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  1. I would love a Haunted Train ride during Haunt. I also want to see King's Island Theater used again during Haunt somehow. Also maybe add more daytime Haunt shows and Haunt stuff to do during daytime hours like Cedar Point does. They could even open indoor mazes earlier say 4pm. I also wonder why they don't build some Haunts in the picnic grove area or the Waterpark after it closes. I know they prefer to leave the Haunts standing year round but Cedar Point does build Cornstalkers every year. Also New Conneaut Lake builds some in the picnic area and I think Kentucky Kingdom did last year too. The one thing I want to see come back the most is 1am closes. I love my night rides.
  2. How about the fact that extra operating days are highly like to be weekdays. I only get Fridays and Saturdays off from work. Sure I could burn vacation but why do that when I can drive down there for a 2 day weekend trip. So its also highly likely that there is many people who the 'extra days" will not be any good for. For those of us how will the company make up for the lost days?
  3. Single Rider lines just do not work well on a ride with 2 seats across. I was in the Mystic Timbers single rider line on busy Winterfest days. They were usually only allowing one person from the single rider line for every cycle. That is at least 20 regular riders to one. Twice I saw the entire regular line clear out before I got a ride and it got rather long. When its 2 riders across they can take 2 groups of 3 to fill them from the normal line. There is also a lot of families using the single rider line because at first glance it looks quicker. I've even seen some of them do one worse and when their partner gets seated they sneak on and steal a seat while the ride separator has their back turned. I have had ride separators assign me a seat only to have the person already standing in that row take the left seat so I cant sit and have to wait. I have had mothers chew me out because they wanted their almost adult children to have a ride all to themselves. I would rather see the whole chain do what King's Dominion tried last Winterfest and switch to fastlane at Winterfest.
  4. There are signs stating limits but it's hard to enforce. You would have to have to put limits in a computer somehow. Or something of that sort.
  5. Only thing that is changing is the customers who stand around at night waiting on our trucks to show up and for us to roll out the carts. They ask us what time the trucks arrive so they can be there in the middle of the night in our way. Which makes it hard to stock. Every other customer asking where things are or do we have any of x item left. Lots of case buying at night and some people take full cases right off the cart before we can stock it. Others take cases right off the shelf after we stock it. Others open boxes on the cart we are trying to stock. Others demand we dig something off the bottom of a cart for them and get angry when we don't. Sometimes they start unstacking cases from our cart and making a mess in the process. Others decide they no longer want that full case they took and just sit it back on the self where ever they feel like it. In the wrong spot. Sometimes in the wrong aisle. There is no "social distancing" either when its like that. If I'm gonna catch covid-19 then there is nothing I can do. I've been too close to too many people already. So if you shop 6pm-10pm nothing is changing. The shelves still gonna be just as blown as it has been for 10 plus days. Only change is people cant shop middle of the night to get a head start on everybody else and buy it all up before morning comes.
  6. It got even worse the week or so Meijer stayed open while Kroger and Walmart closed.
  7. I think Carowinds being in 2 states is why you can't carry around a beer with you. It has to stay at the area where you buy it.
  8. But it does help. Winterfest is included in your platinum. I know you are gonna say but but but... I could have just bought a gold pass. Well Winterfest is at several Cedar Fair Parks. Also last year King's Dominion added Fast Lane to Winterfest so I'm sure your all Season Fast Lane is good there if its all chain Fast Lane like mine is. After seeing how slow the single rider line moved last year I wouldn't mind seeing the fastlane added for King's Island Winterfest too.
  9. Then define King's Island Pass. If you have Platinum and travel then what you say is not true.
  10. People will give me **** for my opinions again but here it is. If the park stays closed till say Aug. We could have just skipped a year and not bought passes and got the mid season bonus in theory. Now with that thought in mind if it goes that long than anything less than extending our passes/plans for the entire 2021 season is unacceptable. Its also looking like tickets bought for events like Coasterstock and hotel costs may be a waste now too. This is when the park needs to stop being silent and inform the public on what they intend on doing regarding any extensions and or refunds. I am considering calling my bank and stopping my monthly payments for my pass. Everybody else should consider this too.
  11. And why would I go on a King's Island forum to complain about a $25 gift card lost due to my favorite "place"? That would be really stupid to come on here and start complaining that my favorite restaurant say Roosters for example wouldn't honor a hypothetical gift card purchase.
  12. Buying gift cards is a bad idea. If you buy them and the business closes or files for bankruptcy your gift cards will not be honored.
  13. I never said anything about concern or lack of for employees. Also my pass is platinum not gold. So I am paying for a product I can not use. There are lots of parks not in Ohio in the Cedar Fair chain. Some were already open and some were due to open as early as this weekend. As a customer Cedar Fair should be offering partial refunds to everybody and or extra months and full refunds to everybody who requests it.
  14. With the delayed openings and closings Cedar Fair needs to add extra months next year to our passes or give us a prorated amount back as a refund.
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