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  1. Yes, ticket services is located to the left of the front gate. If you've purchased daily tickets before, it is to the far left of that building.
  2. There will be lots of elearning occurring this year. A district can not force you to send your child to school during a pandemic. It is not truancy. I feel for the teachers that will be left to plan two lessons plans a day (for those in attendance, and those at home). In addition, Ohio cutting back on school payments means loss of more staff for districts. One large Ohio district will lose roughly 700 staff due to less money from Ohio.
  3. I'm not concerned about shade for those whose toxic fumes I have to inhale. They can suffer lol. Some of you were very put off with my earlier thoughts, and that is understood. It is a bit extreme. I think my problem with smokers has to do with the fact their activity impacts me more than any other vice. From having to inhale the smoke, to the littering with each butt. If smokers were considerate: 1) smoked where allowed, 2) tried to keep their smoke contained from non-smokers 3) AND this is a big one... properly disposed of their butts... it would be an entirely different story from me. I can only imagine the count of butts left on the ground from the entrance to the parking lot. Instead I'm left with the impression that most, not all, are lazy, inconsiderate, and for starting the habit in the first place I view them as weak minded.
  4. Agree. I was on the wheels of a Racer car last year, and it was the first time in my life that I wasn't even halfway done with the ride and I wanted it to be over. Ow, my head. Brain felt like it was sloshing.
  5. I like the Access Pass idea, nice !
  6. You have air flowing from the top of your mask towards your eyes. Seal that up better and you won't have fogging issues. Could consider some tape or a better fitting mask. N95 you can adjust the nose through the strip of metal, a handmade / handkerchief you will have problems.
  7. Yes smoking is an addiction. And addicts are, in general, weak minded. Really, you can't handle your stress so have to smoke? Thanks for proving my point.
  8. My point of view on smokers is negative, I'll admit that. I think those that smoke are weak-minded in general. I get really riled up with littering, I don't understand the rationale that it's ok just to throw your butt anywhere. In addition, the process reeks. The thing is, smokers do not realize how much they stink until they quit and are around smokers again. So any push for the park to become even more smoke free to me is positive. I wish they would do like our government parks and completely ban it from the premises including parking lot.
  9. The difference is that your diabetes / obesity has no impact on my experience. Smoking certainly does and with COVID I do not want to be breathing in your air particles from smoking / vaping.
  10. And so you completely do the same with me?? lol. I clearly stated that the number of days in April is way too few IN MY OPINION. The park shouldn't be closed on so many Sundays. Period. I said nothing about your "suffering" or extending to May.
  11. As a paying season passholder, yes, I do not like the April schedule at all. There are several Sundays they should be open. 5 days is ridiculous for the entire month. I will not be visiting because I know the hell those days will be. If they had more Sundays it would get spread out. Instead, we'll get lucky if 3 of those 5 days in April are ok weather-wise, which makes going to the park not at all worth it. Might as well park on I-71. May weekdays is iffy because they have schools visiting for math/science days.
  12. Yes, with such a light April schedule it takes the fun out of going to the park unless you like 2 hour wait times and being packed like sardines. If they added 1 - 2 more Sundays this schedule would have received my thumbs up. It'll be time to take the kids to the ballpark in April instead.
  13. Wow, 5 whole days open in all of April. Why hardly any Sundays, are these corporate events (buy-outs)? So basically wait until May if you want any chance not to be in a park surrounded by 50,000 of your closest friends (aka PACKED).
  14. I'd be willing to bet there is a restriction to what Deerfield Township / City of Mason, Ohio will accept height-wise in order to "protect" nearby home values.
  15. I got a BOGO on slingshot.
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