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  1. I wonder what Orion lines will be on opening day for those of us with season fast lanes.
  2. Yeah this is really a bummer for me. I picked GOCC last Feb. I feel like I joined the wrong club. I was planning on joining Ace in Feb for some fall events but had I known I would have joined last month. Good for anybody already in ACE bad for me. I have never attended any media day and would love to.
  3. As you will see I asked you if you would rather the park be closed in April and open in May instead. Your answer was yes. I don't take quotes out of context like you claim. Also nothing was said of this "extending" into May. You clearly want the opposite. Extending into May would imply they didn't open in May in the first place.
  4. This has nothing to do with less operating hours. If you read up I complained about that too. This man I quoted is complaining about the number of days the park is open in April which is the same or more than last year. It's even a week earlier. The guy I quoted would rather make us all suffer by having the park not open in April at all and wait till May like Cedar Point. Editing this to say KI Guy took my quote out of context and didn't even quote the first half.
  5. I think the park went to daily operations about the same time last year but I could be wrong. Its nice being there on May weekdays even Fridays. The only problem is they dont fully staff the park until the kids are out of school for the evening. Usually 5pm. Even on a large field/bus day. Restaurants and drink stands are mostly closed or understaffed during the day. I was told on a busy hot Friday that most of the people in the park at that very time were field trip people bringing in packed lunches or passholders with meal and drink plans. So the park did not expect much money to be spent in park by patrons until about 5pm when the high school crowd got out.
  6. So what you are saying is since you cant have more than the 5 days in April that you want aka feel entitled to, that you don't want the park to open in April at all. You want the park to open in May. Which in turn makes May even more crowded because those who wish to get a jump start or just visit in April now in theory couldn't? That makes no sense to me.
  7. Would you rather the park not open until mid May like Cedar Point? I sure don't. A wise man once said don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Besides sometimes the weathers still not great in April then you get a fun day in the park without many people. Like opening weekend last year. But I would like to know if there is April buy outs. Last year Coney BBQ was roasting lots of chickens near the end of the day on opening day Sat. The next day Easter Sunday they were closed. So I wondered what they were doing cooking all those so late.
  8. Park itself won't be any more crowded at 10pm this summer compared to 10pm last year if you take away Orion. The thing that will change is the parking lot will be a mess. Everybody leaving at 10pm instead of leaving over 2 hours.
  9. Its kinda a tradition going back to the Paramount days to stay open until 1AM during Haunt. I have noticed a pattern of Cedar Fair trimming late hours at Cedar Point the past couple seasons and now Kings Island too. Its a bummer. Night rides are my favorite. Also they still don't have any of the "special events" posted except opening day which is what we all probably wanted to see more anyways. The cutting of the hours is gonna make me consider not renewing my pass for next year.
  10. Do you have a source? I have searched everywhere and cant find that.
  11. I don't see the post you quoted. Did you post in the wrong thread?
  12. the KI calendar was released about the same time as Coasterstock tickets last year so glue those fingers to your keyboard.
  13. Likely Gravity gets replaced.
  14. I went to Hugo's twice and it was terrible. That was back in early June. Has it changed? Backbeat was always good.
  15. In any other forum I have been in old threads get locked. It probably would have been better to create a new one.
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