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  1. And so you completely do the same with me?? lol. I clearly stated that the number of days in April is way too few IN MY OPINION. The park shouldn't be closed on so many Sundays. Period. I said nothing about your "suffering" or extending to May.
  2. As a paying season passholder, yes, I do not like the April schedule at all. There are several Sundays they should be open. 5 days is ridiculous for the entire month. I will not be visiting because I know the hell those days will be. If they had more Sundays it would get spread out. Instead, we'll get lucky if 3 of those 5 days in April are ok weather-wise, which makes going to the park not at all worth it. Might as well park on I-71. May weekdays is iffy because they have schools visiting for math/science days.
  3. Yes, with such a light April schedule it takes the fun out of going to the park unless you like 2 hour wait times and being packed like sardines. If they added 1 - 2 more Sundays this schedule would have received my thumbs up. It'll be time to take the kids to the ballpark in April instead.
  4. Wow, 5 whole days open in all of April. Why hardly any Sundays, are these corporate events (buy-outs)? So basically wait until May if you want any chance not to be in a park surrounded by 50,000 of your closest friends (aka PACKED).
  5. I'd be willing to bet there is a restriction to what Deerfield Township / City of Mason, Ohio will accept height-wise in order to "protect" nearby home values.
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