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  1. I'm currently on day 2 marathoning the heck outta Hades 360. 8 rides yesterday. 11 and counting today. Went to the Pizza Pub across the street last night on my birthday. Got draft beer all night free and got to keep the mug too. My chicken parmesan was real good and he threw in a slice of chocolate cake for free. Editing this to say I rode it 20 times today in 6 hours and called it a day.
  2. I like CoasterBob but that man refuses to go anywhere that isn't in Ohio for some reason. I always wondered why. I hate to say it but Taylor has potential to be better than Bob and Bob set the bar high.
  3. That's usually when I just give in and get a beer because those lines are never as long.
  4. There have been trims taken off rides after they open. I think Racer last summer is one example. Also trims added after they open like Mean Streak.
  5. Wonder what that is going to do to Indiana Beach's plans then? They are not requiring reservations for July 4th and beyond due to the expectation that certain restrictions would be lifted on that day and they would be able to run at full capacity. I had to make a reservation for this coming Friday July 3rd but not the 4th.
  6. I thought everybody was being forced to go the paper cup route this year due to Covid.
  7. Steel Vengeance was 4 hours long opening day. So get in that line first thing or make it your very last ride.
  8. I thought they had to be done within 24 hours of visiting the park? If so you will have to retake it seeing as how there is still 31+ hours till park open at the time of me typing this?
  9. My vote has to go to Steel Vengeance. Why is steel and wood lumped together? Where the heck is Mystic Timbers? I am surprised but glad this list does not have new coasters not open yet.
  10. I didn't realize the log flume was a Fast Lane ride. Antigue Cars was Fast Lane Plus last year. This year Orion replaces it.
  11. Every morning I wake up I expect the worst. I wouldn't put it past the governor to shut it all down before it all opens again. It would be just my luck. But I only have 4 days till my vacation starts so I hope anything that bad holds off for another 2 weeks. We need to just live our lives at this point. It's almost July.
  12. That's apple's to oranges. Maverick is arguably the second best ride in that park, sits next door to Steel Vengeance and is a completely different ride experience. Diamondback on the other hand is likely a very similar ride to Orion. Just not as tall or fast. I hope I am wrong but my basis for that is comparing Fury to Intimidator. Also in both Carowinds and Kings Island the rides in question do not sit beside each other. I do think Orion will be a top 2 ride in the park with the other one being Mystic. I expect Diamondback to fall from my top 2 in the park down to 4 or 5 due to Orion likely having the 2.0 effect.
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