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  1. Its been listed as a 7pm opening all year and the first Sat of Haunt was the same last year. Its a real shame. That is the reason why I did not go to Haunt opening weekend last year and why I will not this year either. I wait until weekend number 2. I wish they would put the general public first. A passholder sneak Haunt preview or Winterfest preview would be real nice but nope. Buyouts are more important to Cedar Fair.
  2. Looks like no Flight of Fear this year during Winterfest. I wonder why they decided not to run that. It was great to get out of the cold.
  3. Ok so I don't see a thread for this yet and King's Island finally has Winterfest hours posted on the calendar.
  4. Would you know if someone has a park buyout during the day on Sat Sept 21? Or why it opens at 7pm every year for the first Haunt Sat instead of 11am.
  5. This weekend and next are possible buyout days.
  6. I've been to Kings Island 9 times this year and most of those nights the fountain was not shooting water with the fireworks. April 19/20 it was working but not fully yet. I think during Coasterstock it was working properly. I went again July 4-6 and again no fountain water shooting with fireworks. Aug 16 the same.
  7. Cedar Fair owned the parks in 2009 so what you say can not be true.
  8. I renewed my Platinum on Aug 16 and I have the free fastlane but the free bring a friend ticket didn't show up anywhere. I even emailed Kings Island and all they did was reply back with what seems like a message a bot would send. You know where it looks like they looked for key words or phrases and did not really read the email. I wonder if anyone else has had this happen. There is even a chance the employee who scanned my card used the free bring a friend for myself instead of using the platinum. The app does say 0 visits for 2019 and it should say 9.
  9. I did not even give this any thought until I saw the same question being asked on Kings Island's own twitter page. Then I went to their website where it just says Gold pass and does not mention anything about a Platinum pass. Last year the perks applied to either pass. I may not be renewing my Platinum this weekend after all. I may wait to see what Cedar Point offers.
  10. I get every Friday and Saturday off. Work the rest of the week. That's when it gets real busy. It gets nuts during Haunt. Fastlane Plus for me was well worth it. Even on a slow day say July 4. Take that day for example when I got there Beast was walk on but as it got later and more people came and once the waterpark closed at 8pm the dry side got busy. I love my night rides more than anything else. I see it as money well spent if I get to marathon my favorite rides for 2-4 hours at night. With the new Coaster next year it will really be worth buying again for me even though I know the price will go up.
  11. I thankfully haven't experienced anything that bad at Kings Island this year. I did however have problems at Carowinds.It seemed like many of the employees there did not speak or understand English very well. There was one guy who I had to keep saying mac and cheese over and over and he just kept staring at me. Another lady was confused when she tried to tell me the ride was down when I pointed out the train with people on it running. Another dude gave me a blank stare and a shrug when I asked if he knew what time it was. It was 9pm + my phone in a locker and I needed to time things just right to get my Fury night rides in.
  12. Gemini is a terrible ride. It's got really really rough. So has many of the 40+ year old Arrows. I love Magnum and I say leave that one alone but most other Arrows are not aging so well and yes I know before someone points it out Magnum is only 30. I love what Arrow did for the industry and they build them as they say "Built Ford Tough" but many of the older ones have seen their better days.
  13. I haven't got an email to renew my Platinum pass but since I'm going to Cedar Point for Haunt Sept 13 I may renew through that park depending on the 2019 extras. I'm hoping for a free fastlane. I bought season dining, drink and fastlane plus this season and will do the same for 2020. The new coaster will be my main reason for season fastlane next year. Considering lockers for 2020 but I wish it was good chainwide. I used my pass at Kings Island mostly. Cedar Point twice and going 2 more times for Haunt. Twice at Carowinds. Next year I'm going to Kings Dominion with it and if I can fit it in Canada's Wonderland. I will also buy my second Coasterstock ticket. Will likely skip Coastermania and do Hollywood nights for my first time.
  14. I completely agree with this. I usually only check this section and had no idea a 2019 Haunt thread was made in Jan. Why was it made in Jan? That's so confusing. Is there a Winterfest 2019 thread somewhere else too?
  15. I got my 2nd last week just days after visiting Carowinds. Fast Lane Plus for $50. I have season Fast Lane. My first perk was for regular fastlane and it was after I had visited Cedar Point. Still no perks for actually visiting my home park Kings Island or any perks I can use.
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