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  1. The MCBR can completely ruin the pacing of the second half. Still is not rough unless you mean that nasty final brake. Some of my best rides on it were during Winterfest 2018. The MCBR came on very little if at all. On the downside it is hard to get the seatbelt buckled with winter layers. I wonder how "Rough" it would seem with the original restraints or how those first 4 years compare to now.
  2. They gave us an extra year. That is not extirely true. They made all our passes and addons good for 2021. If you live in Canada or California did you get an "extra year? All parks canceled Winterfest Haunt and all other events for 2020. Some parks have canceled Winterfest for this year and Haunt is likely canceled again. For those with Platinum did Carowinds or King's Dominion open in March 2021 like normal? Was Knotts open in Jan? Today is May 17 2021 and can I cross the border and go to Canada's Wonderland with my platinum? Are park hours the same as we expected them to be when we bought our 2020 passes in 2019? IE wheres the midnight closing in the summer and 1am Haunt closes. Look at parks like Dorney who are not opening a full 7 day week at all during the summer. How about the fact that the parks that did open for 2020 opened in July or later. I do not see 2021 as an "extra year". If anything I still do not think as a platinum holder with meal,drink and Fast Lane plans that I have even got a normal 1 years worth. I could not use my drink plan as needed last Sat due to long lines. food was the same way and if you were at Cedar Point you were not getting your moneysworth from FLP. Will I renew for 2022? As it stands probably only my platinum pass and maybe not even that. I likely will go ahead and buy the pass even though I tell myself I should not because I'm in Columbus. I like being able to just hop in the car on a nice day and go to the park unplanned. Also most of my complaints and frustrations are aimed at Cedar Point and Cedar Fair as a whole not King's Island. For the most park I love King's Island and they do not do much wrong.
  3. Just go down to Dollywood and ride Tennessee Tornado with a full train at night. That thing really hauls and has no headbanging and you still get your Arrow looper fix.
  4. I too think its running faster and with maybe more airtime than last year due to full trains but I may be crazy. I got 4 rides yesterday and one was back row. Rode it in the hot summer front and back and probably every other row. Last summer I wasn't sure if it was better than Diamondback or best ride in the park and now I think maybe it is. Do I think it is better than Fury? No but I haven't rode that for 2 years and need to reride it to be sure. Did I think I was better than Millennium Force? Last summer no but now I am leaning toward yes. I know in my opinion Orion now beats MF in every row except maybe back row. For that I need to ride MF again in the back this year. I have not yet rode the other giga's yet so I can not compare Orion to those yet. To Sally's point I started my season a bit early last month at Hershey and you don't see me sitting here saying Candymonium is better than Diamondback.
  5. Has the food prices even went up all that much over the years? I came back to riding coasters in 2018 but I remember thinking even then $15 for a meal in the park was high. But after 3 years of inflation and covid regular fast food is over 10 in a lot of places and the park food doesn't seem as crazy high in comparison.
  6. It was good to meet you and ride Orion with you.
  7. I may not renew my meal/drink plan for next year. It used to be so much faster to just eat in the park rather than eat in the car or leave and come back. With these lines and poor quality/portion sizes I'm reconsidering. My first meal at Chicken Shack was very good. My spicy chicken sandwich wasn't spicy at all. No spicy and no kick to it but was very tasty. Sorta wonder if they handed me the wrong sandwich even though the receipt said spicy and so did the lady handing it to me. Portion size for the sandwich and the fries seemed small. Fries was almost value size fries at Wendy's small. Second meal was at Brewhouse. Brewhouse seemed to have a shorter line than most around 4:30pm. Waited at least 30 minutes in line then almost another 30 at the table for food. The table wait was unacceptable. I got a fish sandwich tots and a beer. My beer was handed to me warm and I saw them pour it. The meat on my fish was really tasty but the breading tasted very burnt which made it terrible. Tots were good. I told the bartender about the burnt sandwich and the warm beer but they would not do anything about either. So that may be my last Brewhouse visit for a while. Anybody know why Racer was only running Red side today or why Flight of Fear had all the lights on? Overall I still had a good day at King's Island.
  8. I was told the cap at Carowinds for yesterdays (Sat) passholder preview was at 8000 people. If regular days are held that low its insane. Lines may be low short that can't be good for the park or staffing.
  9. The King's Island food and drink stands were insane today and seeing as I only counted like 3 closed I'm not sure much could be done about it. I have been to other parks not Cedar Fair on busy days and not had this problem so I'm not sure what is going on. Holiday World does not have this issue with the free drink stands. People come and go as they please. Maybe Cedar Fair needs to see how many guest have meal and or drink plans vs not and just add the price into daily tickets and passes and make drinks and or a meal a day free to cut down lines. On the other hand seeing King's Island crazy food/drink lines and not being able to get drinks near as fast as I need to without paying for something and hearing about todays lines/early shutoffs at Cedar Point. I think I am going to reconsider my Cedar Point plans for this coming Saturday and just not go. I may not even use the Frontier Festival tickets I bought because those lines will be insane too. I thin some of them are using regular food booths this year when in 2019 they had they own little stands. All this and the very high likelyhood of a second season without Haunt will make me highly consider not renewing passes and addons come this August. At the very least not repurchase fastlanes. Put all that money into going somewhere else new next year.
  10. At least its better than the Sunder Giga Lager. I tried both today.
  11. Cars were backed up in the street an hour before open. Fastlane sold out. I'm about toget my 3rd ride on Orion. I think its running faster and giving more airtime with full trains. Ops are pairing strangers together too. Going to be a good day. Flight of Fear is still skipping rows and it seems to be completely random as to which ones.
  12. So 6pm closes on busy days? Makes me wonder what the line of thinking is there. If it is that busy pay employees to keep the park running till 10pm maybe even midnight. Make more money on merchandise, beer, food etc. But what do I know. Also I know some of us would be completely fine with backing up the opening if it meant some later hours and night rides.
  13. I'm not there but I have already seen a picture on facebook with a Dragster will not open today sign. Its gonna be a typical garbage truck on fire opening weekend. I'm gonna avoid it and go next weekend. They supposedly already changed the gate policy. I think any guest can enter and leave any gate after 10am but do not quote me on that.
  14. Kennywood and Waldameer have dropped the masks as of today.
  15. if you have a season pass you can just reserve Dollywood for 3 days in a row regardless of if you plan on using all 3. That gives you some flexibility.
  16. Its still not a good reason why a restaurant inside the park had stale bread on day 2 of operations though. The food festival food was amazing but that is not what Flightoffear was asking about nor does it apply in their situation.
  17. Cracker Barrel right across the street is good. If you have meal plans then Harmony Hall is the right answer. Food overall is not near as good inside the park as King's Island or even Cedar Point. The Chickie and Pete I tried last Nov was terrible. The bread was even stale.
  18. I hated virtual queuing at Holiday World last year. At one point I almost missed my chance at riding Legend because my wait went from 45 minutes down to about 5 almost instantly. I was like hey I have time to go get food. Nope! About the time I get to the food place in the park I check my quick queue app and see that my rides has just changed to a 5 minute wait for no reason whatsoever. So I start walking toward the ride. By the time I get there I am down to 0 minute wait and it is time to ride. I asked the ride op why it changed so much so quick and they said well because nobody was in line. Other times it lets you in the Voyage queue with a full line down the stairs and people already lining up downstairs inside. Makes no sense. On day 2 of Holiwood Nights I had waited almost an hour for a virtual queue and only had like 5 minutes left to wait. I had to skip my ride entirely because I had a walkback scheduled I did not want to miss. If a virtual queue reaches 2 hours for anything it shuts off and will not let any body new join for a while. If its 2 hours before park close well the virtual queue closes down for the day.
  19. B&M is the safe reliable option. They will last as long as Arrows or longer. But B&M is the vanilla ice cream of the coaster world. Like Toyota is in cars. Chocolate is better and so is Honda. I love most B&M's but they do not take risks. They will never build a Steel Vengeance or Maverick or Top Thrill or Voyage. Fury is in my opinion their best coaster and for darn near 25 years Raptor was my favorite ride at Cedar Point.
  20. It is no big loss anyways. They have slowly been chipping away at the mealplan options anyways. First they took away my spicy chicken option then last year they would not even allow me to get sweet tea there with my drink plan.
  21. I get put in seats at random as a FLP holder. It is not any particular row. I prefer the back row anyways over the front. I find maybe the only downside to fastlane is I am a lot less likely to get my favorite seat. Because prior to Covid I was used to fill empty seats. That means left side on Mystic when right side has the most airtime for example. I am a single rider so maybe its different for people who have fastlane with friends or family. I get more rides with fastlane and I know with more rides sooner or later I will get that seat I want. If its a new ride to me like Orion last year I will go out of my way to request one front and one back row ride but I don't like to push it.
  22. I get every Friday and Saturday off and I am almost 2 hours away from King's Island and 3 hours from Cedar Point. I have all season all chain Fast Lane. Without it I would not be able to enjoy the park on the weekends and would likely not be going near as much as I do. That would mean a lot less spending on merchandise, beer, food not on the mealplan, lockers etc. Plus the money that goes to businesses outside the park like hotels. I certainly would not have visited Cedar Point twice last fall without it. Or on Sept Friday the 13th 2019 the first night of Haunt. On the other hand I went to Holiday World for Holiwood Nights last year and on Saturday during regular park hours coasters all had a 2 hour wait. The park was only open to the public from 10am to 6pm. They started closing off quick queue lines at around 4pm.That park does not offer fastlane. Now if I had driven 5 hours to go visit that park on a Saturday only to get 3-4 rides in total I would not be happy and likely would have never went back. Thankfully I was there for an event and had plenty of ERT.
  23. What rules are being broken? I see none.
  24. Why call out me? I didn't take those pics nor was I there. I was planning on going but I have been fighting a cold for days and even though I am fully vaccinated I decided not to go and spread anything to others.
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