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  1. Lara Croft for Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal Boo Blasters for Phantom Theater Cedar Fair Racer for Paramount Racer
  2. Son of Beast was the best thing ever added to the park and never really as rough as people say...
  3. Raptor has got a bit rough near the end. Rougarou has a bit of head banging. For some reason Afterburn is smooth with the same restraints and so was my one ride on Great Bear.
  4. If you could somehow separate Sea World From Busch Gardens that would be great. Oh and bring back free beer.
  5. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2021/april/exclusive-night-rides-on-orion-among-the-highlights-of-coasterstock-2021?fbclid=IwAR0qV5YqlY2mkHUDAIelrhH232zQWvBAk3OJDBL0vRayiiUNNwGmXmDSBLA
  6. Don't forget if you had it in 2020 its still good for 2021.
  7. Fastlanes are going to be good for passholder preview days this year.
  8. Coastermania is the same day as Holiwood Nights and I wonder if it has anything to do with lots of people already having those tickets.
  9. Looks like its sold out already. Appears to have only taken 15 minutes.
  10. Tickets are now live. I just bought mine and we are getting night ERT on Orion both nights. July 9 Morning Rides Diamondback Mystic Timbers Great Pumpkin Coaster Flying Ace Aerial Chase K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad (photo opportunity) Night Rides Orion The Beast The Racer Flight of Fear (Lights On!) Backlot Stunt Coaster Grand Carousel Dodgem Kings Mills Antique Autos July 10 Morning Rides Banshee The Bat Adventure Express Invertigo Delirium Drop Tower Night Rides Orion The Beast Mystic Timbers Flight of Fear (Lights Off) Zephyr Shake, Rattle & Roll
  11. Lightning Rod is the first ride the GP come across at Dollywood. Does that mean it is only popular because it is in the front as well?
  12. It's not Arrow's fault they were ahead of their time too and yet most of their coasters and certainly log flumes were much more reliable. ...
  13. It would be nice if those of us who bought tickets to last year's event got first dibs at buying this year's tickets.
  14. You could say that one of the reasons why King's Island is considered better than Cedar Point by many is because it doesn't have those Intamin's and RMC's that either break down all the time or have huge maintenance issues.
  15. All this talk of Paramount theming and everybody is forgetting The Outer Limits Flight of Fear.
  16. I'm a firsttime Hershey passholder. Did they always close that early in the spring and summer? Also I would go to Kennywood just for Phantoms Revenge but I understand how bad the park owners have been fumbling the ball on everything the past couple years. So unless some big changes happen there is no way I would buy a pass there.
  17. It is not just Cedar Fair. Parks like Kennywood and Kentucky Kingdom have rather bad operating calendars this summer. Kennywood is closed every Monday and Tuesday all summer, closing at 7pm every night except a few Saturdays. Kentucky Kingdom has no days where they stay open past 8pm and closed almost every weekday and Friday in August. No Night rides at all. Dollywood closes at 6pm right now on weekdays. When Hershey opens it is 7pm and 8pm closes all summer. No night rides there either.
  18. Parks down south are slammed due to spring break and maybe due to some seasonal parks delaying openings.
  19. Better question is why didn't they name it Hurler. Since it beat you around so much it made you wanna do that anyways.
  20. Do not forget the park is opening one hour later than in 2019 and one hour later than Cedar Point this year. Also that page seems to contradict itself. It states that early entry is good every day through Oct 31 except Haunt fridays. But early entry does not seem to be happening until May 28 either. It skips the first 2 weekends the park is open to the public. Editing this to say that I think they corrected the error on the website and it has now been reworded to state that early entry starts on May 28.
  21. You are in for a heck of a fun weekend. I attended both last year and I will be there again this year. It is basically a big 3 day party with friends. If you take out the coaster lineup Kentucky Kingdom put on the best event I have ever attended. If anyone on here is attending and wants to meet up let me know.
  22. I was told via work email that I had to use the pharmacy where I work at and since I do not want to pay anything I keep waiting.
  23. I'm a first responder and been on a list for darn near 2 months and still haven't been called.
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