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  1. I took advantage of the "Gold Pass" Deal in 2018. I bought my first Platinum ever at Kings Island and got in King's Island the rest of 2018 on my 2019 pass. In 2018 the offer didn't allow free visits to other parks like it is this year. So that part proves your point even more. I don't understand the Funpix thing. I thought that was extra. Are you saying new passholders got Funpix thrown in this year too? Also to beat them on their own deal you could just renew every other year and get the added bonus months. Would probably only work if it was an off year and you really didn't want to visit until August. Or if you filled your summer up with other non Cedar Fair parks.
  2. Twisted Timbers and Dominator. Is it normally warmer there than at Kings Island? Also they still don't have Flight of Fear running. Which makes me wonder if the Kings Island Flight of Fear running last year was an experiment that maybe failed. Everybody thinks the reason why Flight of Fear isn't running at Kings Island is due to Orion and or Area 72. The park never made any official comment as to why. If the reason is really related to Orion in any way then one could ask why Kings Dominion didn't invest in insulating their Flight of Fear building and running it there. I also noticed the all season fastlane for 2020 is now good for Winterfest at that park too. That isn't completely fair to those of us who paid for all season chain Fast Lane back in Aug and had to wait till spring to use it. And yes I asked about it at Cedar Point during Haunt and I still had to buy Fast Lane plus for the day I was there.
  3. Last year my first visit was Sat, day 2 of Winterfest. Got to Mystic around 4pm. There was confusion from the staff as to whether or not Mystic was suppose to start letting guests ride at 4pm or make them wait an hour. After about 10 minutes they let us in the queue and that wasn't an issue on my second Sat Winterfest visit.
  4. It was like that last year but there is a single rider line too. Which depending on the ride separator can move fast or slow. Either way there is so much else to do I don't really mind. Only get 6 hours at most and that is not enough time to see and do everything. The only added bonus to riding Mystic this time of year is the cold. If its just night rides you want go during Haunt or on a midnight Sat close.
  5. I have always wondered what monsters stick the pepperoni under the cheese. Always put it on top. Would make for an interesting poll.
  6. I filled out a survey last year and my biggest suggestion was extend nighttime hours. It didn't happen. Maybe next year. I would like to see the park stay open till midnight.
  7. Great Pumpkin polar coaster challenge anybody?
  8. Mystic has lockers you could use so the only issue is a line. I would only do this if they arranged some kinda skip the line for the group.
  9. I used to LOVE La Rosa's. But the King's Island La Rosa's I remember eating from 15 years ago is not the same as today. Sometimes its just ok in the park but usually its terrible. Back then I ordered whole pies. Now I'm not sure you can. Its slices under heat lamps. I love pizza and I have not ever had La Rosa's anywhere else to compare. I wonder if anyone else has had La Rosa's way back when and could explain why if at all the pizza taste has changed. Cheaper ingredients over the years or maybe it comes in frozen and not fresh anymore? I don't know.
  10. I would say in this case crowds just add to the atmosphere. It makes the event better. If you are worried about lines rush to Mystic Timbers first thing. Then get dinner if you have a meal plan. Then it would be time for the tree lighting ceremony. The train opens at 6pm and it runs 2 trains. So even if that line seems long it usually isn't.
  11. Not to steal Orion's thunder but Steel Vengeance last year did this same thing for me. I had not been to any amusement parks in almost 14 years and I had to go Ride it. I bought my first platinum pass last fall because of it. Went to Kings Island for Haunt and Winterfest 18. Now here I am with Season fastlane for the chain, platinum, meal and dining plans and I may buy lockers too. I went to 5 parks this year for a total of about 25 visits. I can't wait to ride Onion on passholder preview night. I just wish there was a way I could go to media day but that's unlikely as I am not media and don't know anybody with this connections.
  12. So the park shouldn't run any ride ever due to added wear and tear. If they don't run a ride its pointless to even have it. That's like the people who leave the plastic on the couch. Or my mother who buys new towels "for the guests" but then never has said guests over. If you run a ride more people will buy tickets and in turn the park will have more money for that wear and tear.
  13. I'd kinda like to know the story on how Coasterstock came to be. Its only 5 years old meanwhile Coastermania goes all the way back to what Gemini Mania then Magnum Mania? Would be nice to know why Coasterstock is only 5 years old? How long the first one took to pla?, Why they did it in the first place? Was there events like it that it may have replaced? etc.
  14. I'm not sure Orion has any theming at all. The new Area 72 might. We won't really know if they are doing any real theming for a while.
  15. It was working during Haunt in Sept. I was standing there with a beer in my hand when it started.
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