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  1. Operated… late. I was there open until 1230. No trains were moved from storage during that time.
  2. Why was Diamondback closed on Sunday?
  3. What an idiot to put it mildly. I’d like for him to have received a ticket via ORC as well. He expected a warning glad he got none! Great job KI.
  4. Outdoors, chips and drinks only. It didn’t look worthy of $40 pp to me
  5. Resolving the 10-15 align tries should have already been addressed . Unacceptable.
  6. Tried to ride early today (Monday) but it was closed. Lame!
  7. I’d love for KI to make the half speed permanent. You can’t really focus on anything at the regular speed so that’s why I’ve moved on from riding.
  8. Not asking to jump to conclusions, asking if anyone knows any similarities between the rides, Same rafts? Same manufacturer? Similar layout? Etc. I’ve never been to the Iowa park
  9. There was a death yesterday in Iowa for the Raging River ride in Adventureland Park that sounds similar to WWC at KI. https://abcnews.go.com/US/dead-injured-raft-overturns-water-ride-amusement-park/story?id=78669883 Any concerns riding at KI?
  10. @mcarter how was it today? Did you use FP?
  11. Yesterday, got to the park at 1030 for ERT and was able to ride Orion and Banshee in that 30 min window. Moved to Racer which is an incredible ride w the new tracking. Hit DB, MT and Beast to finish. 1.5 hours, 6 rides! Does anyone know if KI plans Racer tracking of second half plus paint job leading into the 50th anniversary next year?
  12. How much did one serving cost?
  13. Monday July 5 is when most US employees have the holiday off. The park will be jam packed. FL+ might be the only way to enjoy the day
  14. But then you can’t stick out both legs. Riding with legs and arms out is the way to enjoy DB
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