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  1. How often do they fill up both grass lots anyways? They could pave them. Would be a great idea to use up parking lot space if they have too much. Or buy some of those shady looking motels and get rid of them.
  2. I wonder where they are going to put it? I know there is several empty spots for a flat but a coaster I have no idea. They do not have a lot of empty land.
  3. They are getting Quimera. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quimera_(roller_coaster)
  4. But you were not saying King's Island as a whole was more "Diversified" than Cedar Point. Your Diversified was describing the Arrows at King's Island. Of which my point still stands. My reply was regarding the Arrows at each park too. Not the parks as a whole.
  5. You do realize King's Island only has two Arrows right? I would hardly call that "diverse". Meanwhile up north Cedar Point has 5.
  6. It is owned by some people with the last name Koch who at one point in time owned part of and ran Holiday World but is not owned by Holiday World. It is true that is is being run like Holiday World minus the amazing dry rides Holiday World has.
  7. I'm confused. I'm pretty sure ACE confirmed this on Facebook a couple days ago. ACE had an event at Dollywood this past weekend and a Q@A session on this subject.
  8. I will miss going to King's Island this year for Winterfest but I'm going to Carowinds and Dollywood for a weekend coming up soon so that will be better than nothing.
  9. https://www.kingsdominion.com/welcoming-you-back Looks like Kings Dominion is having the Taste of the Season event too.
  10. I still love Indiana beach and I have made 2 trips there this year and been there in the park for 4 days. The second one being Halloween horror. That being said I still feel like they handled that announcement kinda badly and the park has areas in which it can improve on like the food.
  11. Your dining plan is good for all of 2021 too.
  12. The food at Indiana Beach is terrible and that announcement was a bit of a joke. If you want good food there is a hole in the wall across the street from the parking lot called Wine and Whiskey Saloon.
  13. The only answer is to name it recaR since the only way I want to see an RMC Racer is if it runs backwards.
  14. If they were only running the rides at the front of the park the one state theory might be right. I'm not sure exactly where the border runs in the park since I've only been there over one 2 day weekend. But they are going to operate Afterburn and Copperhead Strike.I think they are both in opposite corners all the way in the back of the park. I do not see any way of only operating South Carolina side since the park entrance is on the North Carolina side.
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