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  1. Blackout is my least favorite too. It's so dark I cant see where I am going. I refuse to go first anymore.
  2. 2 lift hills usually kills the pacing of a ride. I usually prefer one. It's ok on The Beast since it's such a long ride. Iron Dragon has 2 and I think Top Gun aka The Bat 2.0 is a better ride.
  3. You asked if you can still get fish in the park. Miami River Brewhouse serves fish sandwiches. Sometimes Coney BBQ serves fish too.
  4. That light blue and yellow was once more of a Navy Blue and Orange. Like the trains. wonder how many years since its been painted? 20 maybe?
  5. I got my 2018 mug! That said I prefer the Starbucks hot chocolate. They use milk instead of water.
  6. So you are saying I now actually have a reason to visit a Six Flags park since I love riding Mystic Timbers when its freezing.
  7. Invertigo is hands down the roughest and worst ride in the park. But thats just my opinion. Way way too much headbanging. While I sometimes get lucky and get good rides on Vortex I never get a good ride on Invertigo. I've rode my favorites like Diamondback, Banshee, Mystic Timber, The Beast, and Flight of Fear over 50 times this year. Invertigo maybe twice. I agree that The Racer can be Rough. Beast on the other hand I will ride back row all night long if given the chance. You may not need fastlane on Sunday.
  8. This threads become so derailed I forgot it was The Vortex thread and thought it was the Orion construction thread...
  9. That is exactly right and you are forgetting one. If numbers were really that important everybody would hate Maverick.
  10. I don't care how tall or is or if the coaster breaks records. If its a fun ride that does not feel like Diamondback 2.0 that is good enough. I will be there pass holder preview day. I bought fastlane again for this. I'll likely break my own record of 15 visits in a year to ride this thing over and over. If only I had a way to ride it media day but I know that a pipe dream that won't happen.
  11. You may not need that Diamondback cam next year if Orion has the same effect on Diamondback that Fury did on Intimidator. I hope that is not the case. I love Diamondback and I think its better than Intimidator.
  12. Is it better to use park wifi? I never bother since my data plan is unlimited. Could that be my problem getting the app to load on busy days? I just assumed the app or the server hosting the app just maybe couldn't handle that much traffic.
  13. I thought the music they had playing last year was better. So is the daytime playlist and Cedar's Points is better too. But its all personal taste. I would rather have a spooky John Carpenter style theme going any day of the week over some rock band. Also on the subject of the app. It becomes completely useless on a really really busy day. Too many people trying to hit the server I would assume.
  14. I already posted my thoughts about this in the post above yours. But since it's at the bottom of the last page nobody is going to see it. I mentioned the video but didn't post it or name names due to new rules because of fye.
  15. There's a certain well known youtuber who just put out a video claiming it could be an issue with the brakes due to stacking on the brake run. Another person who has operated some of those older Arrows commented on said video. They pretty much debunked that theory and said its likely an issue with the control system. They said all late 80's Arrow's have issues with the controls and some like Magnum and Iron Dragon have been replaced. They said its expensive and the park likely did not want to spend the money to do it.
  16. If metal fatigue is the problem I wonder how much life Magnum has. My favorite Arrow of them all.
  17. If you leave during the day on Sat make sure you make it back through the turnstiles before 6pm.
  18. Almost to the bottom of the stairs. Probably the longest it's been since Coasterstock day 2. The day they had that gaming convention.
  19. In the short term maybe they could put another Haunt there or use it for Winterfest? I've thought for a while now that the 2 prime locations for the next big coaster after Orion would either be The Vortex plot or The Bat Plot of land. The Bat would free up unused SOB land. Either way I don't like this trend of coasters leaving and there is at least 2 more that may be "near the end of their service life". The Bat and Invertigo Speaking of Vortex. After noticing how bad the paint was and the chaser lights on the lift hill not working right this summer I just had a feeling the park knew its days were numbered. So that is perhaps why they did not paint it or fix the lights.
  20. I was there Sept 13. Got there early enough to park near GateKeeper. Walked down the boardwalk to resort entrance. I guess due to this new system I was standing at Steel Vengeance 5 minutes before 5pm and I had 3 rides on it by 5:30pm. That is where the good news ends because they had just shut down Maverick and thunderstorm started.
  21. I really wish the running rule was enforced. Except for maybe rope drop. Don't ruin running of the bulls. I was at Kings Island 4th of July weekend and a thunderstorm came up one of those days. Seems like lots of kids started running like mad for no reason. running into me too. I find that annoying. Normally someone bumps into me fine I don't care it happens. But running for no reason during a storm its just stupid.
  22. I didn't know there still was another forum that wasn't dead. If there is it isn't near as big as KIC. Even Pointbuzz which is likely the biggest Cedar Point forum still around seems dead at times and doesn't have near as many people posting as KIC. Nobody there talking about Haunt. Its weird. I really like KIC and I first stumbled across it looking for Winterfest info for 2018. I was a lurker for a long time and finally joined like 3 months ago. Active forums like this in 2019 seem really rare and a dying breed and I hope it is here for a long time to come.
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