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  1. I love that food truck! Is it there everyday now?
  2. Got a picture of Busker Jam on the way out. Looks like they were probably going to perform but the storm likely put a stop to that.
  3. Almost everything today was walk on. Even Orion was only at bottom of the stairs. I got 14 rides between 2-6pm. I was next in line for The Beast when lightning shut it down again. Radar looks nasty for the next 2 hours so I am calling it a day.
  4. With a 90 percent chance of thunderstorms tomorrow what's the over/under for closing early or not opening at all?
  5. Anybody know if King's Island has dorms, how much it would be and if there is an age limit? Trying to do the math to see if its worth driving an hour 45 min and about 220 miles round trip. I would love to work for the park but I really would need a path to get full time rather quick. I can't go without funds in the winter. If this could be a foot in the door with some some way of getting full time after 1-3 seasons I might consider it.
  6. All I know is I am about 230 and 6 foot tall and I always have more room in the B&M Clamshells than I do any PTC train.
  7. My statement is not rude at all. So you are telling me if you get a walk of shame on Diamondback and then go back the same day and keep trying that is okay? What if you try a 3rd time or a 4th? What if you know you can't fit on other rides and keep doing it? That is okay too? There is already lots of people in this forum complaining about operations and long lines these past 3 weeks. Some users posting words like "****show". For anyone posting and complaining about these things lately . You can not think my statement is rude. You can not have it both ways. To be fair I was not one of those users who complained about lines or poor ride operations these past 3 weeks but many have. Also if I was rude would I have bothered to suggest Mystic Timbers or let you know about Premier trains being small? No. But then statements like the ones above calling me rude make me wonder why I even bother trying to help.
  8. If you know you won't fit on Diamondback you probably will not fit on much else either. Maybe Mystic but certainly not any ride with PTC trains or Premier. So at that point if you know and you try anyways you are just holding up operations and making everybody wait longer.
  9. If this was 2019 the park would be in the second week of daily operations and the weekends would not be this mad. Imagine all the people who go midweek now have to be there on weekends or not go at all. I wonder if the waterpark opening up next weekend will help at all. Normally people can come and go as they please and when it gets hot the dry side has short lines. This summer with the waterpark reservations many in the dry park who might move over to the water side in the afternoon may not be able too. What happens when a sold out waterpark crowd pours into a sold out dry park at 8pm or whenever the waterpark closes?
  10. I never said they were a "special skip the line for those traveling solo". I know how they work and what they are intended for. I was explaining why they do not seem to work well. Maybe they work better at Disney or maybe they work better if it was being used on a ride that was more than 2 riders per row. I have no idea. As I stated I have only really used them at King's Island and only during Winterfest so far. To your point every guest has a right to use them yes they do. But that is not intended either. If every single guest uses the single rider line it would defeat the purpose of having a single rider line as that line would be insanely long and the normal line would be short.
  11. Does anybody know exactly what happened and why? There is a reddit thread that mentions some fights around Festhouse and lots of police cars in the lot. Did the Kentucky Kingdom kids get dropped off at King's Island this weekend after they announced their policy change? I am going to be at Stricker's Grove this coming Sat for an ACE event and was considering stopping by King's Island for a few night rides on the way home. If they limit the amount of people in and/or shut down rides early again my plan may not work.
  12. My opinion after using single rider lines during Winterfest they just do not work well. I would prefer to just purchase a fastlane.You have families and friends using single rider line because the line seems shorter. They just tell the others in their party to say they are single riders. The line separator then uses single riders to fill empty seats. Which at worst is 1 "single rider" per cycle. At best a couple. Then sometimes those families that pretended to be "single riders" ignore the lane they were assigned and go sit together with their party. This causes confusion because suddenly someone is without a seat and has to wait on the platform for another cycle.
  13. At this point I do not know what could be done to fix the problem. As much as I think we all deserve a full pre covid 2022 season given to us all for free. That will make problems like crowds and lines worse. Giving us discounts on 2022 will create the same issues. At this point the best solution for the consumer would be to just give out mass refunds. I am disappointed in the way Cedar Fair and Cedar Point has handled 2020 and now 2021. I emailed customer service about last weekends issues almost a week ago. Have not got any replies back. I have a reservation good for today and 2 Frontier Festival cards I am not going to use.
  14. I do not always ride Banshee as much as I would like because there is nothing else in Action Zone I love. Rivertown has Beast, Diamondback and Mystic. In Coney I got Orion and Flight of Fear.
  15. Probably the same thing as last weekend. FunTV and an advertisement for hot dogs.
  16. Enchanted Forest tried this but customer feedback was so bad they delayed opening and nobody knows when now.
  17. It is a totally bad idea borderline stupid. I remember when I first got my license at the age is 16 I took my younger brother/s to King's Island by myself and did so at different ages between 16-21. Now Kentucky Kingdom is saying wait no you can't do that? I also when I was age 13-15 would break off from the church group while in the park and rides rides by myself or with friends or family who were under the age of 16 at the time. I do not see why 16 is the magic number. A 15 year old can behave just as well or not for that matter. I think someone once said Kentucky Kingdom is in the "bad" part of town and maybe the problem is the low season passes and single day tickets. $50 season passes and the $5 bring a friend deal all of May seems insane. At times they run a $30 deal where you get 2 days and drinks. Meanwhile a ticket to Dollywood is 80 dollars and season passes are close to $200.
  18. One might also ask why our CF water parks seem to always operate only from Memorial Day to Labor Day. We do get warm and sometimes hot days/weekends in May and the same goes in Sept. Last year Holiday World kept theirs running through the end of Sept. 2 years ago the 3rd weekend in May with was Coasterstock weekend reached 87 and it was sunny. The park was slammed and the only water ride running was Charlie Brown. They also seem to either close the water park down for most weekdays in Aug or the whole park because habits over the years have changed. More people are visiting in May and less in Aug.
  19. Last Sat the longest FLP wait I had on anything was bottom of stairs and a few were walk on. I was there 11-6pm so you should be okay on your visit too.
  20. Don't forget the line you had to get into for the access pass. You had to be in that line at least an hour before giveaway and it was not social distanced and ran from one end of Frontier Town to the other. So You had to stand in a line to get in another line.
  21. Where in this thread has it been stated that nothing has been done for those 2 parks you mentioned? I fail to see that. Sure I do not think anybody actually took the time to post any particular thing that those parks are doing like extending into 2022 but at the same time I fail to see where any one person has stated nothing is being done for these 2 parks in question. Therefore I want you to point out exactly who is saying that and what users are "Wrong". Secondly worse opening weekend operations than normal at Cedar Point does not make it all okay. It does not give them some sort of free pass as you and others seem to imply. Cedar Point's opening weekend in a normal year is not acceptable let alone this year.
  22. I wondered if I was gonna have the same problem this year due to extra weight from 2020 Corona virus and the extra beer drinking at home but no still good. Prior to Covid I hardly ever kept a 6 pack in my fridge.
  23. Isn't that the same reason why all the B&M's used to go to Cedar Point and not King's Island?
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