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  1. If I could make money traveling and visiting amusement parks yes. Florida is a good location for that. Otherwise heck no. I love being in central Ohio and within 8 hours of so many parks.
  2. Or driving around the park when its snowing...
  3. It is the other side that floods the worst due to the way the wind blows. Lake Erie was at an all time high last summer and at one point in June they even shut down Blue Streak for a day or 2 due to flooding.
  4. I'm still waiting on Holiday World to reschedule or cancel the Holiwood Nights Event I have a ticket too. I'm also waiting to see what King's Island schedule looks like for June.
  5. The Bar I went to Friday night followed the rules while I was there but I did get there before the dinner rush hit and only stayed long enough to eat my dinner and drink 2 beers.
  6. So the 97% who are over 50 and dieing mean nothing to you?
  7. I too had beer and pizza at a bar tonight. Or was it last night since its not Friday anymore? It was outside on a patio.
  8. I normally don't do delivery either for those reasons but when one is sick and the delivery fees are being waved one does it anyways.
  9. I wouldn't buy into what that article says too much. Seeing as how they keep referring to Cedar Fair as "Knott's Berry Farms" owner and not calling them Cedar Fair. They also have a link embedded in that article that says that same "Knott's Berry Farm owner says parks could be closed through the end of 2020. I do not think Cedar Fair has come out and said that.
  10. I wonder if the nightly fireworks will be scrapped too. Or the live shows. Further out I wonder what Haunt and Winterfest look like. Wonder if they decide to delay the opening of Orion like Cedar Point is doing with Snake River Expedition.
  11. I wonder if there is a way to get a hold of Don or park management. I think we should somehow suggest they implement some kinda "First Dibs" policy for any Coasterstock 2021. Meaning if you had a ticket for 2020 you get first dibs at 2021. Its only fair seeing as how fast it sold out this year.
  12. I wonder if there is a way to get a hold of Don or park management. I think we should somehow suggest they implement some kinda "First Dibs" policy for any Coasterstock 2021. Meaning if you had a ticket for 2020 you get first dibs at 2021. Its only fair seeing as how fast it sold out this year.
  13. Can you wear then in the Slide que then hold them? Or can you drop them at the que entrance like I see people do at some other parks?. Last summer I made the mistake of walking around that place with bare feet for several hours and was in pain for days after. I used to be able to do that no problem but I guess time catches up with all of us. Also why is that concrete so hot and Kentucky Kingdom on a 95 degree day wasn't near as bad?
  14. While I love that idea. It would be hard to fit in two 14 hour days for the event during Haunt.
  15. Minimum wage in Ohio is $8.70 an hour. Rent around here where I live averages $600 a month for a one bedroom. Someone working minimum wage even with no kids is not going to be able to afford to rent without a roommate. Let alone save any money for a $400 car repair. Also I was driving a high mileage vehicle. If you drive very far to work or plan to make very many road trips you need 2 of those kind of vehicles. In case one breaks down you have another while it gets repaired.
  16. King's Islands waterpark in whatever name it has taken over the years has always been better than my home water park in my opinion. I went to Wyandot Lake several times as a kid and based on that I have never bothered to go to the renamed version of it.
  17. This is really stupid. The passes are sunk costs for the park and extending them to 2021 is the right thing to do to make customers happy. Closing all year means losing out on lots of in park revenue like shirts, food and fast lanes.
  18. First time buyers in Aug get almost 6 months free. So the closer we get to Aug the bigger the problem will be. Everybody in theory could have just waited it out and skipped a year and got bonus months. Also any of us who paid for the platinum dining add on are not getting what they paid for either and that should be made good for the entire 2021 season now. Regardless of the park bought at. Just like Knott's is doing.
  19. No because I'm not going into the Corona Virus thread for pass information. I'm avoiding that thread because the state of things right now is really depressing. Any passholder info over there maybe should be moved over here or a new thread all together. Knott's announced all pass's are now good for the 2021 season and I expect Cedar Fair to announce that chain wide. Why they have not yet I do not know. Anything less for platinum holders is unexceptable now. The argument that King's Island hasn't lost any days yet is only good for gold pass holders right now and as of this weekend that will not be either. Normally I could have used a platinum at Knott's, King's Dominion and Carowinds by now.
  20. I would love a Haunted Train ride during Haunt. I also want to see King's Island Theater used again during Haunt somehow. Also maybe add more daytime Haunt shows and Haunt stuff to do during daytime hours like Cedar Point does. They could even open indoor mazes earlier say 4pm. I also wonder why they don't build some Haunts in the picnic grove area or the Waterpark after it closes. I know they prefer to leave the Haunts standing year round but Cedar Point does build Cornstalkers every year. Also New Conneaut Lake builds some in the picnic area and I think Kentucky Kingdom did last year too. The one thing I want to see come back the most is 1am closes. I love my night rides.
  21. How about the fact that extra operating days are highly like to be weekdays. I only get Fridays and Saturdays off from work. Sure I could burn vacation but why do that when I can drive down there for a 2 day weekend trip. So its also highly likely that there is many people who the 'extra days" will not be any good for. For those of us how will the company make up for the lost days?
  22. Single Rider lines just do not work well on a ride with 2 seats across. I was in the Mystic Timbers single rider line on busy Winterfest days. They were usually only allowing one person from the single rider line for every cycle. That is at least 20 regular riders to one. Twice I saw the entire regular line clear out before I got a ride and it got rather long. When its 2 riders across they can take 2 groups of 3 to fill them from the normal line. There is also a lot of families using the single rider line because at first glance it looks quicker. I've even seen some of them do one worse and when their partner gets seated they sneak on and steal a seat while the ride separator has their back turned. I have had ride separators assign me a seat only to have the person already standing in that row take the left seat so I cant sit and have to wait. I have had mothers chew me out because they wanted their almost adult children to have a ride all to themselves. I would rather see the whole chain do what King's Dominion tried last Winterfest and switch to fastlane at Winterfest.
  23. There are signs stating limits but it's hard to enforce. You would have to have to put limits in a computer somehow. Or something of that sort.
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