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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. So 6pm closes on busy days? Makes me wonder what the line of thinking is there. If it is that busy pay employees to keep the park running till 10pm maybe even midnight. Make more money on merchandise, beer, food etc. But what do I know. Also I know some of us would be completely fine with backing up the opening if it meant some later hours and night rides.
  2. I'm not there but I have already seen a picture on facebook with a Dragster will not open today sign. Its gonna be a typical garbage truck on fire opening weekend. I'm gonna avoid it and go next weekend. They supposedly already changed the gate policy. I think any guest can enter and leave any gate after 10am but do not quote me on that.
  3. Kennywood and Waldameer have dropped the masks as of today.
  4. if you have a season pass you can just reserve Dollywood for 3 days in a row regardless of if you plan on using all 3. That gives you some flexibility.
  5. Its still not a good reason why a restaurant inside the park had stale bread on day 2 of operations though. The food festival food was amazing but that is not what Flightoffear was asking about nor does it apply in their situation.
  6. Cracker Barrel right across the street is good. If you have meal plans then Harmony Hall is the right answer. Food overall is not near as good inside the park as King's Island or even Cedar Point. The Chickie and Pete I tried last Nov was terrible. The bread was even stale.
  7. I hated virtual queuing at Holiday World last year. At one point I almost missed my chance at riding Legend because my wait went from 45 minutes down to about 5 almost instantly. I was like hey I have time to go get food. Nope! About the time I get to the food place in the park I check my quick queue app and see that my rides has just changed to a 5 minute wait for no reason whatsoever. So I start walking toward the ride. By the time I get there I am down to 0 minute wait and it is time to ride. I asked the ride op why it changed so much so quick and they said well because nobody was in line.
  8. B&M is the safe reliable option. They will last as long as Arrows or longer. But B&M is the vanilla ice cream of the coaster world. Like Toyota is in cars. Chocolate is better and so is Honda. I love most B&M's but they do not take risks. They will never build a Steel Vengeance or Maverick or Top Thrill or Voyage. Fury is in my opinion their best coaster and for darn near 25 years Raptor was my favorite ride at Cedar Point.
  9. It is no big loss anyways. They have slowly been chipping away at the mealplan options anyways. First they took away my spicy chicken option then last year they would not even allow me to get sweet tea there with my drink plan.
  10. I get put in seats at random as a FLP holder. It is not any particular row. I prefer the back row anyways over the front. I find maybe the only downside to fastlane is I am a lot less likely to get my favorite seat. Because prior to Covid I was used to fill empty seats. That means left side on Mystic when right side has the most airtime for example. I am a single rider so maybe its different for people who have fastlane with friends or family. I get more rides with fastlane and I know with more rides sooner or later I will get that seat I want. If its a new ride to me like Orion last year I wi
  11. I get every Friday and Saturday off and I am almost 2 hours away from King's Island and 3 hours from Cedar Point. I have all season all chain Fast Lane. Without it I would not be able to enjoy the park on the weekends and would likely not be going near as much as I do. That would mean a lot less spending on merchandise, beer, food not on the mealplan, lockers etc. Plus the money that goes to businesses outside the park like hotels. I certainly would not have visited Cedar Point twice last fall without it. Or on Sept Friday the 13th 2019 the first night of Haunt. On the other hand I went
  12. Why call out me? I didn't take those pics nor was I there. I was planning on going but I have been fighting a cold for days and even though I am fully vaccinated I decided not to go and spread anything to others.
  13. Halloween Horror nights is about to get even more crowded.
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