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  1. Gemini is a terrible ride. It's got really really rough. So has many of the 40+ year old Arrows. I love Magnum and I say leave that one alone but most other Arrows are not aging so well and yes I know before someone points it out Magnum is only 30. I love what Arrow did for the industry and they build them as they say "Built Ford Tough" but many of the older ones have seen their better days.
  2. I haven't got an email to renew my Platinum pass but since I'm going to Cedar Point for Haunt Sept 13 I may renew through that park depending on the 2019 extras. I'm hoping for a free fastlane. I bought season dining, drink and fastlane plus this season and will do the same for 2020. The new coaster will be my main reason for season fastlane next year. Considering lockers for 2020 but I wish it was good chainwide. I used my pass at Kings Island mostly. Cedar Point twice and going 2 more times for Haunt. Twice at Carowinds. Next year I'm going to Kings Dominion with it and if I can fit it in Canada's Wonderland. I will also buy my second Coasterstock ticket. Will likely skip Coastermania and do Hollywood nights for my first time.
  3. I completely agree with this. I usually only check this section and had no idea a 2019 Haunt thread was made in Jan. Why was it made in Jan? That's so confusing. Is there a Winterfest 2019 thread somewhere else too?
  4. I got my 2nd last week just days after visiting Carowinds. Fast Lane Plus for $50. I have season Fast Lane. My first perk was for regular fastlane and it was after I had visited Cedar Point. Still no perks for actually visiting my home park Kings Island or any perks I can use.
  5. You say you refuse to pay the food and drink prices. Well I refuse to pay the extra for premium parking. You have a gold pass so you intend on visiting the park several times. That extra $10 parking fee adds up fast and instead it might be better to use that money on a meal and drink plan.
  6. While we are on the topic of RMC'ing things we shouldn't ever dare touch we minus well go for broke and RMC Adventure Express...
  7. Love the name. There is nothing better than walking into Cedar Point by the water park and hearing the Magnum chain lift.
  8. I'd like to know which is it. I'm considering this offer too since the new deal is good any day from July 28 to Aug 18. The 2 posts above conflict with each other. One says yes the passholder has to be there and the other says you do not.
  9. This is exactly why I bought my first platinum pass ever last fall. I wanted to go to Kings Island Haunt and Winterfest and had already made a trip to Cedar Point during the summer. The Kings Island promo was a 2019 gold or platinum pass purchased fall 18 was good the rest of 2018 at Kings Island but not any other park. I think Cedar Points deal was a free fastlane if the pass was bought through that park. Renewing pass holders had other perks but I forgot what they are. I'm hoping Cedar Point offers a fastlane or free tickets for friends with renewal. I have Kings Island season fastlane and plan a Cedar Point Haunt trip in Sept. The renewal offers will determine what park I renew my platinum through.
  10. I know this is going off track but I was at Carowinds over the weekend and part of Hurlers recently been retracked and not only was most of it a smooth ride but the seats seemed brand new too.
  11. Bringing coolers means time wasted not riding coasters and eating in a hot car. I'd rather use my mealplan. Depending on where you are in the park or even which park aka Cedar Point its a 15 minute walk or more each way.
  12. I almost didnt get back in last fall to Kings Island because I did not get my hand stamped. It was a Haunt weekend but it was a Sat during the day before Haunt hours. The employee at the ticket booth told me that my platinum pass was only good for one entry per day. Any more and I guess it scans invalid. She did let me in but said from then on I need to make sure to get my hand stamped. This policy makes me wonder about Cedar Point though. What if I use it there, get my hand stamped, go to Cedar Point shores and it comes off?
  13. I dont know about this one but I have noticed a trend of really old threads being revived lately and I know I'm new here but usually in most forums one does not comment on old dead threads once they reach a certain agreed upon age. If they do said threads get locked. On another note this forum isn't near as dead as pointbuzz. I love The Beast and I prefer to ride it very back row every chance I get. The way the they seem to be enforcing rows this year I dont get to pick my seat near as much. But I have had much worse rides near the middle than I have very back row. The Beast isn't near as rough as Racer or Blue Streak up north. I could even name quite a few steel coasters "rougher' than The Beast. Invertigo is the worst for me. Its got nasty head banging. Vortex does in some seats. Adventure Express has been really jerky too my past 2 visits.
  14. I was there last night and I thought the parade got canceled due to the rain that popped up right at 8pm. I heard the announcement saying it was being postponed. But there was too much chaos and noise for me to really hear what was said later during the second announcement. Also why do people think its a smart idea to gather under the tower and stand there during a storm?
  15. I really wish they would add an online store. I was at Cedar Point a couple weeks ago and wanted a red Steel Vengeance hoodie but they were out of my size. That is almost $50 worth in lost sales for the park. If there was an online store I would buy it there. On the other hand maybe an online store would keep people from going in the park and spending money. In turn maybe losing even more money in sales than an online store could bring.
  16. So I just received a pass perk yesterday. "Buy a Fast Lane wristband for $50. Save up to $20." I have several issues with this. 1: I haven't visited Kings Island which is my home park and the park I bought my platinum pass through since the day After Coasterstock. I was there for 3 days that weekend Fri-Sun. I'm pretty sure this promo went into effect just days after my last visit. Only other Cedar Fair park I have been to since was Cedar Point for Coastermania. I don't think I can earn perks by visiting Cedar Point. 2. I have season Fast Lane Plus. So this perk is worthless 3. I think on some days my Fast Lane Plus would only be $50 due to my platinum pass perk. Maybe most days. Also making this Perk worthless. 4. I know at the very most a Fast Lane Plus is only $85 at Kings Island on a Sat for non pass holders. That's the price I paid on Sat last Fall during Haunt. This doesn't seem like much of a savings anyways considering its only for a Fast Lane and not Plus.
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