Its like... post apocalyptic. Edit: the sign above the entrance for Flight of Fear says "project" and then something else i cant read.
  5. Guys, I just wanna say how proud i am of us after 4 months, and 415 pages of decoding. So guys, we did it. Even if I didnt have much to say, I am also happy to call this my first completed thread.
  6. Fox 19 I believe
  7. He left the visit out of orion's part, and that leads to a time out as well
  8. Wow this giga really is about to be Leviathan 2: Electric Boogaloo
  9. You just went out for blood there lol
  10. That's true, they were gonna name Mantis Banshee.
  11. Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.
  12. No, but good guess
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