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  1. How did you find that? The events page is still empty.
  2. Morning ERT starting later is just less value for the money. It is in no way a Good thing. Nobody is forcing any ticket holder to show up at 8am or earlier. This is the second time today I have heard the later start is somehow better idea. 2019 the park opened to passholders at 9:30am and 10am to the public on the coasterstock days and closed at 10pm. This year the park is opening at 11am with no word on early entry. So in theory a 9am start would get us just as much ERT but would be one hour less overall per day for the money paid.
  3. They tell you exactly when the tickets go on sale. Do what I used to do when I worked days. Take a break or lunch or at the very least tell your boss early when you get there that you have something important to do for 5 minutes.
  4. I'm not really surprised its happening but am surprised it took this long to announce it. I wonder how many people will pick Thrills in the Hills instead? Assuming Thrills in the Hills is its normal weekend.
  5. Now I have to rethink my birthday trip. Do I go to Pennsylvania for 10 days and hit like 7 parks or do I cut it 3 days short and not visit as many and do Coasterstock again?
  6. Don't forget Holiwood nights June 4 and 5. I already have my Holiwood Nights ticket and I will be buying a ticket to Keys to the Kingdom too. Now if only Indiana Beach gets their relocated coaster open in time I will make it a 4 day weekend.
  7. I really wish season passes were handled better last year. If you bought your pass before a certain date in June it is good for 2021 and if you bought it after a certain date in Aug its good for 2021. I bought mine in between and only got to use it once last year. I planned on using it at least 3 times and one of which was going to be for Haunt. Another thing the park and Ed Hart did not handle well at all. One of the reasons why I bought my pass in the summer was due to the fact they brought back their Halloscream for 2019. I feel like since they did not have a Halloween event or stay open past the end of Sept in 2020 and did not tell anybody so until late in Aug then its just another reason why all passes should have been extended to 2021. Any word on Keys to the Kingdom?
  8. Maybe because I bought my all season all chain fastlane plus summer 2019 to ride Orion in 2020 all year long pre covid. The irony is the money I saved by last years shutdowns and stimulus money lead to me saving more money and being able to take one large road trip last year and this year. I'm visiting places I would not have went otherwise.I'm saving the giant Florida trip for summer 2022 when the crowds hopefully die down a bit and the lines on those new coasters are shorter.Universal is not a cheap park to visit.
  9. Thank you for your response. I hope you do not feel like this is the way it should be. I drove to Holiday World at the end of August for Holiwood Nights. The Saturday was a 10-6pm for the general public. If I set aside the fact I drove there for an event and for the sake of this point pretend I did not. I would be driving almost 5 hours to get there. Lines for 3 of the 4 coasters were almost 2 hours long. The park shut the line down to the Voyage shortly after 4pm and the rest of the popular rides shortly after that one by one in order to clear the line by park close. I feel like if a park is closing a line down almost 2 hours before close then that 4pm should be stated as close and maybe not 6. Also if I had not drove for the event and only drove down for the posted 10-6pm day and only got 3-4 rides in due to extreme lines and shutting them down early,I would not have been very happy at all. Probably would not give them a second chance and go back. I'm glad up until now this has not been Cedar Fair's policy and I hope it does not change at King's Island. I love my night rides. I work 3rd shift and like the fact that I can get some sleep, drive 2 hours and get there by 4pm and still have a few hours of fun and not have to consider and factor in ride closures at park close.
  10. I work retail and if you close at 10pm you do not shut everything down and lock the doors right at 10pm. You pay some staff to stay 30-60 minutes past. I've been to mom and pop chinese restaurants that attempt to do this very thing and push people eating out the door right at the time posted on the door. Its why all restaurants need to post 2 close times on the door. One for kitchen close and one for dining room close. Besides some people like different shifts for different reasons. I'm sure some staff would not mind being paid an extra hour or 2. In the past Cedar Point used to have lots of 9am starts and stayed open till midnight on many weekends. There has been nights where the Steel Vengeance queue did not clear out until 1:30am and still at least in 2018 the ride was still running for early entry.
  11. Well good point there. I still prefer using Magnum gate and parking in Water park lot when I can.
  12. I will marathon the crap out of Mystic Timbers, The Beast, Voyage and Hades 360 but I only ride The Racer a couple times a year. I do not like it and it is rough in all the wrong ways. I really can not explain it very well. I even ride Beast back row over and over. I will give red and blue side another try as I always do every year to see if it is better.
  13. A few points I would like to make. First anybody who went to Winter Chill out knew early pass holder ride time was returning this summer for Cedar Point. Second I do not like this "rides may close early" policy. The excuse given seems flimsy due to in the past the park has had the same 9am start and been open later than 10pm many nights. I also hate how pass holders can not use Magnum entrance for early entry like in the past. It means you have to pay extra to be on rides in the back of the park first. Meaning buy a night at Hotel Breakers and that is way out of my budget. I used to park up front near GateKeeper, walk down the boardwalk and wait at Magnum gate for 9am entry to get to Steel Vengeance faster. Fourth I do not see the 2020 access passes mentioned in the link given so I'm wondering where some are getting that information?
  14. And for someone in between about 2 hours to both.
  15. It probably does not help that some of that crowd would normally be going to Carowinds and it is still closed.
  16. People ended up ignoring the rule anyways. Usually due to confusion because of lack of consistency. As you pointed out the Orion thing. It was also hard to hear because of masks. I was guilty of it for those 2 reasons. Even when we all got out one row at a time sometime almost always ahead of us would be slow exiting the queue and make us all crowd behind them anyways.
  17. Dollywood didn't have the mask free zones for Christmas in the Smokies either. They opened all the theaters for that too and likely still have the same rules in place. Any coaster with a high seat back like Tennessee Tornado were seating every row too.
  18. Rainy days in summer in theory should not affect whether any park opens for Christmas. A business can not make money if they are not open. It could be a bad rainy summer and a nice fall and winter season can make up for those losses.
  19. I find it strange King's Island has not announced any events for this year yet besides passholder preview. We don't have much info on that either. Most important will it be like last year and can we only go one of the 2 days? Where's the Coasterstock info one way or the other? Cedar Point has Coastermania listed. With Worlds of Fun canceling Winterfest again and Carowinds announcing a Christmas event of some kind with dates later in the year, what is the status of King's Island Winterfest?
  20. Does the Ohio State Fairgrounds still have a skyride? Its been over 20 years since I have went. There are very few left. Cedar Point still has one and I think Disney World used too but again have not been there in forever.
  21. Number one this news is several months old. Number 2 I highly doubt the coaster is getting renamed. Nowhere does it say so. The park likes to use wordplay and puns as your second link shows aka a paint job most fowl. When they say "get ready to experience Raven Evermore" They likely just mean get ready to experience Raven Even More. Number 3 this was already posted by IndyGuy back in Nov.
  22. Gate prices are darn near $70 plus $20 parking and you won't get the hour early entry. An upgrade should only be about $100 this time of year. Consider getting the $30 drink plan too. The 2 of you can share that.
  23. I have never used Apple or Samsung Google pay etc. Not even sure how that works. I always thought you had to get a phone out and its easier and less bulky to use a credit card. In the summer when its hot out and rides have no loose article policies I stick my phone in a locker and can get away leaving a card in my velcro pocket. It gets past metal detectors too.
  24. I travel almost 5 hours to go to Holiday World. 1 hour 45 minutes to Mason for King's Island. Would I drive 4 hours just to go to Kentucky Kingdom or buy a season pass if I was not visiting one of those other 2 parks along the way? I highly doubt it.
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