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  1. Actually, it can get tuned out. As someone who lives right next to a busy highway and is under a busy flight path, Ive learned that it gets tuned out if you really want it to.
  2. I would LOVE a water coaster. The water coaster inside Great Wolf Lodge is very fun and that's where I spend my time when my family goes It would be a HUGE hit in Soak City with older kids and their parents and its a more thrilling ride that Soak City is lacking imo. And the few thrill rides we do have in Soak City always have HUGGEE waits. Just my two cents but I am all for it!
  3. Lines are outrageous now. Earlier they were fine. Diamondback still doesn't even have trains out of transfer shed.
  4. I came on here to ask the same Also, lines aren't as bad as I thought they would be. Crowds are picking up but everything is currently at a 20 minute wait.
  5. I came on here to ask the same thing. Its annoying although I'm sure they can't help it
  6. I just got my first and last ride on Vortex.... it doesn't deserve the hate it gets (although I can see maybe where it comes from) and it will be missed
  7. I'm at the park right now. Not much happening but Orion is looking great though!
  8. the wait times are crazy and they only send a few people at a time and the characters just arent very good as they are all volunteers.
  9. let me know how it goes! Just an FYI, the halloweekends isnt very good
  10. I just did this as well and it worked for me. I just used my gold pass and when you get to the gate, the employee gave me my platinum pass.
  11. What a thing to wake up to. I find this shocking to be removed to quickly after the loss of Firehawk. I just hope they replace Vortex with another iconic ride and pay tribute to it. I need to get a ride on it before the end of the season. (My friend and I had a bet that I wouldn't get on it before the end of the season) So sad to see it go. Such a beautiful and iconic ride that used the crazy topography well.
  12. This might be a stupid question but whats bad about an anti rollback system?
  13. Yeah same I want to be able to get some rides in but if its closed that's not happening obviously
  14. Yeah my parents were some of them and I still haven't convinced them enough that it isn't real
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