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  1. Facebook tends to be a much more hostile place for comments. I'm in a couple event groups because I need to be but I wish there was an alternative for most parks.
  2. Carowinds tried Nov last year and had some kinda peanuts theme. It worked so well they closed early several days and made people mad.
  3. The no reentry policy during Haunt makes it hard to buy souvenirs.
  4. The fountain flamethrowers makes King's Island Haunt unique and it wouldn't be the same without them. Same goes for the glowing Tower with eyes at the top. Taking out the flamethrowers would be like removing the frozen water in the fountain during Winterfest. Its a tradition I never want to see changed. Also toning down the Haunt and making it more family friendly will absolutely not attract everybody. It will make the people wanting the more adult Haunt, the Fearfest style Haunt go look elsewhere.
  5. I thought White Water Canyon usually shuts down on Labor Day. Maybe that is why nobody was riding it? Nobody realizes it is open perhaps? It certainly isn't because of the weather. It hit 85 here with a heat index of 90.
  6. First of all where is the trucks? I don't see any? Do you mean food trucks? I love food trucks? Second I think International Street and its Day of the Dead theme last year and from the looks of it this year, was a step back from prior years. I see why they want to tone it down and cater more towards all ages but I prefer a more adult event. There is plenty of parks that do a more family style event if one wants that. Like Dollywood, Holiday World and Hershey Park.
  7. Lockers should just be a flat $10 like Holiday World and Dollywood and be traveling lockers like Dollywood. So much more convenient that way. Or offer King's Islands 1 dollar an hour lockers in the water park. There has been so many times I have passed up water park at Cedar Fair parks due to not wanting to pay 16+ dollars for a few hours of water park fun.
  8. I know that but I guess you either you can not spot a joke when you see one or understand that the topic was "Dream".
  9. I would love to see The Racer repainted with its original red trim on one track and the blue trim on the other. The park did hint around about it last summer but with Covid who knows now what will happen. I would also love to see a Phantom Theater 2.0. Retheme backlot coaster too while we are at it. The containers are getting really rusty and look bad. Bring back the original fountains too. Use The Vortex plot for a seasonal event like Monster Jam or new Haunts during the fall.
  10. I want all coasters running during Winterfest in below freezing weather and light snow. My ideal hours would be from Dusk to Dawn. Also a marathon on Invertigo where you do not get off the ride the entire day nor does it stop and we raise money for Toys for Tots.
  11. This thread and any like it are just meant to stir the pot and also beat a dead horse. They should be locked. This has been discussed to death and so much so that the word Budget typed besides coaster was banned.
  12. Those are upcharges. So you can not use your card to buy them.
  13. If only booze was on the card like it is for the brew and BBQ fest.
  14. It is a hint regarding the return of the beloved favorite Firehawk returning from the dead in its old plot of land to race with Orion...
  15. I expect the parks that stay open past labor day will see an increase in attendance because of so many closing. Indiana Beach will be slammed since they are about the only park really doing a Halloween event and Dollywood will be packed for Christmas in the Smokies due to Winterfest and many others canceling.
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